CANCER IS A DEADLY DISEASE that has cost so many lives in Zimbabwe because litttle is known about it and teatment is very costly.

We recently lost the MDC T leader to Cancer, and we know that in 2011 MDC T Vice President Dr Thokozani Khuphe, now a 55 year old mother of three, by her own public admission, had to undergo chemotherapy treatment and had one breast removed due to cancer.
As unfortunate as this has been, it probaly was a rude awakening for the MDC T leadership, the importance of the cancer drug trials, treatment, awareness creation amongst the people and other cancer related initiatives and support as part of the global fight against cancer. MDC T must heavily invest in Cancer diagnosis, treatment, operations , health care and support to give the ordinary street person, a better life. It will be good to make this part of the MDC T campaign Manifesto.
One of James R Nhema said that  Cancer is a not taken serious in the black community in our country. In Zimbabwe a combination of poor financial status, a conception that it is a white man’s disease, a rooted belief in witchcraft ( ndaroiwa ) have lead to a lot of manageable situations spiraling into catastrophic outcomes. A rigorous campaign needs to be waged against the this disease called cancer. The more information is put out there, specifically on the ugly faces this disease can manifest into the better informed the nation becomes. Whatever it takes to save a life is worth doing. Cancer is demon that can be defeated. 
By Sibusiso Ngwenya. More news to follow.

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