UK Astranaught Major Tim Peake’s Precisely Managed Return To Earth After Six Months In Space

At 3.34am, today, the hatch between the International Space station (ISS) was closed, 250 miles above earth.Undocking
After 186 days on ISS, today at 652 the Soyuz capsule undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and separated from International Space Station. The capsule fired off several engine thrusters to push itself clear of the International space station (ISS) and, drifted off to a distance of approximately 12km from the orbiting International Space Station .
At this point, the engines the fired off again, this time sending the three astronaughts capsule into a hot external descent back to earth with temperatures reaching up to 2,000 degrees celsius.
At precisely 9.20am, the capsule’s rocket motor will fire for a total of four minutes and 45 seconds, placing the Soyuz capsule on a trajectory that will effectively take it out of orbit.
The capsule is currently orbiting earth at 17,000 miles an hour and will shortly slow down, alter orbit and head for earth.
Reverse thrust will be fired just one second before the capsule lands, slowing the capsule down to five miles an hour in what can only be defined as the equivalent of a carefully managed accident
 For the trio on board the Soyuz capsule, the sensation as reported on BBC will be like going over the Niagra falls in a flaming barrel.
The Soyuz space capsule will touchdown at 1014 am.
However, the astronaughts bone and muscle density will be quite low and they will not be able to open the hatch themselves as they will be too weak and disoriented from the return journey.
The place the capsule will land in Khazakstan, a remote isolated area, traditionally used by Russia for such missions primarily because of this.
photo-BBC-This still from Nasa television shows captures the moment the Soyuz capsule undocked.  By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-BBC-This still from Nasa television shows captures the moment the Soyuz capsule undocked

‘Rebecca Malope Reveals That, Vuyo Mokoena Was A Zimbabwean, Who Came To South Africa As A (6) Year Old’

VUYO Mokoena took a secret to his grave only known by his closest gospel music friend ‘Sis Ribbs’ Rebecca Malope, reported a newspaper.

The big secret is that Vuyo Mokoena who passed on in 2008 succumbing to a brain tumor was Zimbabwean by birth.

At the time of his death, he had taken a sabbatical from music as he battled blood cancer and leukemia.

“Vuyo was Zimbabwean. The fact that I didn’t know for years is amazing because I think that he didn’t want to talk about it and I don’t know why. Later on at some stage that’s when I found out that he was Zimbabwean,” said Malope.

Malope said she discovered that Vuyo arrived in South Africa as a child (6 years old) with his father who came in search of greener pastures.

That could be the reason why he was conversant in Shona.

“Every time we were on stage he loved singing Shona songs. That’s when I said OK,” added Malope.

Malope poured her heart out on how Mokoena’s death took her by surprise.

“Vuyo was a very healthy person, he didn’t drink or smoke,” she said.

Malope was in Zimbabwe where she had shows in Harare and Bulawayo celebrating 30 years in the music industry.bulawayo24.

Source: zimbabwe tabloid
photo-justcurious-The late gospel musician, Vuyo Mokoena

‘If You Ever Dream Of Beating Me, You Better Wake Up And Apologise!’-Muhammad Ali Has Died.

 Three Times World champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist, the fast, agile, big hearted, entertainer, muslim, legendary boxer, arguably the most famous  name on the globe, boxer Muhammad Ali has died, after being rushed to hospital, over a day ago due to breathing difficulties and eventually ending up in ICU yesterday.

He was born,  Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr on January 17, 1942,  and passed away at the age of 74  suffering from parkinson disease since 1984, having married four times in life.  More news to follow.

He was a close friend of radical  Black activist Malcom X and famously refued to enlist in the army when the Vietnam war was raging on in 1967.

He is  famously remembered for saying, .’You look at Miss Ammerica, you see white, you look at Miss Universe, you see white, even Tarzan and the King of the jungle in Africa, you see white’, going on to fight for equality of all races. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-BBC-Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, pictured at a celebrity boxing match in 2012


‘At Least 8 Women Publicly Throw Their Panties Into Gweru Man’s Grave In Funeral With A Difference’


Scores of Gweru women threw their panties into a grave to accompany a well-known male socialite turning the burial into a strip tease.

Gweru Chairman for Hawkers and Vendors Association John Samabvu was buried at Matapa cemetery.

He was given a playboy send off.

Samabvu was known as ‘Tekere’.

Sources said the women who threw their panties claimed to be Samabvu’s girlfriends.

“Tekere’s colleagues who worked with him sang and danced while carrying his coffin.

“They carried the coffin around the terminus as they celebrated his life” said Brighton Shumba, who attended the burial.

“The drama got interesting when we arrived at the Matapa cemetery.

“One woman removed her panties and threw them inside the grave saying that she was bidding farewell to her former lover.

“Just when everyone was at a loss of words, another woman did the same. About seven women followed suit claiming they were once Tekere’s girlfriends turning the burial into a strip tease”. Samabvu was aged 50.- Source-b-Metro

‘Iam Not Giving Up Until My Husband Is Found. With God On My Side, All Things Are Possible’-Dzamara’s Wife.


Sheffra Mtukudzi, speaks out, in commemorating ayear gone since her husband ‘Itai Dzamara’ was abducted by suspected Mugabe’s state CIO security forces.‎

Demonstrators Sing, Dance And Shout, Marking A Year, Gone Since Dzamara’s Disappearance

rutendo-dzamara-e1457547333162 (1)

Photo-nehandaradio-Demonstrators sing, dance and shout political slogans during a march to mark  one year since human rights activist, ‘Itai Dzamara’s dissappearance

MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai, Turns 64 Years Old

MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai today celebrates his birth day as he attained 64 years.
Party’ secretary of Mobilization Job Wiwa Sikhala congratulated Tsvangirai saying he was a source of courage and inspiration for the party as he has not changed his stance of confronting the misrule by the President Robert Mugabe’s administration.

“Happy birthday mudhara wedu. It’s a long journey to our freedom. But there is one thing that inspires me from you my Predident. You don’t tire in our fight for a free and just Zimbabwe,” Sikhala said. “You have the spine of a steel. Zimbabwe tested democracy because of your determination. On this day of your birthday, you can reflect the past with pride. You fought a war professors, Doctors and the so called intellectuals failed to reach. You are a true brave soldier. Zimbabwe will never be same. Long live brave soldier!!!”

Tsvangirai is the founding President of the MDC and former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. by Stephen Jakes  source-.bulawayo24

“Ghost” Of Missing Itai Dzamara, Haunts Mugabe Through Public Protests

997 (1)
Public Protests Commemorating ‘Itai Dzamara yesterday came back to haunt President Robert Mugabe’s government when hundreds of angry protesters threatened to storm Parliament Building to express their displeasure at State security agencies’ lack of urgency in investigating the matter.

Anti-riot police and protestors faced off for over 30 minutes as tension swelled, with the angry crowd demanding to enter the building, where the matter also generated heated debate as opposition MPs queried why Dzamara remained unaccounted for a year after his alleged abduction by suspected State security agents.

The toyi-toying placard-waving demonstrators brought business to a halt in the central business district as they approached the Zanu-PF headquarters, State security offices at Chaminuka Building and Munhumutapa Building.
Source: newsday

‘Bring Back Itai Dzamara Dead Or Alive’ – Tsvangirai

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai has demanded government to ‘produce’ missing activist Itai Dzamara ‘dead or alive’.

Tsvangirai took part in a march today commemorate his one year disappearance.

Dzamara went missing following his alleged abduction by suspected State security agents on March 9, 2015.

Twitted Tsvangirai “Today, I joined the Dzamara family and other Zimbabweans in a solidarity march. We demand that the State produces him, dead or alive”.

Several local and international human rights organisations have accused government of doing little to search for him. by Thobekile Zhou- Source-bulawayo24

Prayer And March For Itai Dzamara 09/03/2016

Itai-Dzamara (1)


On Wednesday the 09th of March 2016, a march will be held to commemorate a year since the forced disappearance of Itai Dzamara.

The High Court has ordered the police to allow us to go ahead with the march. We invite all progressive and peace loving Zimbabweans to come and join hands with the Dzamara family.

People will assemble at the Africa unity square at 0900hrs. We shall March from Africa Unity Square up Jason Moyo until we get to Rotten Row then turn right into Samora Machel and then to first street and then to Nelson Mandela and back to Africa unity square for solidarity speeches.
As this is a non-partisian event we urge you NOT TO PUT on party regalia. How ever we urge u to put on yr own church outfits u have one. DONT FORGET YOUR Bibles too.

For more information
Steven Sibanda – 00263772245938
Dr. P. Dzamara 00263772889217

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