33-year Chivi man faces 72 counts of unlawful entry and theft from weekly thefts in Shurugwi and returning to Chivi.

A 33-year-old man from Chivi is up facing 72 counts of unlawful entry and theft. The man who stays in Chivi would go on weekly stealing escapades in the town of Shurugwi and go back home.

Brodwell Mudavanhu was brought to court for allegedly stealing property and cash amounting to US$8 000.

The court heard that Mudavanhu would visit the small mining town on weekly bases only to steal and returning to his home in Chivi after a successful stealing escapade.

The accused took valuable gargets like laptops, cell phones and money at some houses.

Source – Masvingo Mirror

‘Small opposition parties, are ‘briefcase parties’ which would not add value to a grand coalition’-MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu



THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T has effectively shut out small opposition parties, saying they were “briefcase parties” which would not add value to the proposed grand coalition ahead of the 2018 general elections.

In a tirade, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu took to social media telling off the parties, saying they are not needed in the coalition talks.

“You can hold onto your briefcase political party. Who cares? You will certainly not be missed in a coalition,” he tweeted.

Gutu said his party had seen it prudent to exercise due diligence before engaging other opposition players, as some of them were of “no fixed abode”.

“I’m simply targeting briefcase political parties. There are plenty of them out there. They know themselves. You don’t form a briefcase political party today and thereafter, vociferously clamour for a position in the coalition matrix, just forget it,” he said.

The MDC-T has come under attack from various opposition players after Tsvangirai appeared to cherry pick Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First and Welshman Ncube’s MDC as his preferred partners in the coalition.

Former High Court judge and interim Zunde leader, Benjamin Paradza, hit back at the MDC-T last week, describing its leadership as self-centred.

“The MDC-T seems to be terribly uncomfortable with the idea of going into a coalition with any political party that does not conform to its agenda and which they do not consider big enough.”

“In order to safeguard their own position, MDC-T is imposing preconditions that must be met to participate in their version of a grand coalition,” he wrote.

People’s Democratic Party deputy president, Kucaca Phulu, attacked the MDC-T for building an axis of exclusion.

At least 13 opposition parties, including the MDC-T, ZimPF and MDC, are toying with the idea of forming a grand coalition and fielding a single presidential candidate to challenge Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 presidential race. source-newsday

photo-MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu

Three fake cops posing as detectives from the Minerals and Border Control Unit arrested after mounting an illegal road block

POLICE have arrested two Beitbridge men and a woman for mounting an illegal road block along the Beitbridge Masvingo Road where they posed as detectives from the Minerals and Border Control Unit.

Albert Bako (25), Blessing Moyo (25) and Tanaka Mino (19) were busted by alert police officers at the 70km peg near Bubi Village, soon after extorting R3 700 from a suspected smuggler.

Acting Matabeleland South police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nkosinathi Sibanda said the trio were arrested on Wednesday afternoon last week and the matter was still under investigations.

He said the three are facing charges of impersonation and extortion.

“Preliminary investigations reveal that the trio connived to mount an illegal roadblock along the Beitbridge Masvingo highway.

“They trailed a Nissan 1 tonne truck from Beitbridge town, which they suspected to be carrying smuggled goods.

“When they reached the 70km peg they flagged the driver to stop indicating that they were police detectives from the Minerals and Border Control Unit,” said Asst Insp Sibanda.

He said the trio then extorted R3 700 from the motorist who paid the money and drove off to an official roadblock, which was 10km away, where he made a report.

Asst Insp Sibanda said when the police reacted they found the trio still preying on other motorists at the same spot. The police recovered R900, fake police identification card and a clip board inscribed ‘border control’.

“We want to strongly warn malcontents and those of like mind that the law will descend heavily on them,” said Asst Insp Sibanda. Thupeyo Muleya, chronicle

2013 General Elections, Bulawayo is the only province where Zanu PF won zero wards and zero constituencies- MDC official Discent Collins Bajila

An MDC official Discent Collins Bajila has said Bulawayo people do not want to participate in demonstrations which its aim has not been communicated to them.

This comes in the wake of a human rights activist Linda Masarira having accused Ndebeles of being cowards by not participating in anti government protests.

“The Linda incident brings us to a point where we must evaluate the effects of demonstrations and strikes as a mobilising strategy. While I wouldn’t say that Bulawayo people are reluctant to participate in strike and demonstration activity, I would rather say Bulawayo people don’t easily participate in causes whose end goal they don’t have full knowledge of. It is thus incumbent upon the organizers of to fully explain issues when spreading the word,” Bajila said.

“The likes of Milford Gwetu, Abraham Mdlongwa, Esaph Mdlongwa, Ntombizodwa Sibanda (nee Mbambo) , Mathula Lusinga among others used to organise powerful demonstrations back in the days. Presently, we have a powerful relationship between the ZCTU Regional Leadership and Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association that occasionally brings the city to a standstill if needs be. Processions associated with commemoration of the death of King Mzilikazi also get a favourable attendance in the city. Not to mention the defiant activities often organized by Mbuso Fuzwayo, Patricia Tshabalala, Jenny Williams, Magodonga Mahlangu and the organisations they lead.”

He said the organizations (including political parties and workers unions) that have refused to take a cue from these illustrious mobilisers of our City have all failed.

“However, what has been consistent about the people of Bulawayo is that even if their participation in demonstrations and strikes is conditional, their electoral choices are always accurately and unconditionally against Zanu PF. Even as recent as 2013 General Elections, Bulawayo is the only province where Zanu PF won zero wards and zero constituencies yet in other provinces including those that are popular with mega rallies, resounding demonstrations and marches that attract the attention of world class media houses like BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera etc Zanu PF got its highest support in this century,” he said.

“I hope that this will help those who have Lindaeic misconceptions about Bulawayo and her people.”
By MDC official Discent Collins Bajila. Source – Byo24News

‘Zanu PF must speak with one voice not settle grievances through Twitter and Facebook’-Mugabe


PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday strongly denounced what he termed a strange culture of indiscipline creeping into Zanu-PF that has seen party officials taking in-house issues to social media and the private Press, saying the party has organs through which grievances are resolved.Officially opening Zanu-PF’s 16th Annual National People’s Conference here, the ruling party’s First Secretary said it was time such deviant behaviour ended.

The conference is being attended by the US-based December 12 Movement led by Cde Coltrane Chimurenga, representatives of Frelimo of Mozambique and South Africa represented by its Deputy President Cde Cyril Ramaphosa, among others.

Some senior Zanu-PF leaders — principally Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo — are notorious for taking party and Government issues to social media, even against President Mugabe’s wise counsel.

More stories on Page 2, President’s speech on Page 5 & conference pictures on Page 6

“Let me share with you some of my observations of what happened in the party and Government in 2016. Peace and unity must begin with us. Have we shown enough peace in Zanu-PF?

“I say on this one there has been creeping into our party a new culture of indiscipline. A new culture of indiscipline nevamwe vanoda kupinda nepfungwa kuti muparty vanokwanisa kuita zvavanoda. A culture of disrespect. Havana rukudzo. Arrogance. Kuzvikudza. Kuvhaira,” he said.

“When you are a member of the party, when you join the party we think you are mature enough to know that there are rules to be obeyed. There are ways to be followed, but you cannot dictate how things should be done,” the President said to wild applause.

“There are organs which follow rules and procedures on how it should be done. No one person should stand up and say I want this to be done. VaMphoko hatichavada. Hazviitwe izvozvo. Vamwe vakuti VaMugabe hatichavada, ko zvino zvausingavade unoda zviitwe sei iwe pachako?

“Hanzi ngavanzwe zvatirikutaura. It does not matter kuti uri ani . . . you should always know how things are done. So action was taken against some. Some we were with outside (during the liberation struggle). Hukuru muparty hunouya nesarudzo. Hahuuyi nekuti toda kupindawo. Ko, ndopfungwa dzevanhu here? ”

President Mugabe added: “Saka mugore rino ndozvimwe zvatakaona. Ndofunga maka-zvionawo. Let us ensure that as we go into 2017, we would be united, clear in our mind and abide by the party rules and be principled members and leaders of the party. The stability of the party rests on all its organs operating harmoniously. Our constitution provides various forms on how leaders can be changed and those are the forms that we would follow.”

The President slammed party officials abusing social media and the privately-owned media to discuss party issues.

“As a party we must speak with one voice. We must not settle our grievances through Twitter and those vana Facebook,” he said.

He said grievances were solved through party structures and not via social media and the so-called independent Press.

“Those which are urgent can be dealt with by the Central Committee. For goodness sake, it does not help to have newspapers intervene vana Day this, Day that. Ndodzava nzira dzokutukana nadzo. Aiwa, hatidi izvozvo. Zvirikuitwa nevakuru, kwete vana. Mabopoto anongoisva muzvimapepa zvisina basa izvozvi hazvina dzimwe news . . . torega kusevenzeswa vakashaya izvozvo hapana dzimwe nyaya dzatunganyore twunobva twafa — vanoda kuongorora zvirikuitika muZanu-PF. Regai kufurirwa, nanganayi nezvinangwa zveparty.”

President Mugabe said Zanu-PF was a people’s party and not going anywhere.

“Zanu-PF inoramba yakati twii. People will come back to Zanu-PF, so we are Zanu-PF now and we are Zanu-PF tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.”

He said Zanu-PF remains strong and formidable.

“The party remains strong. There is no doubt about it. In fact, very strong and formidable by any account. Zvimaparty zvirikungomuka zvisina nomusoro wese. Zvinongodzengerera sezvitototo . . . chimwe chozvara chimwe kuti unzwe kuti pfungwa dzavo dzavanadzo dzakadzama dzenyika ndedzipi, hapana. They have practically no ideas, practically no principles. No thinking on how this country can be transformed, how this economy can be transformed,” said President Mugabe.

He reiterated that there would be no regime change in Zimbabwe no matter how Western nations might want it.

“There has not been regime change and there will not be regime change. We still have to fight, to defend ourselves, protect our policies and our programmes so that we are not inhibited in what we are trying to do with Zim-Asset,” said President Mugabe.Takunda Maodza Herald.

HMP BIRMINGHAM: Inmates took over four wings, started fires and gained access to medical supplies in prison rampage



Inmates took over four wings, started fires and gained access to medical supplies as they rampaged in the prison. One man was taken to hospital.

Friday’s disturbance has been described by the Prison Officers’ Association as the worst since the Strangeways jail riot 26 years ago.

Justice Secretary Liz Truss said there would be a “thorough investigation”.

Rioters would “face the full force of the law,” she added.

UK prisons chief Michael Spurr said there were “serious problems” in jails that would not be solved immediately.

The Ministry of Justice said riot teams restored order to all four wings of HMP Birmingham just after 22:30 on Friday.

The disorder was understood to have involved up to 600 inmates.

Two wings suffered “superficial damage” with more serious damage caused to two others.

G4S is in control of the jail and the cost of the damage will be borne by the firm, the BBC understands.

“Our teams have worked tirelessly throughout the night to assess the damage caused, start the process of clearing up and capture any evidence that could be used by West Midlands Police for any subsequent prosecutions,” a G4S spokesman said.

“This disturbance is rightly subject to a thorough investigation and we are working openly and transparently with the Prison Service and other relevant authorities to understand the causes behind it.”

The Ministry of Justice said: “The prison remains calm and ordered with additional staff on site to offer support.

A “limited regime” is being offered to inmates not involved in the disturbance, the spokesman added.

Prison visits have also now resumed.

Mike Rolfe, national chairman of the Prison Officers’ Association, said more than 30 staff had left the Winson Green prison in recent weeks. He compared the trouble to the notorious Strangeways riot in 1990.

“We’ve been warning for a long time about the crisis in prisons and what we are seeing at Birmingham is not unique to Birmingham, but it certainly would seem that this is the most recent worst incident since the 1990 Strangeways riot,” he said.

Ms Truss said: “I want to pay tribute to the bravery and dedication of the prison officers who resolved this disturbance.

“This was a serious situation and a thorough investigation will now be carried out.

“Violence in our prisons will not be tolerated and those responsible will face the full force of the law.”

As the investigation and clear-up operation get under way at Birmingham Prison, the immediate concern for officials will be the risk of “copycat” disturbances.

Many jails are volatile places, with violence never far from the surface.

Reports of the rioting and rumours about how it all began could encourage others: it may be no coincidence that this is the third serious prison disturbance in six weeks after Lewes and Bedford.

The other main consequence of the damage is that it’ll put a number of cells out of use at a time when capacity is already stretched.

Last week, there were around 1,200 spare prison places across England and Wales – that may seem like a lot but, spread across a large geographical area with different categories of prisoner to accommodate, it doesn’t leave much slack in the system.

The BBC understands that one prisoner was hurt during the riot and taken to hospital with a fractured jaw and broken eye socket.

Prison wings are now being inspected to assess the full scale of the damage after prisoners took control of the category B prison on Friday morning.

Rodger Lawrence, chairman of the Birmingham Prison Independent Monitoring Board, said his members had not seen anything of concern during a visit earlier this week, but said the riot “didn’t come as a complete shock” as there had been “a build-up of frustration” over prison conditions.

Michael Spurr, who is chief executive of the National Offender Management Service Agency, said overcrowding, reduced staffing and drugs had put pressure on prisons.

“On a day-by-day basis governors and staff keep prisons safe and manage a very difficult population extremely well,” he told BBC News.

“Yes, there are assaults, there is too much violence, but we are tackling that.

“It will take some time but events in prisons such as yesterday do happen on occasions.”

He said a £1.3bn investment in new prisons over the next five years, which includes plans for more prison officers, drug tests for inmates on entry and exit from prisons, and more autonomy for governors, would help tackle the issues.

“Over the coming months and years, we will turn it around,” he said.

Trouble flared after an officer was “rushed” by inmates at about 09:00 on Friday.

Violence quickly escalated and due to the scale of the disturbances the Prison Service took over the incident and specialist Tornado units were deployed to regain control.

Prison units from across the country were also drafted in to assist.

During the disturbance, the BBC was contacted by several men claiming to be prisoners at the jail, who said poor conditions were behind the disturbance.

The men, who said they were calling from inside HMP Birmingham, cited inadequate staff numbers, poor healthcare and nutrition.

They said being on “lockdown” in their cells all day was a major factor that contributed to the trouble.

BBC Home Affairs correspondent Danny Shaw believes that although the riot at HMP Birmingham was “clearly very serious”, it may not be the worst since Strangeways, as the Prison Officers’ Association has claimed.

He said: “In April 2009, there was a riot at Ashwell prison in Rutland involving 400 inmates.

“It caused such extensive damage to three wings in the old part of the jail, the entire prison closed permanently in January 2011 because the cost of repairs would have been too great.” see more at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-38350970


Fists rain in Twelve Apostolic Church congregants Bulawayo’s Lobengula West suburb clash over personalisation of church by two bishops


A FIERCE fistfight erupted at the Twelve Apostolic Church of Christ in Bulawayo’s Lobengula West suburb as congregants belonging to different factions clashed during a demonstration over alleged personalisation of the church by two bishops.


The church was briefly turned into a boxing ring as fists flew thick and fast as congregants downed their Bibles and went physical ignoring St Paul’s exhortation to the Corinthians when he wrote, “You are jealous of one another and quarrel with each other. Doesn’t that prove you are controlled by your sinful nature? Aren’t you living like people of the world? When one of you says, ‘I am a follower of Paul,’ and another says, ‘I follow Apollos,’ aren’t you acting just like people of the world?”— 1 Corinthians 3 vs 3-4.

What started off as a peaceful demonstration against two of the church’s bishops, Bishop Aleck Francis Dube and Bishop Manners Aaron Ngwenya soon turned into a fistfight fight among the congregants with one end supporting the bishops and the other calling for their demotion.

It was revealed to Sunday News that the congregants have been at loggerheads since May 2015 when Bishops Dube and Ngwenya amended the church’s constitution and joined the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) without consulting the church members.

Furthermore, the bishops and their allies are said to have forcibly closed the Cowdray Park branch of the church and set up their own assembly in the same neighbourhood.

The bishops have been accused of insulting and threatening members of the congregation, telling them that should they keep speaking out, they would disappear.

A congregant who spoke on condition of anonymity said he had even been threatened with legal action.

“We have been insulted on numerous occasions and the bishops boast a lot. They say their children have a lot of money and they can afford to hire expensive lawyers which the church cannot afford. Therefore, we stand no chance against them. They tell us there is nothing we can do against them. The bishops have become a law unto themselves and no one can question them,” he said.

Sunday News learnt that when the church council, which consists of preachers suspended the bishops from their duties, chaos in the church started. The bishops and their allies would attend church services and when the preachers started preaching, the bishops would stand up from their seats and stage their own sermon.

“Ever since they were suspended, these bishops come to church every Sabbath and cause commotion here. They wait until the preacher starts preaching then they also start their own preaching. This has been going on for 13 weeks and we have not had a real service in months. Some of our brethren have even stopped coming to church because we know how it always ends,’’ said Mr Daniel Dlamini, a deacon at the church.

As a result of the growing discontent at the church, congregants decided to come together yesterday from 16 different branches to show their disapproval of the bishops’ actions. However, the protest turned ugly when they were met with repression particularly from Deacon Bongani Stefan Sibanda, who was the most vocal in defending the bishops.

Approached by Sunday News, Sibanda was vicious and ready to throw punches and no comment could be obtained from the bishops who were heavily defended by Sibanda.

He attacked, hurled insults and tore the placards of anyone who dared to come close to the bishops.

Some of the congregants’ placards read, “No to Abuse of Power”, “No to Violation of Our Rights”, “Open Cowdray Park” and “No one is Above the Law”.

The congregation called for immediate effective suspension of the bishops as well as withdrawal of the church from its “controversial” affiliation to ACCZ. Nozibelo Maphosa and Nkosilesisa Ncube, source-sundaynews


‘Mugabe is centre of power , sole candidate for 2018 elections, must be declared Life President ,21st February celebrations a national holiday’-Kudzai Chipanga Youth Affairs National Secretary


The Zanu-PF Women’s and Youth leagues have reaffirmed their unwavering support for President Mugabe, with the latter adding that he should be declared Life President.


The Women’s league also declared its continuing support for their Secretary, First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

Ruling party Youth Affairs National Secretary Cde Kudzai Chipanga said they would push for February 21 — the President’s birthday — to be declared a national holiday.

Presenting resolutions made by youths at Zanu-PF’s 16th Annual National People’s Conference, which ended in Masvingo yesterday, Cde Chipanga said there should be no discussion on the number one post in the country.

“As youths we reaffirm our loyalty to President Mugabe as one centre of power and the party’s sole candidate for the 2018 elections,” he said.

“We want to ensure that the President is declared Life President and that the 21st February celebrations be turned into a national holiday.

“Our situation is just like a film, when the main actor is still around the film continues to run. So as long as you (President Mugabe) are still alive, we will continue supporting you,” Cde Chipanga said.

Cde Chipanga said the governing party must conclusively deal with divisive elements threatening to destroy Zanu-PF. He said there was need to decentralise the Chitepo Ideological College and reintroduce the National Youth Service to mould patriotic citizens.

“We also call on the acquisition of all farms that are still owned by the whites for redistribution to youths,” said Cde Chipanga. “We also commend the Government for the urban residential stands that have been reserved for the youth.”

Presenting resolutions made by the influential women’s wing, the organs’ deputy secretary Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo said Zanu-PF should reinstate a constitutional clause providing for a woman Vice-President.

“We are concerned over the lack of implementation, by the party, of the 2015 Victoria Falls resolution which states that the Zanu-PF constitution must be amended to reinstate the previous position of the post of Vice-President to be a woman,” she said.

The Women’s League said they wanted a 50 percent quota in all public appointments in Zimbabwe; and that women should be accorded the opportunity to participate in various sectors of the economy.

Cde Sandi Moyo added that Zanu-PF must decisively deal with corruption in both the party and in Government, and appealed to all members to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner and with honesty.

In recent months, there has been an uproar after the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission accused Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, his deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa and other officials of abusing hundreds of thousands of US dollars in public funds.

The officials have disputed the allegations. Levi Mukarati, sunday mail

‘Zanu PF regime will clamp down on perpetrators of corruption regardless of their status in the revolutionary Zanu-PF party’-VP Mnangagwa.

President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe yesterday arrive for the official opening of the Zanu-PF 2016 Annual People's Conference in Masvingo.(Picture by Eliah Saushoma)


VICE President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said the party and Government would clamp down on perpetrators of corruption regardless of their status in the revolutionary Zanu-PF party.

Giving a vote of thanks after President Mugabe’s keynote address at the official opening of the Zanu-PF 16th National People’s Conference in Masvingo, Cde Mnangagwa called on all members of the party to desist from engaging in corruption.

“Your Excellency, this afternoon, you have mentioned and you have encouraged us in this respect that there is need for zero tolerance to corruption. This is in line with the resolutions of the various party organs. We pledge to redress them head on, it is therefore integral that all members of the party irrespective of status desist from this retrogressive behaviour and lead by example,” he said.

“The party and Government will not hesitate to take necessary measures against perpetrators of this vice, corruption. We should remember that in Shona we say ‘mushonga unovava ndiwo unorapa/bitter medicine is the one that’s’ effective.”

VP Mnangagwa hailed President Mugabe’s calls for party leadership to desist from discussing party issues in the public domain.

“You have always exalted the party membership to desist from discussing party internal matters in the public domain and resolve contradictions and concerns within the framework of party organs and forums in accordance with the dictates of our party constitution,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He reiterated President Mugabe’s sentiments that everyone was equal in the party regardless of ethnic backgrounds.

“For the record, we have never been a desperate collection of tribes but we are sons and daughters of the soil, we are all equal before the dictates of the party constitution. It is therefore vital that we translate the party constitution, as you said, in the various languages hence reflecting our diverse and unitary state to facilitate understanding of rules, regulations and duties of members of the party,” he said.

“In the same vein we must reject the imperialist aggression which manifests itself in setting leaders against each other. Our party is from the people, for the people and must continue serving the people in the spirit of genuine solid leadership.”

Vp Mnangagwa also hailed calls by President Mugabe for unity within the party.

“If yesterday we were united by the state of our exploitation and united by our desire for liberation and independence, today we must march together to produce food, value addition and empower our people for the achievement of ZimAsset,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He said the unity in the party should not only be for mobilisation but for working together to achieve economic emancipation for the people.
Cde Mnangagwa called on the party to mobilise and maintain support towards the 2018 harmonised elections.

“You have told us this afternoon Your Excellency that united we shall succeed, divided we shall fall. We are grateful for your clarification with regards the interpretation of the indigenisation and economic empowerment law through the Presidential statement to clarify the Government position on indigenisation and economic empowerment policy,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He said he was hopeful that the clarification would boost investor confidence , reduce the cost of doing business and cumulatively make the country a more favourable investment destination.

VP Mnangagwa said the conference congratulated President Mugabe on his wisdom in guiding the party to select a carefully and well considered theme for the conference and the calls for peace and unity.

The conference is running under the theme, “Moving with Zim-Asset in Peace and Unity.”

The theme speaks to the centrality of peace, unity and honest work as the bedrock for the success of Zim-Asset.

VP Mnangagwa took the opportunity to remind delegates that inputs being given under Command Agriculture are under cost recovery and those who abuse them will be arrested.

He said the Government’s initiatives in agriculture has gone a long way in addressing the challenges faced by the people against the back drop of the El Nino induced drought and limited fiscal space. source-chronicle. Ndudzo Tshuma

‘Tsvangirai’s shutting out smaller opposition from grand coalition, further weakens opposition ahead of 2018 ballot’- People’s Democratic Party (PDP)



THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP)has blasted MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s decision to shut out smaller opposition parties from a proposed grand coalition, saying the move would further weaken the opposition camp ahead of the 2018 general elections.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Wednesday, PDP deputy president, Kucaca Phulu, described the MDC-T suggestion as “an axis of exclusion”.

“You have got to make a distinction between a coalition for winning elections and a coalition for governance,” he said.

“I saw a party that issued a statement with some of these elements, most of which I agreed with. However, in terms if inclusivity, that is where we have a problem. It is wrong to say, Party X you are so small, I cannot listen to you.

“The problems that we had between 1980 and now, leading to such tragedies as Gukurahundi, were mainly due to lack of inclusivity, when some people say they are the majority, they have the people. Today, we hear reiteration of that same theme; that only we have the people, only we can rule.”

Tsvangirai on Tuesday issued a statement laying out the party’s terms for the grand coalition, where he embraced the Welshman Ncube-led MDC and Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First.

Phulu said his party was building structures with the aim of participating in the 2018 polls. “If there will be an election at all, I don’t know whether there is going to be an election in 2018 or not, hopefully, it is going to be there, and if there is an election, and if all the young people are registered, if all those eligible to vote are registered, then we are ready for that election because our structures are in place, our policies are in place, we know what we want to say to the people, we know how to say it to them, we know how to reach the people,” he said.

“We have shadow councillors already in place in many of the districts. We are also appointing shadow MPs. We work according to programmes. We are a programmatic party. We are clear about what we want to do, and we have a clear vision for this country.”

Phulu insisted that a well-thought-out and inclusive coalition was the best bet in defeating President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“If someone were to ask me what I think about machinations to form a coalition and exclude the PDP, I will say:
Surprising. I would hope that, that is not the case because we believe that as PDP, we have a lot to offer. We are a party that is organised, with reasonably formed structures. The charge that we are new and untested is false because our politicians are tested. How can you say the former mayor here [PDP vice-chairperson, Thaba Moyo] is untested as a politician? By Khanyile Mlotshwa and Nqobani Ndlovu. source-newsday

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