‘Zimbabwe Republic Police, threaten to beat up Harare West MP, Majome for taking photos’


Harare West MP Jessie Majome said she was taking photos during the vendors march when a police officer accused her of photographing him.”This police officer of the black boots section just threatened to beat me up with his fellow anti riot troops for taking his photograph outside parliament of Zimbabwe for taking photographs of him and his fellows encamped there and blocking my way,” she posted on her facebook page.

“So much for MP, let alone public access to Parliament in terms of section 141 of the Constitution! He proceeded to verbally abuse me in a sexist manner and which I consider to be sexual harassment by saying it’s my husband that I should photograph and not him. My foot!”

Majome said she made it clear to him that she have a constitutional right to photograph especially public officers on duty paid her tax dollars, especially those blocking my way to sit in Parliament.

“He seemed to be unsettled a bit when he realized I’m an MP,” said Majome. “He refused to identify himself and had no force (now service as the Police is now a service in terms of the Constitution) number as is now the norm.”

She said the police was unlawfully and unconstitutionally barricading teeming street vendors from demonstrating outside Parliament.

“This reminded me that I’m supposed to be afraid of taking photographs of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men,” said Majome.

“I’m not! I’m also reminded of a young lady who asked me in whispered incredulity when I snapped the child soldiers outside Parliament last week, if I was actually allowed to do that, to my own incredulity. What a terror-stricken nation! I intend to file a complaint against my insulter.”

by Stephen Jakes. Source: Byo24News

Muhammadu Buhari says ‘Goodluck Jonathan left Nigeria’s treasury virtually empty’

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NIGERIA’S president Muhammadu Buhari on Monday slammed the state of the country’s finances, claiming his predecessor had left Africa’s biggest economy deep in debt and the treasury “virtually empty”.

There are high expectations that Buhari, who defeated Goodluck Jonathan in March elections, will turn around Nigeria’s fortunes, with the country riddled with corruption and the crude-dependent economy reeling from global oil shocks.

But the 72-year-old, elected on a promise of cleaning up Nigeria’s dirty politics and ending Boko Haram’s Islamist insurgency, indicated the funds to deliver were not immediately available to do so.

“I hope we are starting and this culture of 100 days [in power] is bringing so much pressure, with [the] treasury virtually empty, with debts in millions of dollars, with state workers and even federal workers not paid their salaries,” he told reporters in Abuja.

The former military ruler, whose 20-month tenure in the 1980s was characterised by a war against graft and “indiscipline”, described the situation as “a disgrace for Nigeria” and warned people could take to the streets if nothing was done.

Bad management

Nigeria, which is Africa’s leading oil producer and dependent on crude for a massive 90% of foreign earnings, was already feeling the effect of the halving of global oil prices from mid-2014 even before Buhari took over.

Squeezed government revenues forced this year’s budget to be revised and federal projects scrapped or halted while state employees have gone months without being paid.

In the week he took office on May 29, the country virtually ground to a halt because of fuel shortages linked to alleged government defaults on subsidy payments to fuel importers.

At the same time, electricity production plunged to a record low of just over 1 000 megawatts – woefully short of the amount of power required for Nigeria’s 173 million people.

Buhari described the economic situation he inherited as rank “bad management”, without giving specific figures.

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo had estimated the country’s debts stood at some $60bn on the handover of power three weeks ago.

Former finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has rejected the claim – and indications since the figure could be even higher – saying the debt was much lower and most of it was incurred by states, rather than the federal government. source-newzimbabwe

photo-reuters-Good luck Jonathan with General Muhammadu Buhari,-dailymail

‘Zimbabwe’s Public Order and Security Act (POSA) bars AIDS awareness campaigns ‘


NATIONAL AIDS Council (NAC) says community based organisations should be allowed to conduct HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns as this would help to reduce infections.

Community based organisations always complain that the state uses the Public Order and Security Act (POSA) to bar them from holding public meetings.

The call by NAC comes after they have witnessed an increase in STIs in Harare’s Epworth, Caledonia and Hopely high density suburbs.

These are some of many shanty suburbs in Harare where people live in squalid conditions and practice unprotected sex due to lack of information.

Generally, a person who contracts an STI has a great risk of getting HIV infection.

NAC’s Lloyd Sanandima told an HIV and AIDS information dissemination meeting which was held by MISA Zimbabwe and Community Radio Harare (CORAH) at Tariro School in Hopely at the weekend, that new infections were rife in such settlements.

“In the last quarter of 2014, we recorded 598 STI infections in males, 721 females, and repeated cases were 46 and 74 respectively and we have observed that a lot of people are not getting tested for STIs,” said Sinadima.

“There is high risk sexual behaviour happening here. When we do our behaviour change programs we discover that girls as young as 14 years are indulging in sexual activities with some even having children at that age”.

Sinandima said condom use was very low in Hopely and said churches, schools and social gatherings should be allowed to teach behaviour change in areas of their jurisdiction.

“There is a lot of unprotected sex happening and  if this is not controlled Hopely will soon become one of the hot spots and we are therefore  encouraging AIDS organisations to have more awareness campaigns so that Hopely does not explode.

“There is also a challenge of pregnant mothers delaying to book their pregnancies which is a major concern to us.

“832 pregnant women were tested for HIV in 2014 and out of that number 110 tested positive meaning to say one in every eight women is HIV positive”. source-newzimbabwe

‘Breaking News: Jonathan Moyo , has quit government’


Zimbabwe’s INFORMATION minister, arguably the Zanu PF Chief propagandist, Mugabe’s mouthpiece and the despot 91 year old president’s strongest weapon  against democracy is reported to have  left government , a surprise move coming so soon after his recent victory in the  MP for Tsholotsho North in the by elections.

Jonathan Moyo, was previously a non elected MP, appointed to his post by Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe soon after the infamous Zanu PF ‘NIKUV election’ victory of 31st July 2013.

Details pertaining to this development are still sketchy but as more news reaches our desk, we will keep readers fully updated. Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-Jonathan Moyo-radiodialogue

ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (ZEC) admits Zanu PF Hurungwe West MP Guzah electoral fraud


ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Rita Makarau, Monday admitted that Keith Guzah the MP-elect for the Hurungwe West was not a registered voter in the constituency but instead his names appears in Magunje.

Makarau also admitted that Guzah, the Zanu PF candidate, had in fact been declared winner even though he had not been able to vote in the June 10 by-election.

“On polling day, Keith Guzah was denied the right to vote as his name was not on the voter’s roll for Hurungwe West (because) the Commission had issued a position statement that only those on the voters’ rolls would be allowed to vote.

“His (Guzah) old block number was captured as his new block number and the transfer was therefore not effected on the computer. He was retained on the voter’s roll for Magunje,” Makarau said in a statement.

However, the ZEC chairperson, in the same statement, maintained Guzah had been “lawfully and procedurally nominated as a candidate for the Hurungwe West by-election”.

This is despite the fact that the “transfer”, reportedly done at the Commission’s offices in Harare had, in Makarau’s own words, not been effected.

“The V3 Form setting out his application for transfer of registration as a voter bears Serial Number 010599A and is available for inspection to all interested parties.

On the basis of the above transfer, Keith Guzah was duly nominated as a candidate for Hurungwe West on 08 April 2015 when the nomination court for that by- election sat,” said Makarau.

She argued that Guzah’s name was not electronically captured onto the Hurungwe West roll “because of a transposition of the block numbers relating to his old and new registrations”.

Mliswa response

Former Hurungwe West MP and independent candidate Temba Mliswa warned he was ready to take on the election management body.

“I will be writing to ZEC today (Monday) after consultations with my legal team. The onus was on the candidate to make sure their papers are in order.

“ZEC’s admission makes this a very interesting scenario; the laws of this country must be tested and Makarau and her officials must give a better explanation than this patch-up job they are trying,” said Mliswa.

The opposition MDC-T, through spokesperson Obert Gutu, urged ZEC to declare Mliswa the winner of the by-election.

“ZEC has no other option but to formally declare that Keith Guzah is not the duly elected MP for Hurungwe West constituency because he was not a registered voter for that constituency at the time the by–election.

The purported nomination of Guzah as a candidate in the said by-election was null and void ab initio because he was not a duly registered voter for that constituency when the nomination court sat,” Gutu said.

“In accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Act, the only persons who can participate in a Parliamentary election or by-election are those persons who would have been validly and lawfully nominated.

“In terms of the Electoral Act, the winner of an election is the lawfully and validly nominated candidate who scores the highest number of valid votes cast.

“It, therefore, follows that ZEC should proceed to declare Temba Mliswa as the duly elected MP for Hurungwe West constituency. source-newzimbabwe

photo-Justice Rita Makarau- Zimbabwelatestnews

Assistant commissioner, petitions , Kembo Mohadi to probe Augustine Chihuri


An assistant commissioner in the Zimbabwe Republic Police, who successfully appealed against both his sentence and conviction for allegedly facilitating the release of a fraud suspect, has petitioned Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi to probe his boss, Commissioner-General of Police Augustine Chihuri, on allegations of corruption and crime cover-up charges for senior officers within the institution.

Assistant Commissioner (Operations) Gideon Baloyi made headlines last year after being slapped with a nine-month jail term for allegedly trying to protect Nevermind Kufakunesu, accused of swindling local businessman Batsirai Mupindu of chickens worth $21 000. Baloyi was later set free by the High Court on October 21 last year. He has since been transferred to Masvingo. Before turning to Mohadi, Baloyi also wrote a letter to Chihuri and Deputy Commissioner-General (Crime) Godwin Matanga, but got no response, prompting him to turn to the minister for recourse.

In a leaked biting four-page letter with the institution’s logo titled, ZRP: A Transforming Organisation Weighing Heavily on Transparency, and copied to President Robert Mugabe, Baloyi alleged that the law was selectively applied on him when there were senior cops he named who were walking scot-free despite committing heinous crimes. One of the senior cops (name supplied), still serving in the force, allegedly shot dead a street kid that had stolen a mobile phone from him, but has not been prosecuted. Baloyi dared Chihuri for treating him in a “devilish way”, declaring: “It is game on, let’s play.” “Sir, what I am humbly asking is for you to persuade the Commissioner-General of the Police to take his child killer to court for justice to take its course.

My letter I wrote to him on 7 December, narrates how the killer was shamelessly rewarded for killing a simple, defenceless street kid in cold blood. “His promotion to the current rank he is holding is more of a reward for his gruesome, senseless murder. This act by the organisation does not translate to the much-talked about transparency by the ZRP,” he added. Chihuri Mohadi Source: newsday –

photo-nehanda radio-Police chief Augustine Chihuri

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