Harare man (20), sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment for raping a 16-year-old Mughodhi Church mate after a youth meeting



A 20-YEAR-OLD Harare man, Gerald Gatsi, was yesterday sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment for raping a 16-year-old churchmate after a youth meeting.Gatsi will spend the next 10 years behind bars after four years were suspended on condition of good behaviour by regional magistrate, Hosiah Mujaya.

According to evidence presented in court, Gatsi and the complainant (name withheld) are members of Mughodhi Church and were attending a church services in Retreat Park, Waterfalls.

The court heard on May 21 this year, the girl was on her way from a church service Gatsi had also attended, when she saw him following her in the company of an unidentified person.

Gatsi is said to have caught up with the girl, pushed her off the road and felled her into a pit.

At that point, the person, who was accompanying Gatsi, ran away leaving the two at the scene.

The court heard, while in the pit, Gatsi raped the teenager and after that he left, leaving his victim at the scene.

After the sexual assault, the teenager did not report the matter, but on the following day, she then spilled the beans to her mother, who reported the abuse to one Marevanhema, a church youth leader.

Marevanhema promised to take up the issue with the pastor so that the matter would be discussed.

The court heard the matter was then discussed and it was agreed that Gatsi should pay the complainant’s parents $250 and one beast as damages following which an agreement was signed by both parties.

From the day that the agreement was signed, the court heard, the complainant’s mother fell ill and was admitted at a local hospital.

After recovering from her illness, the complainant’s mother then phoned Gatsi’s relatives claiming what was due to her and was told Gatsi could not be located. She then made a police report, leading to his arrest.

George Manokore appeared for the State. source-newsday

Grade Seven pupil’s prayer request, exposes her rapist (26), who has subsequently been jailed for 12 years


AN abusive 26-year-old man’s shenanigans were recently exposed by his victim’s prayer request during a family prayer session, leading to his arrest and imprisonment.

Mumpande Zanda was yesterday slapped with a 12-year jail term by Hwange magistrate, Dambudzo Malunga. Two years were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecutor, Bheki Tshabalala told the court that sometime between August 1 and 31 this year, Zanda proposed love to a Grade Seven pupil, and she accepted his proposal.

It is the court case that he then called the girl to his workplace, where he raped her twice.

The matter came to light when the girl’s aunt asked her to write her prayer request and she wrote asking God to heal the wounds on her private parts.

When her aunt became inquisitive and demanded to know the cause of the wounds, the girl then spilled the beans, leading to Zanda’s arrest. By Silas Nkala. source-newsday.

photo-Lazarus Dokora,-Minister of Education

Byo, Mat North and South have HIV rates above national average, the Zim Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (ZIMPHIA)



Three Matabeleland provinces are reportedly leading in HIV prevalence rates in the country, a report indicates.

Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South provinces have rates above the national average, the Zimbabwe Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (ZIMPHIA) 2015-2016 report reveals.

“Matabeleland South recorded a prevalence of 22,3 percent followed by Matabeleland North at 20,1 percent while Bulawayo stands at 18,7 percent.”Prevalence of HIV among adults aged 15 to 64 years in Zimbabwe is 14,6 percent: 16,7 percent among females and 12,4 percent among males. This corresponds to approximately 1,2 million people living with HIV (PLHIV) aged 15 to 64 years in Zimbabwe,” reads part of the report.

The report said Manicaland has an adult prevelance rate of 11,4 %, Mashonaland West (12,9 %), Mashonaland Central at 13,6 %, Mashonaland East and Midlands both have 14 % and Masvingo has 14,9 %

Harare has a prevalence rate of 14,2 %. source-bulawayo24

‘ZANU PF Satan’s organisation on earth’ -People’s Democratic Party (PDP)


People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Harare Province Secretary For Information and Publicity Nqobizitha Dumakude Khumalo has described the ruling Zanu PF as Satan’s organisation operating physical on this earth.

His remarks were in reference to the suffering masses due to cash crisis which is believed to be caused by the Robert Mugabe l;ed government of Zanu PF. The cash crisis has seen people sleeping in queues as they hope to get their cash to no avail at times. Even the Ecocash facilities have seen people being given as little as $10 from each agent with the cash out charges gobbling a lot of their money in the process.

Also of serious concerns is the continued abduction and brutalization of those opposed to the government policies which Khumalo said makes the ruling party more devilish.

“I went to visit Comrade Kauzani in hospital. We were not allowed access to him. He was in theatre and reports suggest that the situation is rather serious. I later met his wife. The report is that Kauzani was probably spotted in town and tailed. He boarded a kombi on his way home in Kuwadzana. A twin cab of unidentified make and without number plates followed the kombi,” he said.

“As they were entering Kuwadzana the car overtook the kombi and ordered it to stop. Two men then got into the kombi and instructed Kauzani to disembark. He refused and the other passengers supported him after which the men took out pistols and threatened to shoot. Kauzani had no option but to obey. They first assaulted him and then threw him into their car. They drove along Bulawayo Road and then veered off into some bushes where there were at least three other cars of identical make.”

Khumalo said the occupants are said to have celebrated his capture and it is then that they started interrogating him about Tajamuka, its source of funding and the other members of the group.

“He was also asked about the number of trained people in Tajamuka and also on the manner of the training they had. All this time time there were mercilessly pounding him with clenched fists and booted feet. They undressed him and stole his cellphone and the little cash he had,” said Khumalo.

“They expressed their strong desire to kill for Mugabe and said that they didn’t care what human rights organisations and the international community thought. As they assaulted him they challenged him to call Trump for help. They kicked him on the chest and face and stepped on his face and crushed his feet and legs with heavy sticks. Before they left one of them warned him to run away or they would finish him off if they found him still on the spot.He said poor Kauzani could not walk, the best he could do was crawl slowly and painfully.

“They returned a second time and found him still groaning and moaning as he tried to drag himself away. They started assaulting him again lifting him high in the air and letting him fall. Many times he blacked out. Finally they said they were going to do something to ensure he did not commit mischief again. They ran him over with their car. Had he not twisted away they might have crushed him. However they ran over his two legs breaking one and severely bruising the other,” he said.

“They then threw him into their car and drove back into town, dumping him at Pamuzinda Bar in front of shocked revellers who thought a corpse was being dumped on them. He was undressed. People crowded around him and he gave the cell number of his wife. A car was found and he was carried to hospital where he is till now.”

Khumalo said this is one of the most frightening stories that crowd the pages of our newspapers today.

“We are all apprehensive especially after going through the horrors of Gukurahundi and 26 June. The beastly cruelty of the whole scenario is frightening. We are all afraid. What is this leading to. Has the beastly Zanu PF found a new terror tactic; a higher level of cruelty. In 2008 there was the method of assaulting someone and then spraying them with acid or pesticides resulting in ugly and frightening injuries. Next came short and long sleeves, the amputation of arms at upper arm or wrist level respectively,” he said.

“Now we are asking ourselves; is running over people’s feet the new method of maiming now adopted by this ultra stalinist style. We wonder. I urge the civilised world to treat this case with the seriousness it deserves. This case will be an indictment on the moral standards of our generation, the mark of Cain upon us all. May I remind my fellow Zimbabweans of the words attributed to Mustapha Muhammad; there are three people with no room in heaven: the oppressor, the one who helps the oppressor and the one who tolerates the oppressor.”

He said how many people killed Jesus? It was three: the Roman soldier (the oppressor), the crowd shouting “crucify him” together with those who delivered him up (those who help the oppressor) and Pontius Pilate who washed his hands clean and refused to take action (the one who tolerates the oppressor.)

“Where do you stand. Are you the oppressor: the partisan policeman and soldier or the Zanu Pf assassin or the youth burning people’s houses, killing and maiming. Are you the one aiding the oppressor, selling out your neighbour, actively campaigning for a murderous party and every five years helping to renew its mandate to kill and torture innocent Zimbabweans and starving innocent children to death? Or you are like Pilate, the smart one who is above it all; refusing to be involved. I am a Christian, l am too educated et cetera,” he said.

“You have no room in heaven. Oppression of your fellow humans is a sin of commission. Tolerating oppression is a sin of omission. I indict this generation for crucifying Christ afresh, for where truth and justice are on the cross Christ is crucified anew. Many of us on that great day of reckoning that shall soon or later come upon us all find our fingers dripping with the blood of people we never knew we killed. Let Zimbabweans stand up and say no to further brutalisation of our nation.”by Stephen Jakes

‘Multi-award winning South African gospel singer, S’fiso Ncwane has died’.


‘Multi-award winning  South African gospel singer, S’fiso Ncwane has died’.
Although details around of the singer’s death are still sketchy at this stage, the Kulungile Baba hit-maker died today after falling ill, South African media reported.

South African media said  the singer was coughing up blood last night.

The singer made headlines last year after he bought his pastor a R1.9 Mercedes.

The Kulungile Baba hitmaker said  Pastor Anosike “saved his life through prayer” and he felt he had to repay him.

His 18-year-old daughter Nqobile Mzelemu accused him of being an “absent father” which the singer flatly denied.

“My father is a gospel star. A role model who blesses people with extravagant cars. He donates to the poor, but he is neglecting me,” she is quoted saying.
Source – Byo24News

WOMAN from Gwanda who did not disclose her status and had unprotected sex with her lover has been arrested for deliberately exposing him to HIV

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A WOMAN from Gwanda who did not disclose her status and had unprotected sex with her lover has been arrested for deliberately exposing him to HIV.


Sophie Ndlovu (29) of 309 Marriage Cottages appeared before Gwanda resident magistrate Mr Arafat Konzanai yesterday facing charges of deliberately exposing a partner to HIV.

She was not asked to plead and remanded in custody to November 24.

Prosecutor Mr Takudzwa Mafudze said the complainant, Mr Celani Moyo, fell in love with Ndlovu in June last year.

From that time, they allegedly started having sexual intercourse using condoms until February this year when he paid lobola and they started living together.

He then allegedly invited her to go for voluntary HIV testing in Bulawayo but when they arrived at the centre she refused to enter the building arguing that her relative worked there and she did not want her to know her status.

When they returned to Gwanda, Ndlovu allegedly gave Moyo a November 2014 hospital card which indicated that she was HIV negative.

From that time, the court heard, Moyo started having sex with Ndlovu without protection.

In April, she allegedly started developing sores on her skin and when he inquired about them, she told him that she was being bewitched by her maternal aunt.

Moyo allegedly took her to sangomas and hospitals but her condition did not improve.

In May, he allegedly asked her to go for HIV testing but she started being violent accusing him of labelling her a prostitute.

He then allegedly moved out of the house in September and told her that he would only return on condition that she goes for testing.

Ndlovu allegedly then went for HIV testing and when the results were positive she advised her husband to also go for testing.

When Moyo went he was told that he was HIV negative. However, he later discovered that his wife was tested two years before they met and tested positive but hid her status from him.

He made a police report leading to her arrest. — By Richard Muponde. source-chronicle

Cost of blood revised downwards from US$135 a pint to US$100 for patients, especially pregnant women who require the life-saver

david-parirenyatwa-1 (1)

The cost of blood has been revised downwards from $135 a pint to $100 in a move that is set to improve the dire situation faced by patients, especially pregnant women who require the life-saving commodity, Health minister David Parirenyatwa has said.For long the emotive subject has been discussed at various platforms including in Parliament with legislators advocating for the motion that government should subsidise the cost of blood to make it affordable to ordinary citizens.

“As from October 1 the price of blood from the National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) will now be $100 for public institutions down from $135,” Parirenyatwa said.

For the private sector a pint will now cost $120 from around $

Although the price is still high in comparison with other countries in the region, the move is set to bring some relief to the health sector.

Patients who need blood transfusion required between $135 and $200 for a pint of blood depending on where they seek services.

The Parliamentary Health Committee has previously expressed concern at the high cost of blood in the hospitals.

Nearly half a million pregnancies are expected yearly in Zimbabwe and in a minority there is excessive blood loss, requiring a transfusion of an average of three pints.

Timely blood transfusion is one way of preventing maternal deaths which are still unacceptably high with over 500 women dying per every 100 000 live births.

In 2014 the Health Transition Fund (HTF), a donor pool fund, came to the rescue of expecting mothers by releasing blood coupons which were redeemable at health institutions.
However, these were mired in controversies with health institutions using their discretion on who should benefit. There were reports of women being asked to pay for the coupons which were supposed to be free.

The HTF has since been superseded by the Health Development Fund.

Health activists have welcomed the move, but are agitating for further reductions especially for pregnant women.

“This is a very positive move and as government begins to look into these issues of affordability in line with what the masses can afford we should applaud such efforts,” Fungisayi Dube from the Citizens Health Watch said.

She, however, implored all the stakeholders to continue working on further reducing the price.

“It is still too high especially for pregnant women who would have already paid for related maternal services,” Dube said. By Phyllis Mbanje. source-newsday

Zimbabwe has rejected embracing homosexuality that some European countries wanted the country to take up at the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group meeting,

Zimbabwe has rejected embracing homosexuality that some European countries wanted the country to take up at the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group meeting, but accepted 142 other recommendations that are not in contradiction with the national Constitution.Spain and Canada are some of the countries that recommended that Zimbabwe decriminalises same sex marriage for consenting adults.

In some poor African countries, the West has gone to the extent of dangling aid and budgetary support in exchange for embracing gay rights in their statutes.

But in an interview with our Harare Bureau shortly after the meeting last Friday, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, said the country had shot down the recommendation on homosexuality.

“With regards to areas that we felt we would not accept, it is issues of gays and homosexuality, which is unlawful in our country,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“We rejected all those. There are a few countries from Europe, which recommended that we re-consider our position with regard adults of same sex marrying each other, that we have rejected.”

Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Mrs Virginia Mabhiza added:

“We have rejected two broad categories of recommendation that is the one to do with marriage between people of the same sex and another one to do with the Rome Statutes. Those are the two that we have outrightly rejected.”

In his remarks at the adoption of the 142 recommendations, VP Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe was committed to promoting and protecting human rights.

“Regarding the recommendations proposed by the estimated member states to assist us improve our human rights protection mechanisms and obligations, I hereby re-affirm the position enunciated by the chair-Rapporteur of the Troika, His Excellency, Ljupcho Jivan Gjorgjinski, Charge d’affaires of the Permanent Mission of Macedonia to the United Nations, World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“Indeed, out of the 260 recommendations tabled, my delegation has supported 142 and noted 18, while the rest have been deferred for further consideration.

“I would like to state that the Government of Zimbabwe will work tirelessly to scrutinise the deferred recommendations in order to come up with a concrete position. We will communicate our position to the council through the normal diplomatic channels and in the next session of the Human Rights Council.

“Finally, I wish to reiterate Zimbabwe’s commitment to upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms of its people and fulfilling its international human rights obligations.”

VP Mnangagwa expressed Government’s gratitude to the United Nations human rights machinery, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Zimbabwe and other development partners for helping Zimbabwe in the implementation of its human rights obligations.  Lloyd Gumbo, source-chronicle

Nyika village man drags 13-year-old pupil on her way to school into bush and rapes her


Edgar Madhobhi (18) from Nyika Village under Chief Neshuro in Mwenezi has appeared in court for allegedly raping a 13-year-old pupil while on her way to school in September.

Madhobhi appeared before resident magistrate Honesty Musiiwa last week and was remanded in custody as he was deemed a flight risk.

It is the state case that, on the 21 September 2016 at Village Nyika Chief Neshuro, Madhobhi met the juvenile on her way to school then dragged the complainant by her hand and dragged her to a nearby bush; he then tripped her down and removed her pants, and had sex with her without her consent.

After the incident Madhobhi threatened the complainant with assault if she reported the matter to anyone.

However the complainant narrated the rape ordeal to a teacher at the school Vengai Mashawi who then reported the matter to the Police leading to Madhobhi’s arrest.

Willard Chasi prosecuted. Source – Masvingo

‘People who have been living with HIV and Aids for more than 30 years will tomorrow gather at Glen View Hall in Harare to celebrate the gift of life’

david-parirenyatwa-1 (1)

People who have been living with HIV and Aids for more than 30 years will tomorrow gather at Glen View Hall in Harare to celebrate the gift of life at an event facilitated and co-ordinated by Clear Vision in collaboration with the Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV and Aids (ZNNP+).

ZNNP+ said HIV-related stigma negatively impacted on access to services and quality of life of people living with HIV.

“It is against this background that a ZNNP+ affiliate, Clear Vision, intends to denounce stigma and discrimination in the community through a campaign with the theme, Celebrating the Gift of Life @30.com,” ZNNP+ said in a statement. “During the campaign, we are going to advance and encourage the uptake of services like HIV testing services, tuberculosis prophylaxis, voluntary medical male circumcision, prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV and Aids, provision of proper family planning contraceptives for women and young girls on ART (antiretroviral therapy), viral load and CD4 count as well as dialogue on key populations like commercial sex workers, prison inmates, persons with disability, adolescents and youths.”

Stakeholders were also expected to be showcasing their work as far as HIV response was concerned.

There will also be comprehensive documentation of evidence-based HIV-TB advocacy.

This will be towards the quest to live no one behind towards attainment of the 90 90 90 targets.

The statement added that the objectives of the meeting would be to educate communities about HIV and Aids issues and promote the uptake of HIV services like PMTCT and ART among the adolescents and youth.

“We wish to inspire adolescents and youth to know their HIV status, initiate them on treatment and to encourage them to adhere to treatment, as well as to develop community calls for action in the fight against stigma and discrimination and to advocate for and showcase benefits of differentiated care models and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV and Aids in the HIV health agenda,” ZNNP+ said. By Munesu Nyakudya. source-newsday

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