A Harare man, consultant chemical engineer spends US$80 000 transforming into a woman

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A  Harare man has spent close to $80 000 transforming himself into a woman – including sex change.

Tatelicious, born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe was born in Budiriro.

According to Sunday Mail, Karigambe  has completed formalities with the Registrar-General’s Office and is now  legally a woman .

“I was confirmed a boy at birth, but I just had a male body with a female mind,” said Karigambe

“I usually don’t want to reveal my age – I’m a lady. As ladies we don’t reveal our age. I’m in my late 20s.”

The process of becoming a woman has involved doctors and lawyers.

“I chose to liberate myself from the confines of society. I have spent more than US$80 000 on breast augmentation and vaginoplasty (male to female sex reassignment surgery). I invested in businesses and saved money – family, friends and other silent partners chipped in,”.

“I did not do this for money. Growing up, my mother (availed) everything for us; we went to trips as far as the UK, Italy and the US. I’m a chemical engineer, I do consultancy and I run my own organisation, Tatenda NGO, and my husband is rich. He is a neurosurgeon, he is Scottish.

Karigambe said he/she is a  twin in a family of four.  Source: Sunday Mail

Chiyangwa still in Avenues Clinic after house fire

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Tycoon and politician Dr Phillip Chiyangwa, who was injured in an inferno that razed part of his Harare mansion on Friday, says he is recovering well and does not suspect foul play in the incident.

The Sunday Mail visited Dr Chiyangwa at Avenues Clinic yesterday afternoon, and although in pain, his condition was said to be stable and he would be discharged soon.

Appearing to be coping well with the loss, he blamed the fire on an electrical fault exacerbated by the high power voltage at the house.

Public Service, Labour and Social Services Minister Priscilla Mupfumira and Mbare National Assembly representative Mr Tendai Savanhu were among those at the flamboyant businessman’s bedside.

Dr Chiyangwa said he sustained deep cuts to his left leg after he stepped on broken window panes while trying to put out the fire, whose damage is yet to be quantified.

“I am not suspecting any foul play because it was purely an accident. The cause of the fire had to do with some wires that got into contact and there was a big explosion because of the high power in the house.

“After the explosion, the fire spread fast to the furniture and curtains in the (master bedroom). As I tried to put it out and save some documents, thick smoke blinded me, so I ended up stepping on the broken window panes, injuring my leg in the process.”

Relatives took him to Trauma Centre and Hospital and then to Avenues Clinic for treatment.

“When I came here, my leg was sutured; it is healing well. I am still in pain, but not too much, though. I did not lose a lot of blood and the doctor has said I have enough blood to be out of danger.” Source: sundaymail

‘Bona Mugabe admits its not all rosy in marriage’


President Robert Mugabe’s daughter – Bona Mugabe-Chikore has revealed that it is ‘not all rosy’ in her marriage to Simba Chikore.

Bona wedded 2014 and she is still to have a  baby.

She revealed this when offering marriage advice at recent wedding at FBC Sports Club in Harare.

“Marriage is a wonderful thing. Before you get married, people will say ‘ It’s tough in marriage but you have to be brave.

“When we got married, we only got to realise that when you love each other, you will enjoy each and every single day,” she said to the newlyweds.

According to Sunday Mail, her hubby Simba said the first two years of marriage are the most difficult. It’s the time when you will be learning each other.

“My wife and l once spent about half-a-day without speaking to each other because we were fed up with each other.” Source: Sunday Mail

photo-Bona Mugabe and Husband Simba Makore-Wedding

Zhombe Man axes neighbour, slices body and sets his dogs to feast on corpse


A 25-year-old man from Zhombe – Shingirirai Makonza brutally murdered his neighbour by striking him with an axe and slicing him with a machete before setting his dogs to feast on his butchered remains.

That was sparked by a grudge over a woman and happened last week.

Makonza allegedly killed his neighbour Keith Nyambira with whom he had a long-standing dispute over a woman.

According to Sunday News, in December 2013 the now deceased Nyambira severely assaulted Makonza when the two clashed over a woman.

Nyambira paid a beast to Makonza’s parents as compensation for the damages and injuries sustained by the latter as a result of the assault.

Nyambira fled from his home in a bid to evade arrest after Makonza reported the matter to the police.

According to a  relative, who refused to be named Nyambira resurfaced last month and was spotted by Makonza.

“The two fought in 2013 and Makonza sustained serious injuries. Nyambira left home when he heard that the police were looking for him. He came back home last month and Makonza saw him,” said the relative. Source: Sunday News

Magistrate blacks’ out before sentencing man to 40 yrs’:- Zimbabwean juju superstition??


There was drama at Chinhoyi regional court last week when magistrate Never Katiyo got stuck to his crown chair and suffered a temporary blackout in a suspected case of juju (muti use) as he delivered judgement against a 38-year-old man accused of raping his teenage maid three times.

The rapist, Willard Chimanikire, according to the NewsDay, was eventually slapped with a 40-year prison term after being convicted of raping his 15-year-old housemaid sometime in February 2013.

“While in the process of delivering judgment, Katiyo paused as if to take a breather, but the situation got worse as he then failed to read his own hand writing prompting him to request prosecutor Mercy Ndingadii to call for an adjournment,” according to the report.

“As if that was not enough, Ndingadii called for silence in court to enable the magistrate to stand up and take a break, but to everyone’s surprise, Katiyo remained seated.

“The prosecutor repeated the call for all to rise in court two more times, but Katiyo would not manage to stand up.

According to the report, the magistrate simply stared at the gallery as the effect of the alleged juju was taking its toll on him.  Source.bulawayo24.

Chiyangwa’s 43 roomed mansion with , 18 bedrooms, 25 lounges ,15 carports, in fire outbreak

chiyangwa-mansion-gutted-by-fire2 (1)

Flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa’s famous multi-million dollar plush Borrowdale mansion yesterday caught fire destroying thousands of dollars’ worth of property and left the Zanu PF central committee member hospitalised.The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault in the main bedroom.

Chiyangwa’s son Bruce and others managed to put out the fire before it spread to other parts of the house.

When NewsDay visited the mansion yesterday afternoon, some household property, including furniture, had been heaped outside, while a number of windowpanes were broken.

Our news crew was denied access to the house although pictures of the damage have gone viral on social media.

Bruce said they were still quantifying the cost of the damages.

He also confirmed that the businessman was taken to a private hospital which specialises in emergency and trauma cases after sustaining burns on his hands amid speculation that Chiyangwa had collapsed due to shock.

“It was an electrical fault that affected my father’s bedroom,” Bruce said.

“When we heard the news, we thought the whole house was on fire and we rushed here, but it was only the bedroom that was affected.

“When we came there was black smoke and we thought the damage was extensive, but really it was only a few items in the bedroom, the sofas and curtain, aluminium panes, for which he was quoted about $6 000.”

He said his father had only been injured on the hands and it was not that serious.

Bruce accused the fire brigade crew of responding late to the fire.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the incident.

“According to the details I have been given, the fire is said to have affected one of the bedrooms,” she said.

“No one was injured in the fire.”

Known for his affluence and flamboyance, Chiyangwa regularly goes public, boasting about his fortunes and frequently brags of the beauty of his assets, particularly his cars and houses.

Chiyangwa’s mansion reportedly has 43 rooms including 15 carports, 18 bedrooms, 25 lounges, four balconies, nine servants’ quarters, two swimming pools and three helipads.

Recently the businessman boasted on social media that he has hosted the likes of President Robert Mugabe and the First Family, as well as the late king of pop music Michael Jackson at the mansion. by Obey Manayiti. source newsday

Man cuts possessions in half after split from girlfriend


The man cut a car, bed, sofa and mobile phone in half

When a couple splits up, usually all their shared possessions are divided between them.

But one man took it a step further and literally split everything they owned in two.

The man, from Germany, used a power tool to cut through items including a car and a bicycle.

His former girlfriend reportedly received her share of goods in the post, while the man, known on eBay as der.juli is selling his on the auction website.

His Opel Corsa currently has 23 bids with the current bid at €55. Four chairs have a current bid of €1,50, the sofa is at €1 and the bike, with five bids, is at €3,50.

The man can be seen cutting all the goods in half in a YouTube video entitled ‘For Laura’.

According to News.com.au, the video caption said: “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half.”


Other items that were cut in two included a bed, a letterbox, a wardrobe, a laptop and an iPhone. source-Independant

Prosecutor Gnl Tomana, ’12 year old girls can have sex and get married’?


Zimbabwe’s Prosecutor General, ‘Zanu PF’  Johannes Tomana has come under attack and urged to resign for saying girls as young as 12 can have sex and get married.Normally 12 years olds are in grade seven.Tomana said some of girls want to start out in life early.His statements have ignited a barrage of criticism on social media.

Former cabinet minister and lawyer, David Coltart said he was shocked by Tomana’s sentiments.

“I am profoundly shocked by some of Prosecutor General Tomana’s comments regarding 12 year old girls & their sexuality

“In most democracies comments such as those made by Tomana would lead to them having to resign.

“Tomana’s comments show that the girl child can expect very little sympathy in our prosecutorial system & predatory men the opposite.”

Information minister Jonathan Moyo weighed in saying “Tomana’s view that 12 yr olds can consent to sex is outrageous & compromises his office!”

“If young girls were to be asked what they prefer, most would say they should be allowed to have sex after turning 12, Tomana claimed.

Journalist Sibusisiwe Bhebhe said “Absolutely no one in their right mind. Only a pedophile trying to justify what he wants to do to 12yr olds”

Chronicle Editor, Mduduzi Mathuth twitted “Society makes the rules. Children can’t vote, can’t work, can’t drive & they shouldn’t – why should we now accept they can consent to sex?”.

In his defence Tomana added , “If you look at it, we don’t have a framework for example, where we can guarantee that all our girl children are usefully engaged before they actually get above 18 years, we don’t have that,” he explained.

“We’ve nine-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds who’re actually not in school, who’re not doing anything for example. What are we saying to them? We say you can’t even do this [have sex], when the environment is not giving them alternative engagements? What are we talking about? Source: Byo24News


RESERVE BANK OF ZIMBABWE RATE S$ $175, 000, 000, 000,000, 000 to US$ 5

flag zim

Zimbabweans who lost savings at the height of the hyperinflation in 2009 which saw the collapse of the Z$ and unofficial adoption of a multi currency system with the use of the South African Rand and US$ will be able to exchange their Z$ account balances from Monday until September 2015 at a rate of Z$175 quadrillion to US$5.

This exercise was pre empted by the intriduction of Bond coins into circulation valued at US$10million or £6,4 million but the coins have not been embraced by the Zimbabwean consumers as they fear this is a ploy to bring back the worthless Zimbabwe dollar by Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime.

Mugabe’s government corruption and mismanagement of the economy fuelled the hyper inflation even though Mugabe and his state propaganda machinery have always sought to blame the west.

Many Zimbabweans will rush to do the trade tomorrow but be warned that many will go back home on foot as what they will receive will not be adequate to cover transport costs. Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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