‘Tsvangirai won 2008, if he marched to statehouse he would have easily taken over’-Mutasa


FORMER intelligence minister Didymus Mutasa has revealed for the first time that the MDC-T actually won the 2008 election by a narrow margin.

Mutasa told the South African Sunday Independent newspaper that Zanu PF people were so shocked by the result that he, as security minister, rushed to protect President Robert Mugabe at the State House.

The former Zanu PF secretary for administration added that they were “absolutely shocked” and had Morgan Tsvangirai decided to claim his victory by marching to Mugabe’s residence he would have taken over and with ease.

He said: “I immediately drove, at speed and alone, from my home in Rusape, to State House in Harare.

“I was terrified, I had to go and protect the president from harm as we were frightened Tsvangirai would do what he said he would do and march to State House. If he had, no policeman would have stopped him.”

According to the Sunday Independent, Mutasa blamed Tsvangirai for fleeing to Botswana in the aftermath of the polls. “Instead,” Mutasa said, “Tsvangirai went to Botswana.”

Tsvangirai’s flight to Botswana in 2008 has also been criticised by senior researchers and analysts.

In his article titled The Tragedy of Tsvangirai, Professor Stephen Chan, who observed the 2008 elections, also suggested that the MDC-T leader’s decision to escape to Botswana may have been a blunder.

According to Chan, Tsvangirai was advised by the US embassy to do so because it was felt that indeed there was a plan to assassinate him.

Tsvangirai was to pull out of the rerun after Zanu PF unleashed a wave of violence against the electorate making the poll one of the most violent elections in the history of the country.

Mutasa added: “I don’t know how much cheating there was in elections, but I do know that in 2013 (finance minister) Patrick Chinamasa cheated to win. He bussed people in (to vote for him.) I protested to him and to the Zimbabwe Election Commission.

“We will never know how many people voted for Zanu-PF out of fear. I didn’t know there was fear in those days. I now see it myself. And there is a lot of fear. And I must say, again, I am very, very sorry. That I must stand up to be counted.”

According to the paper, Mutasa said he “regularly chaired” the Joint Operations Command which meets once a week to discuss pressing state security matters.

“We discussed many things, such as violence. How to stop it. If food was short we talked about how to find it, usually from South Africa. The joint command did produce top- secret documents every week.

“Secrecy still binds me, from when I was minister. But of course you know that some waiters in hotels work for the CIO. Your phones are listened to a lot. The CIO is huge.

“It produces many reports. From the UN there will regularly be a report. A report about the British. Or India. Not very good reports really. I had to read them. They made me tired.”

Mutasa, who is now guarded by private security after he was fired from government and Zanu PF, admits that he is now aware that his former party is violent.

“I do now know that Zanu-PF did violence. And cheated in elections. But both sides did violence, I accept it was mostly Zanu-PF violence. I am very sorry about that.”

“Zimbabwe has become a miserable place. I say this about the state, my country,” Mutasa said.

“Now everybody is broke. The economy is broke, mining, agriculture, and we should have done something about that 10 years ago.

“Now it is too late.”

According to the report, Mutasa denied any knowledge of specific events such as the May 2008 murder of Tonderai Ndira, one of the MDC-T activists.

On the 1980s Gukurahundi genocide he said: “I did not know about Gukurahundi as I was Speaker of Parliament in Harare for the first 10 years of independence.

“We didn’t speak about it in parliament. No one told me about it. I would only know about violence if I read it in the newspapers,” Mutasa said.

The 80 year old Mutasa also disdains VP Emmerson Mnangagwa who is widely seen as the engineer of the demise of the Mujuru faction to which Mutasa belongs.

“He (Mnangagwa) never won an election for that post. Mugabe appointed him, and he is not popular. He can’t win elections.” source-newzimbabwe

photo-Former Zanu-PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa in crisis discussion with Mugabe , back in the days of Zanu PF ‘terror’

‘Brighton Matimba’, the MDC T coordinator of welfare department has died.


The MDC-T has official announced the death of its member Brighton Matimba who was the coordinator of welfare department in the party.

The party through its official facebook page announce that It is with deep regret that it announces the death of  Matimba, the party’s head of the Welfare Department.

“Matimba was a dedicated party cadre who served the MDC with distinction since 1999,” reads the post.

“He was the key man in the provision of assistance and looking into the welfare of all victims of Zanu PF and State brutality throughout the country. He will be sorely missed in the party.”

The party said mourners are gathered at No//5469, Manyame Park, St Marys, Chitungwiza.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Matimba family in this sad hour,” reads the post. by Stephen Jakes. Bulawayo24

‘MDC-T’s proportional MPs will not be kicked out,’ says VP Emmerson Mnangagwa


VICE President Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has allayed fears some MDC-T MPs and senators elected to the house through proportional representation in 2013 may lose their seats.This comes as the main opposition’s legislative representation continues to be whittled down through by-elections.

According to the new Constitution, 60 national assembly seats are reserved for women, 60 senatorial and 10 persons on each provincial council, elected on the basis of proportional representation.

Of the 60 seats reserved for women and 60 senatorial seats, six came from each of the country’s 10 provinces.

The MDC-T, which has vowed to boycott current and future polls claiming rigging by Zanu-PF, has since lost 14 seats to its rivals.

The loss has all but altered its winning margins of 2013, meaning those who claim the right to make the current legislature based on those margins now occupy the seats by default.

But Mnangagwa, who is also Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs minister, told Parliament last week that the MPs will not be dislodged from the house on that basis.

“Proportional representation, as stated in our Constitution and also as it applies in the Electoral Act, means that whatever happened in the 2013 elections also determined the proportional representation, not the by-elections…” Mnangagwa said.

He added: “… and it was through those votes which made us allocate the seats according to the proportions garnered by each individual party. That is why such seats were elected.

“Therefore, in the general elections in 2013, each political party was allocated seats on the basis of the general election. So, what this means is there is no change to that, according to these by-elections.”

Mnangagwa was responding to a question by Buhera MP Joseph Chinotimba who asked if Zanu-PF was also “going to take the proportional seats” now under the MDC control as per the 2013 outcome?

Under the political Parties Finance Act, parties that garner at least five percent of the national vote are also entitled to some funding from the state, and, the more the votes, the bigger the government disbursement.

Mnangagwa said the dwindling parliamentary representation by their rivals will not affect the quota which the party is entitled to under the Act. Source: newzimbabwe

MP Jessie Majome asks ‘Is Prosecutor General Tomana a public offender or protector’


Harare West MP Jessie Majome has questioned if the Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana was a protector of public offenders following his remarks that the twelve year old girl child should be asked if she is prepared for marriage or not indicating that such a child has a right to choice of life and not imposition of issues.”Public protector or public offender?” ashed Majome.

“If Prosecutor General Tomana said this he must go! It would mean he either hasn’t yet read, or doesn’t understand or respect Section  2 of the Constitution – its supremacy, Chapter 1 – founding values and principles of human rights including children’s rights, Section 81 on the rights of children and their best interests ie under 18s, section 54 on equality & non discrimination.

The net effect of all these provisions is to repeal section 2 of the Children’s Act’s definition of child from under 16s to become all under 18s, and repealing the notion of a ‘young person’ (ie between 16 and 18 who could ‘consent’ to sex) and therefore repeal sec 70 of the Criminal Code ie sex with a young person.”

She said this means everyone who has sex with an under 18 girl is guilty of rape.

“The PG is offside again! Recently he actually did the unthinkable act of filing an application in the Constitutional Court for an order to protect people he would have declined to prosecute, from private prosecution. Whose side is he on?
Not fit for that office if you ask me,” said Majome.

Tomana last week said the 12 year girl child is able to chose what she wants on issue of sex and marriage.  Source: Byo24News

‘Zanu PF chase opponents from open spaces, car parks and home industries’


ZANU PF supporters are allegedly chasing away political opponents from open spaces, car parks and home industries in Harare, saying they now control the capital after the party won five parliamentary by-elections last week.

The reports came at a time several losing independent candidates complained that Zanu PF supporters were harassing them even after the ruling party won all the 16 Parliamentary by-elections countrywide.

In one incident five supporters of independent candidate Herman Karimakwenda were beaten by Zanu PF supporters who invaded their car park business in Dzivarasekwa claiming they were now in charge of Harare.

The skirmishes allegedly started on Monday after Zanu PF youths invaded the place and erected a banner written “Zanu PF youth league development area”.

Tapiwa Hungwe, identified as the son of winning MP Omega Hungwe, allegedly fired shots to scare opposition supporters during the skirmishes.

Karimakwenda alleged two opposition supporters were injured during the Monday clashes while three more were beaten on Tuesday.

He said a police report had since been made.
“The people attacked own the car park business and have been paying to council as per the lease agreement.
“Zanu PF people said they were taking over as they were now in charge,” Karimakwenda said.
“Omega Hungwe’s son produced a gun threatening to shoot people and a police report has been made.”
Both Hungwe and Tapiwa could not be reached for comment.
Zanu PF was allegedly working to ensure its supporters benefited from the vending stalls that council and government were erecting in Harare with the Queen of Grace ZimAsset Trust getting preference to choose a suitable area they would want to operate from.

The youths claimed to be linked to First Lady Grace Mugabe
Tinei Macheme, one of the victims of the Dzivaresekwa attacks, said they had since been invited to the Police Law and Order section to make a formal report.
Farai Kuveya, who is the spokesperson of 10 independent candidates who participated in the by-elections, confirmed similar attacks in other areas.

“We firmly believe that the ruling party is setting the tone for the much-awaited high stakes elections coming in 2018 and intimidation has already started with the aim of scaring people from opposing the ruling Zanu PF party,” Kuveya said.

“We have had retribution cases in seven of the 10 constituencies that we were represented.
“The latest one is the violent takeover by Zanu PF youths of a carpark that was being run by youths who supported our candidate for Dzivaresekwa constituency Tonderai Herman Karimakwenda.”
Kuveya said some of the victims of Tuesday’s violence in Dzivarasekwa had to be rushed to private hospitals as they were badly injured.

In other constituencies it was alleged that the winning Zanu PF candidates moved around carrying coffins during their celebrations.

“This intimidation then makes it difficult, going into 2018, for opposing candidates to mobilise supporters as these things are done in broad daylight with the aim of instilling fear in the masses for standing up for something that is outside of Zanu PF,” said Kuveya.

Heal Zimbabwe also expressed concern over continued cases of intimidation in Hurungwe West, days after the June 10 by-elections.

“On 14 June, alleged Zanu PF youths invaded the residence of Francis Pasipanodya, who was a polling agent for Temba Mliswa and threatened to burn his house for supporting Mliswa during the by elections,” Heal Zimbabwe said.
“The youths also threatened other Mliswa polling agents, Roderick Munayo, Phyllis Katemanyoka,Gabriel Nyamuronga and Edward Moyo in Ward 25, accusing them of also supporting Mliswa during the by-election.
“The youths vowed that these five people were no longer allowed to stay in the area and threatened to burn their houses if they resist to vacate.

“The matter has since been reported to the police and no arrests have been made. The five have already fled the area.”

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not be reached for comment yesterday. by  Moses Matenga /Obey Manayiti. source-zimbabwesituation

‘HIV+ve prisoners released to army & CIO to target and rape MDC-T supporters’


Zanu-PF used HIV-positive prisoners to rape female supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai during the 2008 presidential run-off period, insiders have claimed.Rape was used as part of the terror campaign against opposition supporters and was a closely guarded weapon involving the security sector. Prison sources told The Zimbabwean that an unknown number of prisoners was released after the March 2008 general elections and and unleashed on women who were actual or perceived members of the opposition.

“Prisoners were screened and if confirmed to be HIV-positive but relatively healthy, they were released from jail into the hands of a crack unit comprising the army, CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) and the police,” said a retired senior prison officer.

“The prisoners then underwent some orientation and training and were informed that they were being recruited as officers in return for their freedom. Some of them were given police uniforms while others joined militias terrorising the opposition.”

Gruesome tactic

He said the released prisoners worked under the close command of members of the crack team, raping women and infecting them with HIV. “This is one gruesome tactic that was used but has never been talked about. Many women are likely to have been infected with the deadly virus and a lot of children born after the rape are likely to have been victims too,” he added.

A police officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, acknowledged that individuals who were not known to them were given police uniforms as a disguise to gain access to targeted victims, among them women.

The Zimbabwean has in the past carried testimonies by women who were raped by people who purported to be police officers.

In one such case, two men driving an unmarked Isuzu KB truck and dressed as police officers approached a woman from Epworth and offered to show her where her murdered husband was. The husband was an MDC councillor in Epworth and he had disappeared.

As the two men drove along the Mutare highway, one of them jabbed the woman with a syringe that contained an unknown substance. The woman regained consciousness at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare and subsequently discovered that she had fallen pregnant, later giving birth to a girl who is now six.

“It is normal that CIO or military officers are seconded to the police and actually wear our uniform, so some of us thought that is where they were coming from,” said the police officer.


The retired prison officer said he learnt that some of the prisoners who had been recruited into the rape gang fled and several were recaptured and returned to prison.

“Various reasons were given for their release from prison, among them that they were going on indications (helping police investigators in on-going cases), after which they were reported to have escaped,” said the ex-chief superintendent.

Victims were largely unable to report the rape because the police refused to listen to them or turned them into accused persons on fabricated charges.

Tsvangirai handed President Robert Mugabe his first officially acknowledged defeat in the first round of polls in March of the same year. It took about a month for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to release the results of the presidential poll and when they were announced, Tsvangirai fell short of forming a new government on his own, forcing the run-off that was held on June 27 2008.

A hastily enacted new provision in the electoral law provided that a presidential candidate and his party could only form a new government on their own if they amassed 50 percent plus one of the votes, but Tsvangirai received just under that.

Terror camps

The run-up to the run-off was marked by widespread violence that resulted in more than 400 gruesome deaths according to independent estimates. Thousands were maimed and displaced from their homes.

Tsvangirai and human rights defenders accused Zanu-PF of setting up terror camps across the country where the killings and torture of opposition supporters took place. Many lost their livestock, homes and property.
Tsvangirai withdrew from the run-off just before election day, citing widespread voter intimidation and violence – leaving Mugabe as the sole candidate.

Security forces have declined to comment on the 2008 electoral violence and the prison services spokesperson, Elizabeth Banda, could not be reached by phone.

Source: the zimbabwean

MDC-T top official, ‘Silas Matamisa’, dies


The MDC T party National Spokesperson, Obert Gutu has stated that the MDC-T national executive commitee member Silas Matamisa passed away  at Chinhoyi provincial hospital on Wednesday morning.
Obert Gutu stated that Silas Matamisa ,  a devoted party cadre and democrat who was deeply committed to the democratic struggle, was a  diabetes and hypertension patient,  a fine gentleman, well – respected and whose wise counsel and wisdom will be sorely missed. Mourners are gathered at B3318 Gunhill in Chinhoyi. Once, announced, burial arrangements will be made available to the public.  MDC National Spoke’s person-Obert Chaurura Gutu.

Sadc and the AU should help solve Zimbabwe crisis-Obert Gutu (MDC T)


Zimbabwe is now at the crossroads. Everything that can go wrong has since gone wrong. It is apparent that the Zanu PF regime is totally clueless regarding how to extricate the country from this debilitating economic mayhem and liquidity crunch. We are at the deep end. No amount of propaganda and spin can camouflage the excruciating and grinding poverty that is being experienced by the majority of the people on a daily basis. Something has got to give. It can no longer be business as usual. Zimbabwe is crying out for an urgent economic and financial rescue package. The Zanu PF regime’s main challenge is lack of political legitimacy. This is a renegade and rogue administration that is completely and utterly incapable of rescuing the situation in the country.

Time is of the essence. The future of Zimbabwe is firmly in our hands. None but ourselves can set us free. There is a total failure of government and the centre can clearly no longer hold. The MDC T would like to call upon all patriotic and peace –  loving Zimbabweans to join hands in finding lasting and effective solutions to extricate our beloved motherland from the prevailing political and socio – economic quagmire. The country urgently needs no less than $300 million to import food in order to avert starvation in the country. As a direct result of  the ruinous agricultural policies and violent so – called  land reform program undertaken by the beleaguered and faction –  ridden Zanu PF regime over the past 15 years,  the country has only managed to harvest a paltry 49% of its national  maize requirements. At least 7 million Zimbabweans are facing the grim prospect of starvation. Robert Mugabe and his rogue administration are bankrupt and they will not be able to harness adequate financial resources in order to import the maize that is now urgently required. The situation cannot be more desperate than what it is right now.

Instead of crafting policies targeted at rescuing the fast deteriorating political and economic situation, the Zanu PF regime is obsessed with internal fighting. The various antagonistic factions within the crumbling Zanu PF political formation are pre – occupied with decimating each other instead of concentrating on essential matters of governance. The country is on virtual auto – pilot as the nonagenarian Head of State continues with his endless, fruitless, purposeless and expensive foreign jamborees. It is high time that the renegade Zanu PF regime is called to order. The streets of the country’s major cities, towns and growth points are teeming with thousands of desperate vendors who are struggling to eke out a living day in and day out. There is virtually no meaningful domestic and foreign direct investment (FDI) that is flowing into Zimbabwe mainly because the Zanu PF regime has effectively lost control of the state apparatus. We are now a virtual banana republic where the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. There is no sequencing and co – ordination of government policies, laws and programs and as a result, the few foreign investors who are making enquiries about investment opportunities in Zimbabwe are getting confused and frustrated and naturally, they end up taking their money to more attractive investment destinations within the SADC region and beyond.

The MDC calls upon both SADC and the AU to put their focus on Zimbabwe once again. It would be folly for these two organisations to proceed as if there is no crippling crisis in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe and his rogue Zanu PF regime should be confronted and told, in no uncertain terms, that the deteriorating political and economic situation in Zimbabwe is now a serious threat to both regional and continental security and stability. The situation should not be allowed to deteriorate any further. In this respect, therefore, there is a crying need for SADC to call for an urgent summit to discuss the deteriorating political and economic situation in Zimbabwe. More than 100 days after State security agents abducted  journalist and human rights activist, Itai Dzamara, we have a regime that is not even bothered about providing security to its citizens as well as guaranteeing the safety of all its citizens ; regardless of political affiliation. Zimbabwe is now a regional and continental flash point.MDC T: Equal opportunities for all.
by Obert Chaurura Gutu, MDC T National Spokesperson

MDC-T pleads with African Union (AU) to beg Mugabe to step down


Opposition MDC-T’s South Africa branch has castigated President Robert Mugabe’s presence in that country on African Union business.

The party called on AU to ask Mugabe to step down from his position as AU Chair immediately.

Below is the full statement;

We the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai, in South Africa are gathered here today to express our displeasure, at the presence of Robert Mugabe.

Leaders from the African continent  have not only allowed Mugabe to be  the AU chair, representing the whole African  continent  for that matter despite  the continued violation of human rights by his Zanu-PF  led government.

Millions of Zimbabweans have suffered under his despotic rule for the past 35 years. Thousands have been tortured, killed and disappeared under his rule, while the African continent continues to applaud him.

This has been amid, a series of election thefts, which have driven our party to boycott elections, insisting on  elections with proper reforms. Elections in Zimbabwe have been fraught with irregularities, marred by fraud, violence and intimidation.

Against the denial of a vote of Zimbabweans in the diaspora, who have continually been denied their basic human right to vote.

We would like the AU to practice the democracy they continue to talk about by not allowing a 91 year old dictator to oppress his own people and turn a blind eye to what is happening in Zimbabwe.

This has not only caused untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe by forcing them out of their homeland but a has also made us  a burden to other African countries such as South Africa.

We urge the African Union to practice what they preach by starting to practice and implement the democratic principles that they preach about and show the world that the AU is not just a talk shop but  a serious continental body.

We urge the AU to ask Mr. Mugabe to step down from his position as AU Chair immediately.

We then urge the AU to ensure that there is a smooth transitional government, that is neutral and non partisan that will ensure that there will be full electoral reforms that will pave way for proper, genuine  democratic elections in Zimbabwe, (and not the sham by-elections that were held in Zimbabwe recently, which  were basically about Mugabe’s Zanu-PF contesting against itself with election violence coupled with resultant voter apathy).
by Thobekile Zhou. Source: Byo24News

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