‘Zambian churches condemn President Lungu over creating a religion ministry, as it allows government meddling in church issues’





Lusaka — Zambian churches have slammed President Edgar Lungu for creating a religion ministry, saying that this would lead to government meddling in church issues, said a report on Wednesday.

According to the Tablet, the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) and the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) were not pleased over the newly created ministry.

Both bodies warned that the move could turn the country into a theocracy and extend state control over religion.

In a joint statement the church organisations further described the move as “unwise and unnecessary”.

“In view of the various financial and economic challenges our country is currently facing, we neither see the creation of the said ministry as a top priority nor a prudent decision. After all, we believe that Zambians want their country to be a democracy rather than a theocracy”, the church organisations reportedly said in a statement.

Lungu reportedly appointed Pentecostal pastor Reverend Godfridah Sumaili, as head of the new ministry.

Meanwhile, the opposition party, the United Party for National Development (UPND) complained over the slow appointment of cabinet ministers.

According to the Zambia Reports, a UPND official, McDonald Chipenzi warned that the country may not have a full functioning cabinet because of what he described as “piecemeal appointment of ministers”.

“At this snail’s pace he is appointing Ministers, we are likely to reach festive season without a full Cabinet being appointed. It will be worse when it will come to appointing and replacing Diplomats, PSs and DCs. I foresee another five years of appointments without stability in the running of government,” Chipenzi was quoted as saying.

Lungu was sworn in early this month, with opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema saying the ceremony was “Illegal and unconstitutional”.

Lungu, who first took power last year, won the August 11 election by just 100 000 votes. —source AFP

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance minister Walter Magaya’s ‘rape case’, remanded to 28 September and bail conditions relaxed


Courts have relaxed the bail conditions imposed upon the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance minister  Walter Magaya.

Magaya who is facing a rape charge will now report once a week on Fridays at the CID Law and Order section which is more relaxed than the thrice a  week reporting regime he has been facing all along.

Magaya was said, not to be a flight risk and his case was placed on remand to 28 September 2016. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Pentecoastal Churches install Point of Sale machines for tithes as a way of countering cash shortages in Zimbabwe



PENTECOSTAL churches have installed Point of Sale machines at their premises to allow congregants to pay their tithes, offerings and settle other church-related services using plastic money as a way of countering cash shortages.

Traditionally congregants have been paying tithes using cash. In Christianity, a tithe is one-tenth of someone’s earnings which goes to support the church and their leaders, mostly pastors.

Church leaders told Sunday News that they have installed the POS machines while some are in the process of implementing the system. The Government has been encouraging various organisations to embrace the use of plastic money as cash shortages continue to worsen.

One of the churches, Abundant Life Revival Mission International (ALRMI) has installed the machines and said since then payment of tithes has improved. ALRMI spokesperson Mrs Fadziso Kanyayi said they have been using POS system for two months and it has been helping them to also pay for rentals.

“We have decided to use the swiping system since there is no hard cash in the country and the coffers had gone down, people were no longer paying their tithes not because they didn’t want, but because they couldn’t access money in the banks,” said Mrs Kanyayi.

“People pay their tithe and offering through the swiping machine since its hard these days to get money from the banks and it goes straight into the church account.”

Church congregants welcomed the development.

“I am happy with the system because I do not need to queue for money to pay tithes. There are no more excuses not to pay tithes,” said Ms Esther Linje, a member of the church.

Another member of the church who identified himself as Mr Dzinoreva said the innovation has greatly assisted the church.

Although officials from some of the churches could not readily comment, Sunday News also learnt that Word of Life and Harvest House have also installed the POS machines to improve money collection. Other churches said they were also in the process of implementing the system.

Pastor Ernest of Eagle Life Assembly Faith in God Ministries said his church was also planning to implement the swipe machine payment system in the next two months.

“We would be implementing this swiping system in two months as it will help us in dealing with cash crisis in the country. This system is also a security measure as we are running away from the process whereby ushers move around carrying money.”

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya has been on the crusade encouraging individuals and organisations to embrace the use of plastic money to deal with the continued shortage of cash.

Most banks are failing to meet daily cash requirements for their customers and this has resulted in the financial institutions limiting withdrawals to as low as $100 per day.

“There is no need for people to be in long queues because they should just use plastic money. Through their cards, they can buy anything they want so that they cannot stand in queues,” said Dr Mangudya. By Amanda Ncube.source-sundaymail

Archbishop of Bulawayo confirms that Bulawayo Father was disciplined for Impregnating nun


A ROMAN Catholic priest from Bulawayo has allegedly impregnated a nun, leading to her banishment.The Archbishop of Bulawayo, Alex Thomas, confirmed that Father Kevin Mthunzi Takaendesa had been disciplined for the offence.

He, however, dismissed reports that Father Takaendesa fled to England after impregnating the nun.

“Father Kevin was disciplined for impregnating a nun and I have it in writing but he went to England on holiday which was planned at the beginning of the year. As you know that it’s not easy to walk to England,” said Archbishop Thomas.

He declined to reveal details of the disciplinary measures, saying it was a private and confidential matter.

“Disciplinary procedures are there in every field and as a church we’ve a Code of Canon Law which lays down administrative policies. If there is any misconduct we use it to discipline members.

“I can confirm that he (Father Takaendesa) went to England and came back to Bulawayo. The holiday had nothing to do with impregnating the nun as that is his own personal issue,” Archbishop Thomas said.

He could not say whether or not Father Takaendesa was still serving as a priest.

Archbishop Thomas also dismissed social media reports that there was infighting within his church, saying the claims were originating from people who had no proof to substantiate them.

“I understand that a lot has been said about me and other priests but all this needs facts. I never transferred a priest to England after he impregnated a nun and I didn’t chase her away from church,” Archbishop Thomas said.

“Nuns have their own rules and systems. I don’t have to deal with nuns.”

He said social media rumours could not be taken seriously especially when one has no proof.

“I’m not worried about social media gossip mongers claiming that I’ve two cars, a house and even a child who is in South Africa. Can you bring me the title deeds, car registration books and a birth certificate to prove all this malice?” Archbishop Thomas said.

Some Catholic congregants have been circulating two long messages via WhatsApp entitled, ‘The Archdiocese of Bulawayo has suffered enough harm’ and ‘The Moment of Truth in the Archdiocese of Bulawayo’.

But Archbishop Thomas rubbished claims of impropriety saying he was aware that the scandalous messages were sent using a Vodacom line which is registered in South Africa. By Thandeka Moyo, source-Chronicle .

photo-Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo, Alex Thomas,


‘Whenever I put on my gold watch, messages from God just flow like a river-Prophet Makandiwa reveals secrets of his prophetic powers’


‘Whenever I put on my gold watch, messages from God just flow like a river-Prophet Makandiwa reveals secrets of his prophetic powers’

UNITED Family International church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa revealed secrets in his prophetic powers at the Judgement Night 4, dubbed ‘Sentence’ in Mount Hampden on Friday.

Prophet Makandiwa touched hearts of thousands of people who braved the chilly weather as he disclosed how he failed to receive prophetic messages during church service after failing to follow what God had instructed him to do.

Prophet Makandiwa disclosed that he moved away from theological system in order to follow what God reveals and instructed him to do saying some of the things are questionable especially to theologians.

He narrated how God instructed him to use water and gold ornaments in order to accurately minister in prophetic powers.

“I know very well that theologians will not agree with me in certain things I do because most of it are instructions from God and those who passed through Bible colleges will definitely disagree with me,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

He took time to explain how Gold is precious and important in valuing things and in conveying messages.

“One of the days I attended a church service and no message was given to me that I had to send someone back home to collect my gold watch.

“At one time I was instructed to drink water and the flowing of water into my body was the time I received prophetic messages to give people.

“I was used to receive prophetic messages five minutes before every service but God is driving me his own way daily.

“Whenever I put on my gold watch, messages from God just flow like a river and I can see things easily and God gave me the grace to research more about gold from Bible scriptures and I believed it and proved it as well scientifically.

“If you check your electrical gadgets you will discover that the plugs are coated with gold so as to pass electrical power.

“The devil is aware of that and you can agree with me that popular musicians decorate their bodies with gold to get power to send their song messages well although I do not know if they will be doing it to please God. “Wherever there is gold the devil is there as well and if you want God’s blessing be prepared to join a war where you will have to fight.

“I fought various wars and win because I remain rooted in the word of God and follow what he commands me to do.

“God showed me in his Bible scriptures how precious and important gold is in disseminating messages and whenever there is gold there are supernatural powers,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa disclosed that his sermons are pregnant with prophetic messages that pagans fail to understand it and query his prophecies since they are inclined to certain way of prophesying.

He challenged the crowd to take his sermons seriously saying some are waiting for one on one when those who followed the teachings had already received their healing.

“For the sake of those who are still to understand things of the Holy Spirit I will try to move around to quicken their faith so as to receive their healing.

“As I pass through just look at me and something miraculous is going to happen.

“As for those who got the message rightly it is time for celebrating since your presence here, even though some slept during the service I declare that they have received their blessings and will never be the same again,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa opened up on allegations of taking spiritual powers from his spiritual father in Ghana saying he was anointed by the time his mother conceived him in her belly and his birth was announced by miraculous signs testified by his parents.

“Media reports were awash with stories that I got spiritual powers after visiting other nations but the truth is that I had no passport by that time.

“My parents are here to testify how my birth was announced in a mysterious way that included honey and I am anointed to preach honey things that is to do with prosperity.

“Encounters with God cannot be faked and those who think that we fake miracles will leave this place convinced because they are to receive their healing since sickness or illness cannot be faked as well.

“People may try to force me to preach other gospel messages but I strongly believe that God anointed me to preach the gospel that delivers people from poverty,” said Prophet Makandiwa. Source – hmetro

‘ Sekeramayi, Kasukuwere, Mohadi Fail To Secure Release Of 94 Year Old Johane Masowe Vadzidzi Vajesu apostolic sect, Johanne Masowe Apostolic Sect Captive’


The ministerial team tasked by President Robert Mugabe to rescue “abducted” popular prophet Madzibaba Wimbo – real name Aaron Mhukuta – has apparently failed in their mandate.

Wimbo, his family claims, was allegedly taken against his will by senior army officials, allegedly pushing for Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential ambitions, in a bid to force a succession prophecy by the frail 94-year-old prophet.

The prophet, who leads the secretive Johane Masowe Vadzidzi Vajesu apostolic sect, is popular for prophesying in 1957 that a person named after angel Gabriel would become Zimbabwe’s president.

While there is no documented evidence to prove enigmatic Wimbo’s prophecy, it came to pass as Mugabe – whose second name is Gabriel – led independent Zimbabwe.

Last month, following a meeting with Wimbo’s family and church officials linked to the abduction, Mugabe dispatched a Cabinet committee, led by State Security minister Kembo Mohadi, to investigate the matter and facilitate the prophet’s release.

But one of Wimbo’s sons, Abinashen Gomo, told the Daily News on Sunday that almost a month after the team – that included Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and their provincial counterpart Martin Dinha – visited Wimbo’s shrine in Madziwa, his father remained in “captivity”.

“The president told us that the committee he had set up was supposed to lead to the release of my father to us but when they came, they just informed us that they were going back to brief Mugabe and never came back so father is still being held there at the shrine,” Gomo said.

“We have not made any attempts to see him again because the shrine is still a no go area for us and nothing has changed even with the president’s intervention.”We don’t know if the committee will come back and give us our father or not”.

Ironically, Mugabe was reportedly livid after spending several hours in a closed-door meeting with Wimbo’s family, which briefed him about the alleged involvement of senior army officials.

Wimbo’s family is unequivocal that the deadly factional and succession wars that are devouring Zanu-PF and pitting Mnangagwa’s supporters against young and ambitious party members who go by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), was the reason why the elderly prophet had been “abducted” in a desperate bid to get his blessing.

Last year, Mnangagwa visited Wimbo at his shrine and got involved in a bizarre church rite, with the popular prophet telling the gathering that the VP needed help to ascend to the presidency.

Mnangagwa was told by Wimbo, also known as Mudzidzi Majinesta, that it was time that he got others to help him in his ambitions.

Wimbo, who initially had said he was not going to speak, sat slouched in a sofa as Mnangagwa delivered his speech on that visit, and suddenly changed his mind and ordered the embattled VP into his holy ground, while starting to prophesy in a trance.

Through an interpreter, Wimbo said, “Anoda (Mnangagwa) kubatsirwa, angazvigona seiko ari oga. Handizive kuti ndoita zvipiko. Varikunditevera nditeverei nekuno. (The man needs help, he is helpless on his own).

However, the prophecy was so brief and cryptic that it left many in suspense. source-dailynews

Six Wedza Children Aged Between (1-9), Die In Baptism Ceremony Conducted By Johanne Masowe Prophetess.

 Six children aged between one and nine died on Tuesday during a baptism ceremony conducted by a self proclaimed prophetess.

The incident happened in Wedza and the 30 year old woman is from the Johanne Masowe church.

Two of the dead kids are her children and four are cousins.

According to a state radio report, the children died after being repeatedly immersed in water. Each time the children came out of the water they where shivering.

The report said the prophetess said the children had evil spirits and started praying for them.

After realising that the children had died she fled the scene but was arrested.
Source: Byo24News

The Controversial Pledge Is Unconstitutional And Against People’s Religious Beliefs

Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF regime is forcing school children to recite a pledge, in a move that is viewed by human rights lawyers, churches, civil society, churches, parents and pupils themselves as unconstitutional, going against people’s beliefs and religion.
The Primary and Seconary Education Minister Dr Lazurus Dokora, argues that the pledge is not a prayer but a commitment that is necessary for nation building.
At the same time the Zanu-PF Regime’s  , Minister of State Security Kembo Mohadis has warned that the Zimbabwe’s security system is ready to wage war to   defend such values.
This means that all Mugabe’s weapons against democracy such as the partisan airforce, army, police, militias and CIO would do everything in their  capacity to defend Zimbabwe or rather Zanu PF ideologies.
Below is a copy of the:
Almighty God, in whose hands our future lies, I salute the national flag.
United in our diversity by our common desire for freedom, justice and equality.
Respecting the brave fathers and mothers who lost lives in the Chimurenga/ Umvukela
and national liberation struggles.
We are proud inheritors of our national resources.
We are proud creators and participants in our vibrant traditions and cultures.
We commit to honesty and the dignity of hard work.
To the Discerning eye, this is nothing short of idolising the despot Robert Mugabe and if accepted by the public, this will effectively be signing a pact with the devil and the door to praying to Mugabe, now in the eyes of the suffering masses, no less than simply the devil’s representative in the Republic Of Zimbabwe.
Wake up Zimbabwe,..say no to the pledge!  Mugabe, Zim 1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts, and securocrats must all go! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

‘The National Pledge Is Not A Prayer, But A Commitment , Necessary For Nation-building’.-Lazurus Dokora


Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora
Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora has defended the recitation of the National Pledge in schools saying it was not a prayer, but a commitment that is necessary for nation-building. Responding to the constitutional challenge by a parent who does not want his three school-going children to be compelled to recite the pledge, Minister Dokora said there was nothing unconstitutional about the pledge.

In his opposing affidavit filed at the Constitutional Court yesterday by Government lawyers, the minister argued that the parent‘s objection was misplaced and an indication that he did not fully understand and appreciate its

He argued that the pledge does not, in any way violate the constitutional rights of parents and their children. “Applicant’s objection on the grounds of religion is misplaced. The national school pledge is not a prayer in any form.

“There is nothing inappropriate in the wording. It is clearly not a prayer but simply a pledge or commitment which begins by exalting Almighty God. There is nothing wrong in acknowledging God at the beginning of the school pledge,” reads Minister Dokora’s opposing affidavit.

The minister urged the Constitutional Court to throw out the challenge saying the idea of a pledge and its wording came from the supreme law of the country. “There is nothing wrong in acknowledging God at the beginning of the school pledge. The preamble to the Constitution of Zimbabwe sets out to speak as ‘We the people of Zimbabwe’ and then proceeds to acknowledge the Almighty God.

“There is no other God that is acknowledged in the school pledge, neither does the school pledge demand worshipping or bowing to any other god,” he said. Minister Dokora said the pledge was an integral part of the country’s new educational framework.

“The new framework is premised on among other things, values, so eloquently described by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training (CIET) chaired by Dr Caiphas Nziramasanga as missing from our education system.

“CIET states that education philosophy should be based on Unhu/Ubuntu which implies a good person morally with such values as honesty, trustworthiness, discipline, accountability, respect for other people and elders, harmony and hospitality,” he said.

The minister said the pledge was a way of boosting patriotism. “The school pledge is meant to foster patriotism, unity, values and discipline among the learners. The words, as indicated, are drawn from the Constitution. “It does not replace any existing prayers used to open school assembly sessions. It is a teaching exercise and not a religious observance,” he said.

The pledge, Minister Dokora said, does not violate any constitutional rights and that it is not a religious instruction. The court hearing has provisionally been set down for June 29 this year.By Daniel Nemukuyu-source-chronicle

‘Mugabe Is Used By The Devil To Clamp Down On Dissenters’ -Defiant Pastor Patrick Mugadza


REMNANT CHUCRH’s Pastor Patrick Mugadza who was arrested to demonstrating against President Robert Mugabe has made sensational claims that the president and his government are being used by the devil to clamp down on dissenting voices.

Mugadza came to prominence after he was arrested for demonstrating against President Robert Mugabe at the annual Zanu PF party conference which was held in Victoria Falls last December.

He spent the Christmas holidays in detention and came out defiant, saying it was high time Zimbabweans started demanding the safe return of missing journalist Itai Dzamara.

On Wednesday last week, Mugadza visited the Dzamara family in Glen View and prayed for them before touring the barbershop from where the activist was abducted. Dzamara was abducted by state security agents in March last year after he had held a series of peaceful protests against Mugabe’s “misrule”.

Magadza said government was responsible for Dzamara’s disappearance.

“It is not a mermaid which took him, because he was nowhere near a river, neither was he mentally ill to the extent that we might believe that he just went into the forest,” he said.

“He was taken by someone to wherever he is and we are saying the state should value human life.”

Speaking to Journalists at the barbershop, Pastor Mugadza said Mugabe was being “used” by the “devil”.

“What is going on at the moment is that somebody is so much at work and that somebody is the devil,” said the pastor.

“For example, you may have a hammer and a nail; they can stay together very well inside a tools box but the moment a carpenter comes in then there is war between the hammer and the nail and this is the reason we should pray for the nation.”

In his prayer, Pastor Magadza said for Zimbabwe to move forward there should have an interim government which will restore the lost glory.

“That government (interim) Lord will unite us and restore peace and bring us together because we are so divided,” he prayed. By  Stephen Jakes- Source-Byo24

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