‘Child Marriages A Major Problem In Apostolic Churches’-ACCZ President, Johannes Ndanga

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GWERU: Child marriages are a major problem among the apostolic sects and the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) is working with the United Nations Population Fund to address the problem, ACCZ president, Johannes Ndanga has said.

Ndanga said apostolic churches are raising awareness campaigns to fight early marriages, especially among young girls.

Latest statistics show that 21 percent of girls marry before they reach the age 18 years and about 15 percent of these girls are married before they reach the age of 15.

Apostolic sects have approximately 1,2 million members across the country, a significant figure that can hugely impact on increased child marriages.

“Child marriages are a major problem within our churches,” Ndanga said at a recent ACCZ Midlands women’s conference.

“We are vigorously campaigning against child marriages and to achieve that we are working closely with the United Nations Population Fund.”

Ndanga said girls should be married after they reach the age of 18 adding that marital relationships among young girls were a violation of their rights.

Health experts say young girls in marriages are vulnerable to HIV and Aids, sexually transmitted infections as well as maternal mortality.

While the constitution provides for children’s rights the laws are not enforced to protect them from early marriages.

According to the latest Zimbabwe Multiple Indicator Monitoring Survey, 21% of children, mostly girls, are married before the age of 18.

According to the survey, poverty, cultural and religious practices are the key drivers of child marriages in Zimbabwe. source-newzimbabwe


Gutu (ZRP) & Health Team Forcibly Immunise 50Johane Marange Kids At Funeral After 3 Deaths


His son Abraham died at Chitsidzo in Gutu where he was being prayed for by a prophet identified as Gotora.

“I had to take the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to accompany me to Chitsidzo in Gutu after I heard that Abraham was dead. I found the deceased together with his mother in a dusty shack built out of plastic papers and his siblings were looking like skeletons due to an illness,” said Headman Madamombe

Gotora said he was praying for the family to cast away an evil spirit that was causing all the illnesses.

“He said the evil spirit was a result of the lobola cattle that were taken unlawfully hence should be paid or else Masomeke would die,” reiterated the headman.

At Abraham’s funeral, the headman summoned the Ministry of Health which brought ambulances from Chivhu and the health personnel from Madamombe rural clinic for immunisation of the Marange children.

“They secured the place so that no one would run away. More than 50 children of the Johane Marange sect were immunised. Some tried to resist but I decreed that whoever refused would be punished,” said Madamombe. – Source-masvingo Mirror

Mum (28) Instinctively Leaps Into 12-metre Well, Saves Her Son (2) Who Had fallen In



A Gwanda woman impulsively jumped into a 12-metre well after her two-year-old son had fallen into it while playing with friends.

The mother, Ms Primrose Moyo, saved Emmanuel Ndou on Thursday 9 July.

The incident has got villagers from Fumukwe Village, about 80 kilometres from Gwanda town, amazed at 28-year-old Ms Moyo’s bravery and how the toddler did not suffer from shock after being submerged in water for close to a minute.

In an interview with Sunday News on Thursday, Ms Moyo said if it was not for her impulsive decision to jump after her son, he would have surely drowned.

“Up to now I am also shocked how I did that. I remember we were chatting with my pastor, a few metres from the well while Emmanuel was playing just close by. I think he started walking backwards and then he tripped and fell head-long into the well.

“For a few seconds I just froze not sure what I could do then I just stepped over the well and jumped straight in, feet first. I didn’t even think of what would happen if I landed on my son’s head or what was down there, I just jumped in and fortunately I didn’t land on him,” said Ms Moyo.
She said once in the water, she started searching for the toddler and when she found him, he did not cough even once but just opened his eyes and started complaining that he was feeling cold.

“It is so surprising that even when I hit him on his back he did not even cough out any water. He just opened his eyes, which is when I began to cry, realising what could have happened if I had delayed for a few more minutes.

“Everyone is shocked how I did this but it was all to save my son. Even the men who came with a ladder to help us out were stunned because that well is really deep. Surprisingly, because I am scared of heights I was always scared to look down that well. Even today, I can barely look down it without getting dizzy,” said Ms Moyo.

Pastor Marjory Ncube, who witnessed the incident, said it was a miracle that the toddler survived.
“We continue to thank the Lord for showing his hand that day because in all honesty I also doubted that the toddler would survive. To show that this is a clear miracle, the toddler did not even get a cold, he actually got a clean bill of health at Manama Hospital. It is only the mother who suffered a sprained ankle.

“I remember I only ran for help when she had secured her son but I was still unsure whether he was alive. However, it shows the distance a mother can travel just to save her child. Even the men who came when I ran for help revealed that they could have never had gathered the courage to jump into the narrow well but would have first looked for a ladder and by then the child would have surely died,” said Pastor Ncube.

Fumukwe village head, Mr Ndodana Sibanda said when they first heard the calls for help they thought it unlikely that the toddler would survive.

“This is a brave lady. We all thank the Lord for her quick thinking because we could today be talking of a different scenario,” said Mr Sibanda. Source: sundaynews

‘Mabvuku man, Aggagrey Chinyonga (29) Rapes 2 Minors: Claims Its Satanic Initiation’


A 29 -Year-Old Mabvuku man raped two minors on different occasions, forced them to swallow his semen and told the victims that the assault was part of an initiation into Satanism.

Aggagrey Chinyonga (29), of 10954 New Stands in Mabvuku, told the victims that by raping them he was initiating them to be princesses of their cult.

He added that he had been sent by their leader to rape young girls who would automatically join their cult.

According to the first victim’s statement to the police, Chinyonga told her that it was not his liking to rape her, but he had been sent by his “boss” who had many snakes which monitored them.

“After raping me, he said I was chosen to be the princess of their group. I then became very dizzy and collapsed. When I became conscious I started shivering and feeling something moving inside my body. He told me that Satan ruled the world not God,” read part of the statement.

After every act, Chinyonga would produce a black cloth which he would give to the victims to wipe his manhood.

Chinyonga pleaded guilty to four counts of rape, aggravated indecent assault and robbery when he appeared before regional magistrate Mrs Sandra Mupindu.

For raping the two minors, Mrs Mupindu sentenced him to a combined 30 years in prison.

She then slapped him with a seven-year prison term for aggravated indecent assault and five years for robbery.

Chinyonga will serve an effective 42 years in prison.

In mitigation, Chinyonga told the court that whenever he raped the victims, he was not in his senses.

He further pleaded for the court’s leniency saying that he had an 11-year-old child to look after.

However, prosecutor Ms Ressy Nyamombe had no kind words for Chinyonga whom he said was a serial rapist as the police had hinted that there were two more victims who had cases against him.

“He is considering his own son, what about the victims he deflowered and destroyed their lives at that tender age? He also used violence on defenceless minors and if he had not been arrested, he would have raped more girls. Your Worship, this accused person should be removed from the society,” she said.

The State says on April 9 around 10am, the victim decided to go to the family field near Mabvuku turn-off.

On her way she met Chinyonga who asked her where she was going before following her to the fields.

When they got to the fields, Chinyonga suddenly grabbed the victim by the throat and dragged her to a bushy area.

The girl wrestled Chinyonga and tried to flee but was overpowered.

Chinyonga gagged the girl before raping her.

After the act he ordered her not to tell anyone about the sexual abuse and threatened her with death.

Chinyonga told the girl that two of his victims had already died after narrating their ordeals to third parties.

He then took out a black cloth and instructed the girl to wipe his manhood and suddenly the girl felt dizzy and collapsed.

When she regained consciousness, Chinyonga was standing next to her and he asked her who was more powerful between God and Satan and when she said God, Chinyonga told her it was Satan.

He then ordered her to rush back home where she narrated what had happened.

On June 15, Chinyonga raped another girl who was on her way home from school.

The victim met Chinyonga near Larfage Cement Company and grabbed her from behind while armed with a broken bottle.

He told the girl to surrender all valuables and fearing for her life, she gave him $2,50.

Chinyonga threatened to stab her with the bottle if she screamed.

He then dragged the girl into a bushy area, where he raped her before ordering the complainant to wipe his manhood with a black cloth.

Chinyonga was arrested at an identification parade. by Tendai Rupapa . Source: the herald

Egypt: Six Killed In Clashes Amid Brotherhood Protest



At least six people have been killed in clashes between Islamist protesters and police in Egypt’s capital Cairo. The clashes happened after prayers marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan

The violence broke out during demonstrations in support of ousted President Mohammed Morsi and the banned Muslim Brotherhood after prayers at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The authorities blamed unknown assailants for firing on the march.

But the Muslim Brotherhood said the deaths occurred when the police broke up the protest.

Supporters of the Brotherhood have faced a crackdown since mid-2013, with thousands jailed and hundreds, including Morsi, sentenced to death.

Demonstrations have dwindled under a law that requires a police permit.

But there were street rallies on Friday following morning prayers for Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month.
Egyptian authorities have cracked down on anti-government protests for the past two years

They followed a Brotherhood call for protests, saying “your Eid is your revolution”, says the BBC’s Claire Read in Cairo.

On Thursday night, Morsi released a message from his jail cell calling on his supporters to “save Egypt from the oppressive military officials”.

Friday’s clashes happened in Talbiya district, near the Giza pyramids, and Nahya, near Cairo.

Police also made 20 arrests in Egypt’s second city, Alexandria, state news agency Mena reported.

The Muslim Brotherhood was banned for decades until the 2011 overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

Their candidate Morsi won elections in 2012, but he lasted only a year in power before he was toppled by the military following popular protests.source-BBCnews

photo-The clashes happened after prayers marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan

SCOAN Reduction Of Church Services &Foreign Attraction Threatens 10 000 Hospitality Employees Jobs


According to a report from Nigerian newspaper, ‘The Nation’, up to 10,000 hospitality workers in the Ikotun-Egbe suburb of Lagos State are faced with imminent unemployment.

The Pilgrims Hostels Operators Association of Nigeria (PHOAN) said their troubles in the region are connected to the collapse of a guest-house belonging to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) last year.

The chairman of the association, Prince Adekanbi Adedayo John, explained: “PHOAN is the biggest employer of labour in this area for over a decade. Our business thrived all these years because of SCOAN’s popularity, which attracted visitors from all over the world to the area. The church’s activities before the incident served as the economic livewire on which PHOAN and other smaller businesses relied on.”

However, since the incident last year, The SCOAN has reduced the number of its church services and no longer attracts the same numbers of foreigners.

To worsen matters, the church’s pastor T.B. Joshua has uncharacteristically been absent from church services and has not been seen in public since his crusade in Mexico in May 2015, fuelling suspicions he may be planning to relocate abroad.

A member of the group, Ozumba Sunny, lamented: “The chances of turning Nigeria into a religious tourist haven have been put on the line by the church’s predicament and this has brought hardship to the people, who earn a living as food vendors, drivers, mechanics etc.”

Their concerns were heightened when Joshua directed that his birthday celebrations last month, which attracted over 5,000 foreign pilgrims to Nigeria in 2014, should rather be held in South Africa and Ghana.

Several new hotels which have sprung up in the area due to the church’s popularity are now struggling to find customers.

The Chairman of the group’s Board of Trustees, c, added: “Many of us have been struggling to feed our families and pay school fees in the last one year yet we have huge bank loans hanging on our necks. We are on the verge of losing our investments and the only way this can be averted is if the fortunes of the church improve.”

However, Joshua’s supporters believe his recent absence is due to his being unjustly ‘persecuted’, especially over Nigeria’s handling of the inquest into the building collapse.

Chief Justice Komolafe controversially ruled that the disaster was due to structural defaults, a verdict The SCOAN aggressively denied, insisting it was ‘sabotage’.

“Nigeria, you have enjoyed this grace for too long but still tried to destroy it,” wrote a foreign fan on Facebook yesterday. “Your actions have released TB Joshua to the world. Nigeria will regret the decision of Komolafe for many years to come.”
Source: The Nation Newspaper, Nigeria

‘I Was Pretending To Be Holy And Allowing Myself To Be Called Madzibaba’-Nicholas Zakaria

 SUNGURA giant Nicholas Zakaria  who failed to pitch up at Esigodini Jabula Inn night spot on Saturday surfaced in Botswana for prophet Walter Magaya crusades.

Not only did Zakaria attend the crusades, he abandoned his traditional apostolic ‘Madzibaba’ tag and performed for two hours.

“Let the people now know that I am no longer interested in being called Madzibaba since I am now a son of Prophet Magaya,” H-METRO reported today.

“Better call me Mwana waMuporofita Magaya”.

“From the teachings I am receiving from Prophet Magaya, I discovered that I was pretending to be holy and allowing myself to be called Madzibaba.

“I do not regret following masowe since it led me to meet prophet Magaya who enlightened me to the zeal,hunger for God and I feel blessed in the arms of Prophet Magaya”. Source:HMetro

‘I am Rich But I’m Not A Satanist,’ Says Prophet Magaya


Prophet Walter Magaya has said he is far from being a Satanist and the label is coming from his detractors.

He said he is not a poor man but very rich and powerful.

Magaya reportedly told a gathering in Gaborone, Botswana while responding to a question linking him to Satanism.

Below is an extract from H-METRO:

“In God’s ministry there are thorns and such thorns grow with you as the ministry expands and that does not discourage me to press towards the mark until I finish what God has assigned me to do.

“A security guard working in a poor country is paid differently to the one working in a developed nation and I want to continue with my God who gave me the dominion over al things who enriches me, who blessed me and gave me power to the extent that my detractors end up labelling me a Satanist.

“Only someone with power and wealth is labelled such, it is after the devil moves around and felt challenged that he tries to find ways to attack real men of God.

I am not moved by that and I do not lose focus. We have renounced things done by some pastors who teach people to speak in tongues and pretend to be holy when praying.

“I am a not a poor man. I am rich and God has allowed my projects to pay good so when they say I am rich they are telling the truth and when they say I am powerful it is by God’s grace”. Source: H-Metro

photo-Prophet Walter Magaya-chronicle

NCA Party Welcomes Appointment Of A Gender Commission By Mugabe


The National Constitutional Assembly party has welcome the appointment of the Gender Commission saying its has been long over due.

President Robert Mugabe appointed the commission recently.

Madock Chivasa, NCA National Spokesperson said the NCA party welcomes the appointment of the new gender commission.

“This has been long overdue given that there are so many social injustices arising from gender related oppression,” he said.

“The NCA notes that the gender commission has a profound responsibility to recommend appropriate policies that will promote gender equality.”

He said the gender equality is the surest way of bringing about social and economic development in a society such as ours.

“In this regard the NCA party calls upon all Zimbabweans to support the new gender commission,” said Chivasa.

“The NCA party is disappointed that the MDC T and MDC Renewal parties have chosen to undermine the new gender commission before it has even started its work by labeling the commissioners “ZANU PF.

“This is very unfortunate. There is more to Zimbabwe than ZANU PF. The NCA party has studied the profiles of the commissioners and is satisfied that they are Zimbabweans and people of good standing. They must be supported and get an opportunity to serve the nation without the sickness of being labeled ZANU PF.”

He said the work of the gender commission must not be politicized.

“The mission of the gender commission must be accomplished in a non partisan manner. There is nothing ZANU PF in promoting gender equality,” he said.

“It is very disturbing that the two MDC parties have chosen to criticize the manner of appointment of these commissioners yet the appointments were done in accordance with the constitution that the MDCs gave to ZANU PF.”

“It is the MDC party and the discredited COPAC who left all appointments to the President. In its civic society days, the NCA campaigned against the new constitution that gave the President the final say in appointments of commissions.”

Chivasa said the MDCs campaigned for a YES vote to the new constitution.

“They have chosen the wrong moment to criticize public appointments. The gender commission must be left out of the MDC’s obsession with ZANU PF,” he said.

“As the NCA party has already stated, the gender commission deserves everyone’s support. The political background of the commissioners is irrelevant as they are just fellow Zimbabweans given a task to champion the commission’s mission”

“Zimbabweans must not forget that MDC MPs were involved in the interviewing process and one of them even chaired the selection panel to choose these commissioners. These double standards by the MDC T and MDC Renewal parties remain a cause for concern and must be condemned.”

Chivasa said the annoying tendency by the MDCs of randomly picking innocent Zimbabweans for condemnation as ZANU PF must be thrown in the political dust bin of history.

“There are so many well meaning Zimbabweans who are ready to serve our nation but may be discouraged by these reckless and irresponsible labels,” he said.

“The NCA party therefore calls upon all Zimbabweans to invest their resources, time and effort in championing gender equality. The NCA party’s belief is to promote gender equality as part of its social and democratic agenda.”  by Stephen Jakes. Source: Byo24News

Full Story About Mutasa’s disputed Council House Ownership



AN upmarket property – Number 4 Mbuya Nehanda – at the centre of dispute pitting Rusape Town Council and former powerful cabinet minister Didymus Mutasa was one of the houses grabbed by the latter citing security reasons in 2000.

The house, which Mr Mutasa claims to have taken in 1984 is adjacent to Number 2 Mbuya Nehanda, his main residence in Rusape.

The house was annexed during town secretary Mr Obert Muzawazi-era after the former State Security boss argued that he wanted to be surrounded by people loyal to him.

Mr Muzawazi back then wrote to Mr Mutasa acknowledging his concerns and offered him to pay Z$550 000 in two batches of Z$ 225 000.

When Mr Mutasa was kicked out of Zanu-PF, he dispatched his confidante Retired Colonel Topira Mutasa to fast-track the change of ownership, after an earlier failed attempt by the then special interest Clr Christine Murembwe Clr Christine Murembwe – but without success.

RTC is accusing Mr Mutasa of portraying himself as a victim of the current system, yet the property in question never belonged to him legally.

Mr Mutasa is refusing to vacate the house, claiming to have bought it in 1984. The local authority is insisting on proof of purchase but the former Zanu-PF administration secretary claims he was not given title deeds, some 15 years after moving into the property.

Shockingly, the former powerful cabinet minister says he should not be bothered about the matter

Mr Mutasa said: “I regard zvinhu zvandirikushandisa sezvangu (everything I’m using as mine). Why should they talk about it now when I started staying in the house in 1984?” he questioned.

Town secretary Mr Joshua Maligwa on Wednesday said the local authority recently revalued the property and presented Mr Mutasa with a US$45 000 bill, telling him he could either buy the house or move out.

“Pursuant to our letters dated 6 January 2000 and 17 March 2015, council at its 291st regular full council meeting resolved through resolution FC14 /05 /15 that: council offers you to purchase the house at Stand 160 Rusape Township and developments thereon at a cost of $45 000.

“You should accept the offer within seven days of receipt of this offer letter and make the full payment by 31st December 2015,” reads the letter signed by town secretary Joshua Maligwa.

The seven days notice expires next Tuesday.

“This issue has been simmering for a long time because former Clr Murembwe tried to influence the then housing director Ms Doreen Chirwa to change the ownership of the house in 2013, but the process stalled as we insisted on proof of payment.

“Two weeks after his expulsion from Government, Mr Mutasa dispatched Rtd Col Mutasa into intimidating us, but again we insisted on the production of proof of payment as per the letter written to him by Mr Muzawazi. Rtd Col Mutasa expressed surprise at the letter written by Mr Muzawazi explaining the amount to be paid and terms of payment. How then did they pay?” quipped Mr Maligwa.

Mr Mutasa is refusing to budge claiming he bought the property, protesting instead that the council was playing politics.

He, however, admits he does not have the proof of purchase.

“I bought the house in 1984 but they refused to give me the title deeds,” he said.

“I would have produced the title deeds if they had given me. They should give me some rest and not heap every kind of stupid accusation on me.”

The Rusape Residents Trust has added its voice to the growing calls for council to repossess the house.

The trust’s chairperson Mr Martin Chaburumunda also called on Local Government Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo to assist the local authority to repossess the house occupied by the former Zanu-PF guru.

“It is common knowledge that Mutasa, a man of documented tyranny and brutality used political force and stamina to seize that property and as residents, we are behind the council in its efforts to repossess the stolen property.

“Mutasa has no justification whatsoever to claim ownership of a property when he has no evidence to buttress his claims.

“Mutasa is a well-informed politician who should know what to expect whenever transactions involving immovable properties take place. To claim that he was denied title deeds upon acquisition is not only foolish, but an attempt to make all of us foolish like he is,” said Mr Chaburumunda.Source: manicapost

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