Madziba’s House Set Ablaze In SA & Madzibaba Sure, Culprits Are Zimbabweans


PROPHET Madzibaba and his wife who are originally from Zimbabwe almost died when their house was set on fire by unknown people in South Africa.

Daily Sun reported that the prophet said he won’t open a case as he believes his magic water will make the culprits come forward and confess.

Prophet Madzibaba Rony (31) from Chris Hani, Hammanskraal, Tshwane had a bad dream.

In his dream he said he saw four men come into his house at midnight on Monday while he and his wife, Tendai Ndou (20), were sleeping.

“I asked them what they were doing but they kept on pouring petrol and lit a match,” he said. “When I opened my eyes the room was on fire.”

Residents helped to put out the fire as they were locked in the room. They escaped with minor burns.

Madzibaba, who is a Zimbabwean prophet of St Michael’s Apostolic Church, said he doesn’t think the attack had anything to do with xenophobia.

“People from Zimbabwe set my house on fire,” he told Daily Sun.

“They are jealous of the success of my church.”

At the side of his house he has a sacred altar and a clay pot with water.

“When I sprinkle the magic water on someone’s face, he will point out the perpetrators,” he said.

A sword is buried in the shell of a egg in the middle of the sign of a cross painted with salt.

“When I point this sword at the suspects, they will confess,” he said.

He lost a plasma TV, a bed, blankets, clothing, food, R12 000 in cash and some tools.

Madzibaba said he was not interested in the police. When the police arrived at his home he allegedly sent them away saying they were useless.

Lieutenant -Colonel Sarah Lesabane of Temba police told Daily Sun: “The victim does not have to open a case. However I advise him to come forward and do it so the police can help him.”by Stephen Jakes.  Source: Daily Sun

‘Mugabe Never Presided Over Massacre, Not A Tyrrant, or to Blame for Zim Problems’ -Malema

Julius-Malema (1)

The problems in Zimbabwe are not caused by its long-serving President Robert Mugabe but by “capital”, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leaderRober said on Thursday.

“President Mugabe is the only leader who knows for the real change to come, Africans will have to go through the necessary pain, exactly what Zimbabweans are going through now,” he told reporters in Johannesburg when asked about his relationship with Mugabe.

“We don’t see what’s happening in Zimbabwe as anarchy. We don’t blame it on President Mugabe, we blame it on capital… [It is] because they disagree with him politically, they use their economic muscle to punish the people of Zimbabwe.”

According to News24, Malema said Mugabe was the only African leader who continued to stand up against the west and who understood what it meant to be a real African.

He said the EFF might not agree with Mugabe on some issues, but from a broader perspective, the Zimbabwean leader represented the kind of Africa people wanted.

“How do you say a man who has won elections is a tyrant? He has never preceded over any massacre of our people; he continues to lead a party that advocates for very radical economic policies in Zimbabwe.”

Malema lambasted those who felt Mugabe had over-stayed his welcome as president and that presidents should only stand for two terms. Source: News24

SADC to confront South Africa over new, stringent, new visa regime


Southern African Development Community member states are contemplating petitioning South African government over its stringent new visa regime.

The new regulations require children under the age of 18 to produce an Unabridged Birth Certificate at all ports of entry, a senior Government official said.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi has said the new system will pose myriad of problems to the region’s tourism since South Africa is the main port of entry for travellers.

“The new visa system pose serious problem for Zimbabwe and the rest of the sub Saharan countries because South Africa is a source market for countries in the region.

“Zimbabwe’s 70% tourists enter through the South African port and the same applies to all countries in SADC”.

Mzembi says the system will cripple the tourism sector.

“We feel aggrieved by the South African Passport Documentation Act which compels countries that are visa free and South Africans themselves to produce unabridged birth certificates.

“The system which is designed to check human trafficking is said to have unintended and negative consequences on the South African tourism as well as other countries’ tourism sectors.

“South Africa has registered a decline of 30% in the tourism sector and the region at large is also bearing the brunt of this new visa system”.

The South Africa Department of Home Affairs on Tuesday kicked off a two-day colloquium in Pretoria to deliberate on South Africa’s international migration policy.

Different stakeholders from the academia, private sector, labour, tourism and other government departments, including the Departments of Health and International Relations and Cooperation, are attending.

According to South Africa media reports, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba said discussions should bring about an inclusive policy on international migration.

“Out of this process, we envisage that a modern, progressive and robust policy on international migration will emerge, taking into account the enormous current and potential contribution of immigrants to our society, and our connectedness with the rest of the world, while minimising associated risks and protecting our national interests,” said the Minister.
Source: Online

South Africa to deport , illegal Zimbabwean immigrants every fortnight


The South African government will soon be deporting Zimbabwean illegal immigrants every fortnight as they heighten efforts to decongest Lindela Transit Holding Centre in Johannesburg, an official has said.Zimbabwe’s Consul General to South Africa, Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro made the revelations on Friday after assessing the deportation processes of the second batch of 800 Zimbabweans who arrived in the country via the Beitbridge Border Post by train.

The all-male group arrived on a 13-coach train escorted by 104 police officers, 10 immigration officers, 13 PRASA security guards and the Director of Lindela Holding Centre, JayJay Jackson.

He said they had also got assurance from the Home Affairs Department that women and children will only be sent home on buses.

The first group of 796, also all-male, arrived in the country via Beitbridge border post on June 3.

Mukonoweshuro said the train was introduced as a way of reducing the numbers of illegal immigrants at the Lindela Centre. Source: chronicle

3 Zimbabwean cross border buses and 2trucks burnt in Johannesburg, South Africa

Three Zimbabwean cross border buses and two trucks were yesterday burnt in the Newton area of Johannesburg, South Africa. Buses belonging to  were reduced to shells by fire believed to have emanated from a cigarette butt. The incident occurred at around 4pm in Newton, along Main Street, where most Zimbabwean cross border buses park before leaving South Africa for Zimbabwe. The trucks were carrying luggage destined for various towns in Zimbabwe, including Gweru and Harare. Zimbabwe’s Consular-General to South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro said the cause of the fire was yet to be established. “Indications are that the fire started from an Elite coaches bus which then spread to Munhenzwa and Hi-Tech and the two trucks. However, no human life was claimed though property worth thousands of rands was reduced to ashes. “We are yet to establish the total value of the property which was destroyed. Our officers are still on the ground,” he said. Mr Mukonoweshuro said fire-fighters tried to pull the Munhenzwa bus from the scene, but it was too late. One of the witnesses identified only as Mai Kuda, said the cause of the fire was still a mystery. “It is a shock how a cigarette butt can be said to have caused so much damage to three buses and trucks. I heard that there was fire here and rushed to check if there were any people I knew, fortunately nobody was hurt except groceries and various properties which were damaged,” she said. Of late there has been an upsurge in robberies by criminals purporting to be South African police officers targeting Zimbabwean cross border buses outside Polokwane and Pretoria cities. The suspects are yet to be accounted for. Efforts to get comments from authorities at Munenzwa, Hi-Tech and Elite coaches were fruitless last night. One of the ladies who works at the Newton area, Ms Tendai Zhou, said other bus crews had to drive off from the area as the fire raged on. “The situation was terrible and we suspect that the fire was started deliberately by jealous people considering that most of the buses have been robbed along the N1 Highway. “In most cases we will be having more than 50 buses here especially those going to Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia,” she said. Buses Source: herald .

‘SA Police rob VP Mphoko’s wife of goods worth over R1million’


Men pretending to be police officers attacked and robbed the wife of one of Zimbabwe’s Vice-Presidents and other passengers of money and goods worth over R1 million in Johannesburg this weekend.

Zimbabwe has two Vice-Presidents.

The vehicle in which Laurinda Mphoko, the wife of Phelekezela Mphoko, was driving was stopped at the corner of Barry Hertzog Avenue and Empire Road in Parktown on Saturday.

Mphoko was on her way to the Oriental Plaza in Joburg at the time.

According to a source, there were five others in the car besides Mphoko, including a four-year-old boy.

At some point, the little boy is alleged to have drawn their attention to a white car that had been following them for some time, but no one took much notice of his observation until it was too late.

The four men from this car stopped the vehicle Mphoko was in and flashed a wallet containing a police badge at them.

“One of the men had a pistol, the others were carrying knives,” the source said.

In the attack, Mphoko and her daughter, who is a doctor, were allegedly assaulted.

Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini, a spokesman for the provincial police, confirmed the incident, but said he was “not aware of any assault”.

“The driver was confronted by an unknown number of suspects driving a white Hyundai. Suspect(s) showed them what looked like a police appointment document. They (the victims) were threatened with a knife and the suspects demanded their personal belongings,” Dlamini said.

He said the “victims were then robbed of a ruby-and-diamond ring, bangles, $1 000 cash, a Cartier watch and Samsung Galaxy phone”.

“The estimated value of the stolen goods was about R1 million. No one has been arrested yet.”

Two weeks ago, a Nigerian African Union delegate was attacked by suspects who pretended to be police officers.

The man was on his way from the airport to Sandton when the suspects stopped him on the M1 at the Marlboro turn-off. He was robbed of $5 000 and R700.

The suspects were also driving a Hyundai. source-bulawayo24.

photo-Laurinda Mphoko, and husband  VP  Phelekezela Mphoko-newzimbabwe

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