Chinotimba questions Zanu PF regime on why it is subjecting Zimbabwean citizens to Rhodesian style forms of oppression

ZANU-PF legislator Joseph Chinotimba has challenged government to explain why it still subjected citizens to Rhodesian style forms of oppression through pegging fuel prices at far higher prices than those obtaining in neighbouring countries.
Speaking during Wednesday’s question and answer session in Parliament, the Zanu PF MP said that fuel used in Zimbabwe was procured from the same source with that of used in Zambia but was ironically charged at more exorbitant prices locally.
He demanded answers from Energy and Power Development Deputy Minister Tsitsi Muzenda.
“Madam Speaker, fuel that we use in Zimbabwe and Zambia is procured from the same place in Mozambique. It is procured from the same area. Zambian fuel passes through Zimbabwe and goes through Chirundu Border Post and when it is there, it costs 80 cents per litre. Mozambique sells fuel at 50 cents per litre. We need to understand. The Minister should explain to us. If they are failing to manage, they should give the Minister of Finance and Economic Development because they regulated this.
“It is not proper to say it is taxes because Zambia that passes through our place when transporting their fuel sells their fuel at 80 cents, yet we are paying $1.36 per litre. A liberated country like us, we should be enlightened as to why our fuel is so expensive. We are in a liberated zone and country and we also have liberated Ministers. They are not in Rhodesia. The question that was asked by the Hon. Member was that why is it that our goods in Zimbabwe are expensive? Are we in Rhodesia?”
In her response, Muzenda stuck to her explanation fuel prices were determined by taxes charged locally.
“It is true that fuel that goes to Zambia, that comes here and that which is taken to other nations is procured at the same place. Like I said, the issue of Government taxes is not for my Ministry. That is a mandate of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.”
Source – newzimbabwe

Loving Mother Zoey, asks for public assistance to help change her suffering daughter Yasmin’s life with all the support you can give,..thank you!

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Thank you for clicking on my page.
Zoe Dennet, a loving mum, has set up a page to help raise much needed funds for her little angel, daughter Yasmin (12) to have a new spinal surgery method in Germany (VBT) that will help to treat her progressing scoliosis condition.
This new surgery is unavailable in the UK.
Early in 2016 Zoe noticed that her daughter’s back was not straight, and was referred to the Sheffield children’s hospital where, Yasmin was diagnosed with a 37 degree cobb angle curve in her spine – Idiopathic scoliosis, which progresses rapidly for children during growth spurts. Yasmin was given a spinecor brace to wear 24 hours a day.
Later on in July 2017, an x ray showed that Yasmin’s curve had progressed to 50 degrees, even though she wore a brace. They were advised to expect that it would progress rapidly as she has further growth spurts . She has a very visible “rib hump” that measures 18 on a scolimeter (this is very high). She is in a lot of pain and is now very conscious about how she looks and is very anxious about what will happen to her as she continues to grow. Since finding out she has scoliosis, Yasmin has not been the happy go lucky girl she has been. Zoe is also very worried about her daughter’s mental state of mind.
In UK Yasmin can only get spinal fusion but this is not favourable when a child is still growing as it stops the growth. If they wait until she stops growing to have surgery, the curve will be very big and will impact her lungs and heart.
Zoe’s only hope is that yasmin has VBT surgery as soon as possible. She recently took Yasmin to meet with a VBT surgeon in Germany who advised that Yasmin should have VBT surgery as soon as possible as VBT is only effective when a child is growing and there is little time left to spare.
The family were also advised to treat the scoliosis as soon as possible as it is more complicated to treat large curves and rib humps. The VBT surgeon in Germany can do the surgery in January. Zoe will need to pay for the surgery in December but this is currently a problem for her.
With VBT, Yasmin’s scoliosis would be treated via keyhole surgery to install a small cord to “tether” the vertebrae where the curve is. The surgeons will reduce the curve significantly during the surgery and the tethers will continue to reduce the curve while she grows. Most importantly, this surgery would prevent the scoliosis from progressing. As VBT is a keyhole surgery, the recovery time is short and she would only miss school for 2-3 weeks.
Yasmin is just 12 years old and it Zoe’s heart to hear that she just wants her spine to be normal. As a mother she doesn’t want to see her daughter suffer anymore which is why she is pleading for assistance to raise the money to enable her daughter to have the VBT surgery asap before her remaining growth time runs out. Zoe is a single working parent with a small family and is really struggling to raise all the money after recently undergoing surgery herself last year for cancer.
The cost of the VBT in surgery is 40k and her goal is to raise £40k via the gofundme page. All assistance will be really appreciated if you can donate and help a mother achieve her goal of giving her daughter a better life.
Zoe has pasted a link to an article about VBT (also called AVBT) in case you want to learn more about this new surgery that is very effective for treating adolescents that are suffering with idopathic scoliosis.
Zoe and Yasmin are eternally grateful and would like to thank everyone in advance for all the help that they can give. Zoe Dennet

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) urges the Zimbabwe government to curb spending including suspension of bonuses for civil servants until the economy stabilises.

THE Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) has urged the government to take serious steps to curb spending including suspension of bonuses for civil servants until the economy stabilises.
CZI president Sifelani Jabangwe appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance on Monday to speak on proposals for the 2018 National Budget together with a delegation from the Bankers’ Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ) and the Chamber of Mines.
“We recommend dialogue between civil service unions, labour and government to eliminate ghost workers, suspend annual bonuses and cut down on foreign travel by government,” Jabangwe said.
“We believe that the most efficient short-term measures that the government should take is to go back to strict cash budgeting, supported by social dialogue and ministries should desist from accruing more expenses unless cash is available.”
Jabangwe said Finance minister Ignatius Chombo should continue to enforce local procurement, while calling for transparency on imports to ensure that the government procures locally and supports local industries.
BAZ chief executive officer Sijabuliso Biyam said government expenditure continued to be unsustainable as it was far in excess of its capacity to generate revenue.
“We recommend that the government can reduce expenditure by cutting the size of the civil service, but obviously, it has negative effects in that you are throwing people out of employment.”
Biyam suggested that the government needed to widen its revenue base by focusing attention on small and medium enterprises and promulgating legislation to assist them to formalise.
“As things stand, we are issuing a lot of Treasury Bills and they may be the comfort zone on the government side, but at the end of the day, it is money created to support consumption, it is not money created to support infrastructure and issues that will grow the economy,” Biyam said.
Chamber of Mines president Batsirai Manhando said the mining industry would generate about $2,4 billion this year with growth being registered in gold, platinum, diamonds, chrome, nickel and other minerals.
Chamber of Mines chief executive officer Isaac Kwesu said the mining sector was experiencing acute foreign currency shortages to import raw materials yet they were the suppliers of 50% of foreign currency requirements in the country.
“The performance of gold this year will be up by 10%, platinum by 6%, diamond performance will be up by 100%, chrome by 180%, nickel by 1% and coal by 90%,” he said.
But Harare East MP Terence Mukupe (Zanu PF) queried how diamond performance would go up by 100% when nothing had been happening at the diamond fields.
Kwesu said last year 1,7 million carats were produced while projection for this year had been set at 3,5 million carats.
At its peak, the country used to produce 10 million carats per year. By Veneranda Langa

ZIMBABWE PARLIAMENT launches Mobile App for public access to Hansard and Parliament documents on mobile phones for your convenience
The Parliament of Zimbabwe has launched a mobile app for accessing Parliament news and documents on mobile phones for your convenience.

The application is available for free on google app store or apple store. The app is compatible with android, apple and windows phones.

“Download your Parliament APP, for free and receive your Hansard and other Parliament documents on the go. For further information please visit our website, or email,” reads the Facebook post by parliament.
Source – Byo24

‘A Girl (5) died and two others were severely burnt when their house, an illegal filling station, caught fire on Monday afternoon.’

A five year old girl died while two other people were severely burnt when their house, alleged to have been used as an illegal filling station, caught fire on Monday afternoon. The minor reportedly succumbed to the wounds and died this afternoon.
Sources close to the case said the house caught fire when one of the victims was preparing a meal in the same room used to store petrol.
“One of the victims was preparing a meal using an electric stove. At the same time the suspected fuel dealer was transferring petrol from a bigger tank into 2-litre containers,” said a source.
“During the process there was an electric spark from the stove which lit up the petrol and the house caught fire,” said the source.
“Two male occupants aged 17 and 23 years, and the minor were burnt in the process. However, they managed to escape”. The source said the fire was later doused by the town council fire fighters with the assistance of residents.
The police officer commanding Beitbridge district (Dispol), Chief Superintendent Francis Phiri said he was yet to get information on the incident. Beitbridge town council spokesman, Mr Raniel Ndou, said the three victims were admitted at Beitbridge referral hospital, where the minor later died.
“We are yet to get a full report on the incident, though indications are that the house was being used for illegal fuel deals.
“Let me reiterate that, reselling fuel or storing it at home, apart from being illegal, is dangerous to human lives.
“We are worried by the continued loss of lives due to incidents related to illegal fuel sales or storage,”said Mr Ndou. He said although they had managed to clear many illegal fuel dealers from the streets, there were still a few playing a cat and mouse game with municipal police. He said they were engaging the police and other stakeholders to get a lasting solution to illegal fuel dealings in the town’s suburbs. Source – hmetro

SA Kwaito star Sipho “Brickz” Ndlovu sentenced to 15 years jail at Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court, for raping his 17-year-old niece

Brickz-MaBrigado-in-court-Kwaito-Music (1)
South African Kwaito star Sipho “Brickz” Ndlovu has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court, west of Johannesburg, on Tuesday.
The celebrity was found guilty of raping his 17-year-old niece at his home in Johannesburg in November 2013.
The woman who is now 22, said in a statement that she was not coping well after the rape. She was allegedly suicidal.
His R50 000 bail was revoked after the conviction.
Source – news24

DIVORCED DIASPORA Zimbabweans must stop turning children against estranged others or fathers, for selfish reasons
Zimbabwean Children abroad are turned against their parents by those who have custody of them. This ranges from a mother or father who has custody or social workers and foster parents. Some do this entirely out of spite and some do it mostly out of financial gain. A lot of Zimbabwean divorced partners are eliminated from their children’s lives because of the ‘implacable hostility’ of those partners with custody,
‘The normal prejudiced assumption is that a mother will give children kindly care while a feckless father swaggers off over the horizon. in the whole world at large fathers are portrayed as useless objects who cannot take care of children.
This misconception has been implanted in our minds and the Judiciary has tended to believe that a mother is a tender human being and therefore deserves to stay with children during divorce proceedings. it is however true that a woman when angry is the most cruel creature human kind had never seen. Most women have mastered the art of emotional blackmailing.
In a very rare case A High Court judge in London ordered that a 10 year-old girl should be removed from her mother’s care because the girl had been systematically estranged from her father by her mother’s “ranting” against the man.
Ruling that the mother’s conduct was manifestly harmful for the daughter and contrary to her long-term interests, Mrs Justice Parker observed that the child had been manipulated into believing that her father did not want her; and she ordered that the girl should be taken into the care of social services as a half-way measure towards placing her in her father’s care. The court heard that the girl was likely to be resistant to being reunited with her father without such interim measures.
The case torched a storm with women groups complaining. The reality was it was a case which showed that men have always been made to look like devils; the word love has been removed from the lives of father’s and their children.
The high court ruling stood out as an extraordinary moment, reversing normal prejudiced assumptions that a mother will give children kindly care while a feckless father swaggers off over the horizon.
The case to the men it reflected a phenomenon that they see all too frequently – the elimination of fathers from their children’s lives by unmitigated, unscrupulous demands on the children’s loyalty on the part of the mother with custody, along with the unremitting denigration and belittling of the father.
Most partners with custody of children go an extra mile to demonise the absent parent. Even if the partner pays enough funds for the upkeep of the children the children are always told that their father is playing around while mothers are suffering.
Fathers have been too often used as the scare crow, anything the child does the child is reminded that a dragon with hands dripping of blood called father is coming. Fathers have been made vampires and used to be the scaring devils of the house. in this aspect the fathers are alienated from their children before they are divorced, by the time of divorce the fathers are already viewed as evil ones who cannot stay with the children.
For those organisations, the only unusual feature of this case was that the harmful conduct of the mother was actually recognised by the court; and that, for once, officialdom did something about it. It should be noted that conflicts of loyalty for the children do seem to be a common feature of high-conflict separations. It’s a huge problem for many couples and the children are made to make the most emotional wrecking choice.
The controlling parent is likely to be the woman and the estranged, undermined parent is likely to be the man. There are of course some idiots of men who try to turn the children against their mothers. This is very rare but indeed possible. It is called “implacable hostility”.
Divorcing away from the familiar community is a new thing to Zimbabwean community who have been in the UK for less than two decades. The society they are in promotes divorce. People are happy to announce that they have been in a thirtieth marriage. Marriage is now under attack and the children emerge as the worst victims of the sins of passion.
While couples agree that both parents should share responsibility for bringing up children and 85 per cent agree that fathers are instrumental in bringing up children the parent with custody never tells the child when the other parent has assisted. they make it look like they are the only ones who are toiling to make ends meet.
That consensus has been reflected in recent amendments to the Children and Families Act 2014 which now require courts making child arrangement orders “to presume that the involvement of both separating parents in the life of a child will further its welfare”. However this is the English Law, the Zimbabwean couples mix both English system and their own system. They pretend to know and in the anger of their lunacy the children suffer more.
Even so, a parent who does not put first the emotional needs of the children but is primarily driven to exact revenge upon a former spouse or partner or to impose punishment by frustrating or thwarting their relationship with their children is, in the very nature of domestic life, almost impossible to control.
Children are more often used as weapons to fix the other party and indeed the child suffers more than the offending parties.
There is a great insidious undermining or disparagement of the other parent by snide remarks or the lurid exaggeration of imagined fears which require the children to line up their loyalties with the apparently threatened or embattled parent?
In this onslaught of an absent parent the young children voice a determined preference not to see or be involved with a parent who has been vilified by the other. How can anybody be sure that the child is expressing true feelings that have been freely developed rather than a point of view which has been inculcated by a manipulative parent?
Where contact with children is being frustrated or denied and the children themselves are rejecting a parent with whom they previously had good relationships, specialists in mediation and child psychology should get involved without delay. But the system which does not understand the cultural background of a Zimbabwean will hide behind the term the best interest of the child.
Most children are forced to stay with parents who are manipulative and always remind them that their fathers are horrible no brains and selfish.
Parents have portrayed marriages as the most horrible institution in life. It will not be a surprise to find out that in few years marriage will be wiped out of the important issues of life.
Diaspora has all odds against them, no helpers who understand them. the church pastors are mostly self-centred and do not promote families. Most of them are powered by money. Relatives who are backing home decides to take sides of those who pay them the most. life as we know it has been thrown into a quagmire.
Children are being turned against their parents. Who is going to help the Zimbabwean couple abroad?
Source – Dr Masimba Mavaza

Pastor Mugadza informed by ‘god of a postponement of the death of President Mugabe to some other day, other than 17 October 2017’

Discredited Remnant Church Pastor, Phillip Mugadza over the weekend withdrew his “prophecy” that President Robert Mugabe would die on 17 October 2017.
The bogus not so clever “Pastor” blasphemously claimed to have received a new message from God.
“About three days ago, I received word from God saying the death of President Mugabe has been postponed to a later date which is not specified,” said Pastor Mugadza.
#Register2Vote added its voice and amplified Mugadza’s message through Twitter.
“Pastor Mugadza has said God has changed his mind and postponed the death of President Mugabe following his 17 Oct prophecy deadline,” tweeted # Register2Vote .
Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) Secretary General, Raymond Majongwe commented that “after Prophet Mugadza threw in the towel, our countdown has officially stopped. We wait to hear from the prophet.”
However, not all cyber trolls believed Mugadza. Some saw through his false prophecy and pointed this out.
“Crazy Mugadza, we knew he was lying all along”, tweeted Wonder Mangwendeza.
“They can’t really think people are that stupid. Mental health issues among some pastors”, remarked Lindsay Manthey.
Source – harare post

‘MUGABE MUST DIE CLERIC’ Phillip Mugadza has said he is going to run for the Gutu South parliamentary seat in 2018 elections.

Kariba Based Remnant Church Pastor Mugadza

Anti-President Robert Mugabe cleric, Phillip Mugadza, has said he is going to run for the Gutu South parliamentary seat in next year’s elections.

Mugadza-famed for prophesying that Mugabe would die on October 17 – this year – said he was tired and becoming a ‘professional complainer’ by making countless petitions, which were ignored.

As part of his controversial activism, he has chained himself on numerous occasions during demonstrations and has even petitioned United States of America president, Donald Trump, to intervene in Zimbabwe’s political crisis – but all in vain.

He said his choice to run for the constituency has been influenced by the desire to transform his home, Chimedza village, where he grew up. He has started mobilising funds to promote his campaign and meet the requirements to qualify as a contesting candidate.
Source – Daily News

ARMED GANG attack and rob nine Zimbabweans travelling along the N1 near Polokwane ,and kill a 28-year-old woman

An armed gang attacked and robbed a group of Zimbabwean nationals travelling along the N1 near Polokwane, killing one person on Tuesday, Limpopo police said.
”Nine occupants who were all Zimbabwean nationals, were travelling from Gauteng to Zimbabwe in a Toyota Quantum along the N1 when a grey Toyota Avanza forcefully pulled them off the road.
“The suspects started shooting randomly until the Quantum lost control and got stuck in a donga alongside the road,” said spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.
The robbers killed a 28-year-old passenger during the shooting. They then searched the vehicle and occupants, robbing them of cash before fleeing the scene.
No arrests have been made.
Source – African News Agency
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