‘TWO PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED and five injured after beeing stabbed in the Puutori-Market Square area, South west of the Finnish city of Turku’

Two people are reported to have died and five were injured including one man, woman and baby and other women after being stabbed in the Puutori-Market Square area, South west of the Finnish city of Turku. The incident happened at 4:40. The suspect was shot and arrested by police.
Finnish police have reportedly reinforced security at Helsinki Airport and train stations throughout Finland. More news to follow: Sibusiso Ngwenya.
photo-evening standard Police officers gather at the site of a multiple stabbing on the Market Square in Turku (EPA)

When South Africa, marginalise and disregard Coloureds, it says ‘being South African means get rid of your Colouredness’-I am Coloured and so PROUD!

south-african-flag-610x280 (1)
Coloureds are often overlooked and discriminated against. South Africa, when you marginalise and disregard us, you tell us that being South African means we must get rid of our ‘Colouredness’.
I’m sorry South Africa, but right now, just for a bit, Wayde Van Niekerk does NOT belong to YOU.
When we drink alcohol, we are ‘Coloured’.
When we say “awe mase kint”, we are ‘Coloured’.
When we have guns and knives, we are ‘Coloured’.
When we smoke tik, dagga and have crippling addictions, we are ‘Coloured’.
When we have no front teeth and kroes hair, we are ‘Coloured’.
When we smash a 400m sprinting WORLD RECORD that was held for over 17 years, we’re ‘South African’ …
When we prove that we have greatness inside of us, we are ‘South African’ …
When we have the power to inspire an entire generation to believe in their dreams, we are ‘South African’ …
You see, South Africa, when you marginalise and disregard us, you tell us that being South African means we must get rid of our ‘Colouredness’.
Because you use us when you need us and when we’ve outlived our usefulness, you put us back in the Cape Flats.
But right now we are NOT in the Cape Flats.
We are in Rio and we are standing high on a podium with gold around our necks.
Because right now just for a bit
Wayde Van Niekerk is NOT South African …
Wayde van Niekerk is Coloured, Benni Mcarthy is Coloured, Steven Pienaar is Coloured, best young football manager Clint Larsen is Coloured, Kwagga is Coloured, Bryan Habbana is Coloured, best comedian Trevor Noah is Coloured, best politician Trevor Manual is Coloured, Hector Pietersen was Coloured, SA’s original anti-apartheid challenger/activist Mr Morris Fynn was Coloured …
P/S … Let’s make this heartfelt post go viral amongst all our cyber contacts, because in a majority black South Africa us Coloured’s are BEST skilled and hardest workers and the BEST damn sports people, as is the case in the USA, yet … We are often overlooked and discriminated against.Keith Solomon Williams.

Gabriella Engels has delivered the ‘killer blow’ on a ruthless dictatorship,..wake up Zimbabwe!

grace-mugabe-Gah-bee (2)

She is right to refuse a bribe, if anything at all she should take less if necessary but drive the point home, before the law, that  we are all equals, nothing like Grace Mugabe is better than the ordinary person.

Its a simple matter of principle and Zimbabweans have got to understand that the lack of constitutionalism and lack of self belief in themselves is primarily driven by the poor choices they make in life, manifested in the  put  criminals they elect  into power  allow them to monopolise wealth and power, even continuously supporting their own oppression  by a despot Mugabe led Zanu pf regime .

The importance of one 20 year old forcing a dictators mad wife to humble herself before the law is that it drives a point across, they are not infallible, they are not untouchable and you do not need guns but commonsense and constitutionalism.

The South African model Gabriella Engels (20) is one person, just a baby compared to the rest of Zimbabweans crying , who has  actually made the whole world sit up at attention over this, top international mainstream media including tv, newspapers, social media and all forms of publicity and communication.

Worldwide, politicians and interested parties, presidents and prime ministers, top prosecutors, NGOs, human rights organisations, women’s groups, activists Zanu pf, opposition,  and others are all following the developments and praying for her victory.

If we all now stand up and speak and act with one voice against oppressive authority by Mugabe, Zim1 family , Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, we can change the course of history and prove, just like this girl that it does not take guns or violence to shake up oppressive authority by a dictator and  his wife, but instead, simply applying brains over brawn as she has done.

Gabriella’s  life has now been forever changed for the better because even the modelling world and other public activity like show hosts and so forth are now looking out for her and ready to offer her opportunities to work with or for them and this is before the case is brought before the  court .

She has therefore  already won because she has the people’s hearts and support  and  will make clean money unlike Grace who spent many hours lying face up admiring the president office  ceiling sh*gging a married 67 year old president at 21.

No one can ever take away this young girls victory over a powerful dictator, whom, millions have failed to bring to this level for 37 years.  She deserves our support because her victory is the people’s victory. She is milking a venomous snake of all its poison and by 2018  we will  have a weaker Mugabe and his Zanu pf regime, fully conscious of the global impact of all their actions against the people.

Our own opponents and activists have never managed to shake up the empire like she has single handedly done in such a short time by herself.

Zimbabweans this is your cueue, open your eyes, believe in yourselves, explore your options, unite and finish off what this kid has started for you and when you win, give her the keys to Zimbabwe, freedom of the country if you know what Im saying ,,see the bigger picture! Sibusiso Ngwenya

‘I will not vote for a Zezuru prsident!’-Mliswa

Temba Mliswa 10960446_1023610577655961_8215618275609711271_o

ZEZURU people want to monopolise the post of the presidency in the country which defeats the principles of the liberation struggle, outspoken Independently Member of Parliament for Norton, Temba Mliswa said.

“I don’t care who the presidential candidate is, but I will not vote for a Zezuru president in 2018,” he said. “Ndebele yes, Karanga yes, Samanyika yes and I am very clear about that.”

Candid Mliswa said there ought to have been an agreement which says that the presidential seat should rotate among all the tribes in the country.

Briefing journalists in Harare Thursday, Mliswa said he was a worried man because of plans by a faction within ruling party Zanu PF, (G40) to bring in Sydney Sekeramai (Defence Minister)’s name forward to be their presidential candidate as this was meant to keep the post within the Zezuru tribe.

He said it is not a secret that Sekeremayi and Grace Mugabe (Wedza) are from the same province Mashonaland East.

“There seems to be a monopoly of the Zezurus being in power and on the position of the presidency and no one else,” said Mliswa.

“But if you look at the founding principles of the liberation struggle which the president always talks about there is nothing like that and they are not being followed now.”

He added, “If you look at the really generals, there were not many Zezurus who lead the struggle, Tongogara (Josiah) was Karanga, Nikita Mangena was Ndebele, but when it comes to the presidency it is a monopoly of one tribe.”

Mliswa said come 2018, Team Lacoste led by VP Emerson Mnangagwa has an upper hand to take over considering the ground work they have covered so far in the provinces controlled by the ruling party.

“And to me, I said it before and I repeat it, there is nothing as powerful as people standing by their tribe.” Mliswa said.

“You can equally say with factionalism currently going on in Zanu PF, Team Lacoste controls Mash West, Lacoste controls Midlands, Lacoste controls Masvingo, Mat North and South and Manicaland provinces.

He added, “The Midlands, Manicaland and Masvingo are the most powerful provinces in terms of voting and Mash West forget the Karangas have taken over.”

He went on to say that for the first time the Zezurus have disintegrated as shown by events in Mashonaland East and Mashonaland Central province which were Zanu PF strongholds.

“Lacoste will benefit between the fight in Mash East and West because the Zezurus for the first time have crushed and are controlled by Gamaox. newsday

Victoria Falls teacher allegedly kidnapped by a homeless man who tied her to a tree and raped her numerous times for five-hours

A TEACHER at a school in Victoria Falls was allegedly kidnapped by a homeless man who tied her to a tree and raped her numerous times over a five-hour period near Truck Stop in Hwange.
Bonface Nyambiya (32), who often hangs around the Truck Stop area where he preys on prostitutes, allegedly inserted his manhood into the teacher’s before taking it out and forcing her to suck it.
He would allegedly take a smoke break after every round of sex as he raped the woman several times between 10PM and 3AM on June 30.
A court heard how he pounced on the woman, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, near Truck Stop.
Nyambiya appeared before Hwange magistrate Mrs Portia Mhlanga-Moyo on Wednesday for initial remand after being charged with rape on multiple occasions.
He faces another charge of rape and robbery after he allegedly pounced on a prostitute at the same place last week on Sunday and raped her twice in a broken down truck before robbing her of her handset and $7.
Nyambiya was not asked to plead to rape and robbery and was remanded in custody to August 30.
Prosecuting, Mr Onias Nyathi said Nyambiya met the complainant at a bus stop opposite the Truck Stop in June.
The complainant was looking for transport to Victoria Falls and Nyambiya pretended as if he was also going in the same direction.
“The complainant was intending to travel to Victoria Falls and accused approached and greeted her. The two started chatting and the accused suddenly produced an iron bar before grabbing the complainant by the neck and dragging her to a nearby bush,” said Mr Nyathi.
He said while in the bush, Nyambiya assaulted the woman with the iron bar before stripping her.
“He tied her legs to a tree and had sex with her several times from 10PM to 3AM. After each encounter, the accused would leave the complainant and take a rest while smoking a cigarette a few metres from her,” said Mr Nyathi.
Nyambiya finally released the woman at 3AM leaving her in the bush.
In the other count of rape, the court heard that on Sunday last week, Nyambiya allegedly hired a prostitute aged 25 for a short time.
“The two entered a wrecked truck. While inside and about to have sex, the complainant pushed him away indicating that she was no longer interested in sex with him after she saw him drawing an iron bar. The accused forcibly had sex with her twice without her consent,” said Mr Nyathi.
After the sex, Nyambiya allegedly demanded money and took away a Samsung handset and $7 which the complainant had been paid by a client who had hired her earlier.
Nyambiya was arrested after the second woman identified her at the Truck Stop and alerted police.
Source – chronicle

In 2009 Grace Mugabe assaulted a Sunday times reporter in Hong Kong and her diplomatic immunity plea based on customary international law was accepted .

grace-mugabe-Gah-bee (2)

Zimbabweans are currently grappling as to whether Grace Mugabe is entitled to diplomatic immunity following an incident in which she is accused of having assaulted a young lady who happened to be in a hotel room with her sons.
When we speak of diplomatic immunities, under international law the UN conventions of 1961 and 1969 come into immediate focus.

There is no doubt that international customary law affords the head of state full diplomatic immunity and inviolability.

In other words President Robert Mugabe is protected fully from arrest and criminal prosecution under customary international whether he travels for private or state business. Customary international law is recognised under article 38 (1)(b) in the statute of the International Court of Justice.

The provisions asks the court to use international custom as a general practice accepted as law. The majority of states have accepted this as binding and non have deviated from observation thereof.

To date customary international law is recognised as the primary source of diplomatic protection for heads of state whether they are travelling for private or state purposes.

The question that we have at hand is whether the same protection can be extended to their spouses who in most instances ‘do not officially hold title except that they are wives of the head of state.

Heads of state require full immunity in order for them to freely and effectively engage in their official duties.

International custom has now developed to provide special privileges and immunities to the family members of the head of state.

If the head of state is to function correctly the scope of the rule protecting the head of state must extend to the spouse in order to maintain the official function of the head of state.

If Grace Mugabe is to be arrested and charged it would affect the discharge of the Presidents executive functions and state business.

Arresting and prosecution of Grace Mugabe can trigger of a diplomatic incident that can potentially lead to severance of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

So in other words Grace Mugabe will always enjoy diplomatic immunity in as long as her husband is the head of state, whether she travels in her private or official capacity.

That is the position under international custom. Case law backing this position include the Imelda Marcos vs USA 1989.

It is also instructive to note that this is not the first time Grace Mugabe has invoked diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution whilst on a private visit.

In 2009 she assaulted a Sunday times reporter in Hong Kong when he attempted to take a picture of her living her hotel. The reporter tried to have criminal charges brought against Grace Mugabe.

The Hong Kong authorities accepted her plea of diplomatic immunity based on customary international law.

It is therefore custom that the spouse of a head of state enjoys full diplomatic immunity, it does not matter whether her visit is private or state sanctioned.

Lloyd Msipa is a Lawyer, Politician, Academic, International Law Consultant

Advocate Gerrie Nel, nicknamed the Bulldog, has vowed to ensure that Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe is prosecuted.

Gabriella-Engels (1)
JOHANNESBURG – Lobby group AfriForum has refuted speculation that alleged assault victim Gabriella Engels and Grace Mugabe’s sons were using drugs the day she was beaten.
The Zimbabwean first lady allegedly assaulted Engels, aged 20, in a Sandton hotel on Sunday when she found her with her two sons.
The Zimbabwean government has since requested diplomatic immunity for her.
Engels, accompanied by her mother Debbie and AfriForum in Centurion, has made her first public appearance with bandages to her face and head.
AfriForum’s Kallie Kriel says it was the first time that Engels had met the Mugabe sons.
“Through my discussions she had just met them. This is the kind of thing I think we should fight. It falls in the same category as when people say a woman was raped because of the clothes she wore.”
Debbie Engels says she is confident AfriForum will obtain justice for her daughter.
“At least I can sleep more peacefully knowing I have people in my corner to help me fight for justice for my daughter. I know these people are not going to back down.”
Kriel says the Mugabe family has offered Engels a blank cheque to make the case disappear.
AfriForum says it’s confident that it can successfully prosecute Mugabe for assault.
The first lady has failed to hand herself over to police, as agreed earlier this week, and is now claiming diplomatic immunity.
Advocate Gerrie Nel, nicknamed the Bulldog, has vowed to ensure that the first lady is prosecuted.
“We’ll do what is needed to ensure that justice is done.”
Nel says that despite the delays so far, the State must be given a chance.
“I think they shouldn’t immediately lose confidence in the South African police and NPA. There’s a process. They might even deal with this matter. If that happens, we’ll be in a supporting role.”
AfriForum says it will step in if the NPA fails to take action against Mugabe in the next three months.
Source – EWN
photos-Citizen-Gabriella Engels with her mother, Debbie Engels at a media briefing on Thursday, August 17, 2017. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Dabengwa says honour liberation struggle icons such as the late Zanu founder, Ndabaningi Sithole, Chikerema, Tekere and others. denied national hero status.

ZAPU leader, Dumiso Dabengwa has implored Zimbabweans to honour forgotten liberation struggle icons such as the late Zanu founder, Ndabaningi Sithole, who was denied national hero status.
Dabengwa said Sithole and others should be recognised for their role in the liberation struggle, adding “we must identify and maintain a roll of honour for all those that sacrificed” their lives for the country’s independence.
“There are many heroes, who need our recognition and acknowledgement both dead and living,” he said.
“Our true liberation history ought to identify, in each province, all those brave men and women – civilian and military – who contributed to our struggle.”
Dabengwa made the remarks during Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) and pressure group Ibhetshu LikaZulu-organised Heroes Day celebrations in Bulawayo.
“The role they played in assisting the guerilla units was highly commendable. They were the water that made the fish survive,” he said.
“We should not also leave out other leaders of the liberation struggle, who contributed to the independence of this country, such as James Chikerema, Ndabaningi Sithole, Edgar Tekere and others.
“What we suggest is that each province must identify and maintain a roll of honour for all those that sacrificed for the liberation of our country.”
Sithole, the founding Zanu leader, was ousted in the 1970s and replaced with President Robert Mugabe.
He died in 2000 in the United States, where he had sought treatment.
Sithole was denied national hero status and was buried at his rural home in Chipinge.
Mugabe has said Zanu PF reserved the sole right to confer hero status, telling those not happy with the way the status is conferred to construct their own heroes acre.
Former Zanu PF politicians who have crossed paths with Mugabe have also been denied hero status.
“The act of heroism is both historical and factual. It just cannot simply be earned by future occurrences or happenings,” Dabengwa said. newsday

SPANISH POLICE killed five suspected ‘terrorists’ overnight in Cambrils about 120km from Barcelona, in a second ram raid on pedestrians using an Audi A3

Police , overnight shot five terrorists dead in an Audi A3 some reportedly wearing suicide vests, in Cambrils South Spain. The terrorists are said to have knocked down several victims before crashing into a police car and a shoot out with police then occured, killing the five terrorists.Seven people including a police officer were injured on Spain’s most famous Boulevard which left the Audi  A3 was left overturned. The Spanish Prime minister has said that what happened in Barcelona was a Jihadist plot. IS are reportedly behind the attack.
One of the suspects is alleged to have stepped out carrying knife in what has now become a style of terror in Europe, where a vehicle is driven at unsuspecting civilians and occupants of the vehicle step out and cause further mayhem and injuries with weapons such as knives or explosives. Such attacks are next to impossible to prevent as vehicles are easy for anyone to access and soft targets in busy places will always be available.
It is evident that the police now need to step up their game in terms of information and monitoring suspects and terror networks and authorities need to design or put in place more secure measures of preventing vehicle movement through such areas, for example using barriers. It is at the very least not pretty to view but a necessary step in keeping the public safe but unfortunately this is what comes out of terror, a change of way of life for the people as they lose control of what happens around them or their freedom. Security authorities need to all work together to tackle this growing threat of attacks that need no training, direction or coordination.
This shoot out reportedly stopped a second ram raid attack in Spain just a few hours after a terrorist van mowed down people and killed 13 people, hospitalising over 100 people in Las Ramblas Barcelona about 100 km away at 01:00 am. The five are reportedly linked to the deadly van attack in Las Ramblas Barcelona. The driver is still missing after fleeing the Las Ramblas attack.
The police say the two people in custody so far are not the driver and the manhunt is still on for the Las Ramblas van attacker who fled on foot.
The police are looking at a wider terror cell which hadn’t been under police radar linking the three events in Spain since Wednesday. Originally on Wednesday there was a house explosion in Barcelona and police believe this was preparation of explosives for use in the raids. The CIA warned Spain three months before that an attack was imminent in Las Ramblas….more news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.
photo-Barcelona Las Ramblas Telegraph

MUGABE externalises between US$4 and US$6 MILLION PER TRIP, for himself, never audited as to its use because it falls under Office of the President

 WHO REMEMBERS THAT the former Zimbabwe Minister of finance , then MDC T Tendai Biti, now the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Leader told the people of Zimbabwe that President Robert Mugabe spends between $US4 million and US$6 million per trip, on his regular globe-trotting .
He went on to tell us that Mugabe actually believes that he is entitled to travel whenever he feels like it. The most alarming revelation by Biti was the fact that the money is never audited so no one knows how its spent and it falls under the budget of the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) which is never audited. According to Biti, Mugabe’s large entourage reportedly make millions from travel allowances.
Biti suggested that Zimbabwe needs constitutional reform to dissolve the Executive Presidency and replace that post with one of a President who is elected by Parliament , in the same way South Africa does in order to plug the alarming drain of finance by Mugabe from the economy. DISCUSS! by Sibusiso Ngwenya
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