Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, arrested on charges of undermining President Mugabe’s authority.

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POLICE in Harare have arrested the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, on charges of undermining President Robert Mugabe’s authority.
Matemadanda’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, confirmed to NewsDay that Matemadanda handed himself over to the police’s Law and Order Section early yesterday.
“We took him to the police earlier today (yesterday). They recorded a warned-and-cautioned statement after charging him with undermining the authority of the President and causing disaffection within the army and police force arising from a Press conference he held a few weeks ago,” she said.
Mtetwa said authorities had picked parts of Matemadanda’s utterances at the Press conference that were made in Shona to buttress their charge against the war veterans’ leader. She said she was not sure when Matemadanda would appear in court.
“I am not sure when because these people are vindictive. We have given them every statement they needed, but, I suppose, they might just want to keep him inside and take him to court maybe on Friday (tomorrow) at the latest,” Mtetwa said.
On Saturday, police said they wanted to interview Matemadanda, but his lawyers negotiated for him to present himself yesterday given the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays.
At the end of July, Matemadanda addressed a Press conference and accused First Lady Grace Mugabe of usurping State authority. The war veterans’ leader said Grace had captured her 93-year-old husband.
The ZNLWVA secretary-general called for unity among opposition forces to remove Mugabe through elections expected in 2018.
Matemadanda, along with other leading figures in the ZNLWVA executive, fell out with authorities last year after war veterans released a damning communiqué slamming Mugabe’s leadership, his refusal to hand over power and describing the Zanu PF leader as “genocidal and manipulative”.
Since then, relations between Mugabe and the former fighters have plummeted after they demanded that he hands over power to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
ZNLWVA chairman, Christpher Mutsvangwa last week said Matemadanda spoke on behalf of the war veterans and could not be singled out as regards the ownership of his statements.
Last week, the former fighters told a Press briefing that they would be mobilising against a faction of the ruling party known as G40 that they claim is holding Mugabe “hostage”.
War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube distanced his ministry and former fighters from Matemadanda’s remarks. By Richard Chidza

Summons issued against human rights activist, Lynett Mudehwe for allegedly protesting against VP Mphoko’s long stay in hotel for US$1million taxpayers expense

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko speaks to The Sunday Mail during the interview last week. - Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

POLICE have issued summons against human rights activist, Lynett Mudehwe for allegedly staging a demonstration against Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s long stay in a posh hotel in Harare at taxpayers’ expense.


Mphoko spent more than a year in a hotel as his wife, Laurinda, reportedly rejected several houses the State had prepared for her husband following his appointment as Vice-President in December 2014.  newsday. By Richard Chidza

Mphoko’s stay attracted demonstrations from civil society activists, leading to the arrest of others, among them Mudehwe and vendors’ leader, Stendrick Zvorwadza.

According to the summons, Mudehwe is being charged with “criminal nuisance as defined in Section 46 as read with paragraph 2(a)(ii) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23”.

“In that on November 30, 2015 at Rainbow Towers Harare, Lynett Mudehwe, with intent to cause annoyance or disturbance of public peace or realising that there was a real risk or possibility that her conduct would cause annoyance or disturb peace to the public, entered the International Conference on Aids and STIs venue and unlawfully started shouting and singing, thereby, disrupting the smooth flow of the conference,” the summons read.

Mudehwe was arrested in December 2015 following another protest.

She later sued the State for illegal detention and violation of her rights.

Mphoko, who stayed with his wife and other close family relatives, only left the hotel in September last year after accruing a bill of more than $1 million.

The VP argued he had every right to stay in the hotel. Richard Chidza newsday


Gweru man (67) allegedly raped his daughter (6) while her mother slept

A 67-YEAR-OLD man from Gweru, who allegedly raped his six-year-old daughter while the minor’s mother was fast asleep, has been arraigned before the courts.
The man, who cannot be named on legal grounds, shared the same bed with the complainant and her mother.
He appeared yesterday before Gweru magistrate Judith Taruvinga and was remanded in custody to Monday.
The court heard that on a date unknown to the prosecutor, but sometime in December last year, the accused was sleeping on the same bed with the complainant and her mother.
During the night, the man undressed his daughter before allegedly raping her once while the mother was fast asleep.
During the alleged rape ordeal, the girl screamed, but was threatened with death by her father.
The following morning, the minor’s mother noticed some bruises on her private parts and on questioning her, the girl revealed that she had been raped by her father the previous night.
The mother went with the girl to the clinic and a nurse, who examined her advised her to make a police report and this led to the arrest of the accused.
By Stephen Chadenga newsday.

‘GRACE MUGABE has allegedly offered cash to Gabriella Engells to make potential charges go away’

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The 20-year-old South African model that Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe is alleged to have assaulted was offered cash to make potential charges “go away”, a lawyer said Thursday.
The wife of President Robert Mugabe is alleged to have hit Gabriella Engels on Sunday at a Johannesburg hotel.
Engels said she suffered deep cuts to her forehead and the back of her head and has opened a police case alleging assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. She appeared at a press conference Thursday, wearing a large plaster on the left side of her forehead.
Her “family has been approached by a third party to accept an amount of money to settle this” said Gerrie Nel, the advocate best known for his prosecution of fallen athlete Oscar Pistorius.
They were told “let us talk and this can go away. There was no amount mentioned,” said Nel, flanked by Engels and her mother.
“The family is not interested in doing this,” Nel added.
Nel became famous for leading the murder prosecution of Paralympian Pistorius who was in 2015 found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend.
South African police have said Grace Mugabe, 52, is now pleading for diplomatic immunity.
Her two sons were staying at the hotel where the assault is alleged to have taken place.
Nel was speaking on behalf of AfriForum, a pro-Afrikaner civil rights organisation which helps victims of crime and has vowed to help Engels seek justice.
‘She is not untouchable’ –
“We just want to make sure that everybody is equal before the law and that there should not be selective prosecution,” said Nel.
The group has sought to block any attempt by government officials to grant Mugabe diplomatic immunity.
“Should an erroneous decision be made to grant diplomatic immunity in this case then we would consider bringing an urgent application to the high court to prevent the decision from being executed,” said Willie Spies, another lawyer with AfriForum.
AfriForum has said it would even consider a private prosecution.
“She is not untouchable,” Kallie Kriel, the CEO of AfriForum said.
Engels’ mother Debbie said she was relieved that AfriForum was helping.
“Now I can sleep a little bit more peacefully knowing that I have people …who can help me to get justice for my daughter,” she told reporters.
“Now I know that this woman is not going to get off scot-free from what she did to my child.”
The alleged attack threatens to spark a diplomatic problem for South Africa and Zimbabwe, neighbours who have strong political and economic ties.
President Mugabe flew into South Africa late Wednesday, two days ahead of a regional summit which starts on Saturday, giving rise to speculation that he arrived early so that he could discuss the case with South African leader Jacob Zuma.
Source – AFP

BREAKING NEWS: BARCELONA TERRORIST ATTACK: One person dead and 32 injured, and driver has fled the scene after deliberately ploughing into crowd at Ramblas.

There has been a terrorist attack in Barcelona which involved a vehicle being driven at high speed into a crowd of people. Fatalities the attack and injuries total are yet to be confirmed as Catalan police are not willing to give numbers yet.
However Spanish media say 13 people are dead and 20 injured so far after a van droe into crowd of people in a busy pedestrian and tourist area particularly in Summer. Police will give conference at 18:00 UK time. Police say there are two gunmen still holed up in Turkish restaurant in the are with suspected hostages at the popular Ramblas market.
The van driver has fled and the police have closed down the local Metro station to cut off the driver’s escape, and a full search is going on at this time. The police have now confirmed 1 person killed and thirty two people injured and ten of them seriously injured from this terrorist attack. Police are now saying they have discovered a second van  in the ancient town of Vic which they believe is connected to this incident parked in a different area.
The mayor of Vic reportedly said  the van was just parked as if waiting for someone to use it as an escape vehicle.
Tourists are still being cleared from central areas. This is still an ongoing situation and we will update as we get further details.  There are also reports that three police have also been wounded after a van ploughed into them in a different area. We are not yet sure if the incident is related to the terrorist attack.  Currently the whole place is surrounded by armed Catalan police and helicopter, so people are advised to stay put, indoors and away from windows. More news to follow….Sibusiso Ngwenya. photos-Barcelona attack, NewYork post

GWANDA BIKER decapitated in head on collision at 72km peg near Mbalabala

the-Biker-who-crashed-to-death (1)


A prominent Gwanda biker, who worked for the ministry of health and child welfare in Gwanda, was involved in ahead on collision with an oncoming isuzu truck at a curve on the 72km peg near Mbalabala.

Grayson Banda was was decapitated with his hed left hanging by a thread in the helmet and his limps scattered all over the road. More news to follow. chronicle

ZIMBABWE POLICE launch massive manhunt for three business people who allegedly externalised over US$7,3 million to Botswana

The National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi says there is a massive police manhunt for suspects Delny Deanna Ashley (41), Farid Shahadat (45) and Ryan Gregory Joseph (29), who allegedly externalised over $US7,3 million to Botswana in 2017. in contravention of Section 8(1) paragraph (b) of the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act, Chapter 9:24.
Shahadat, is the director of a gold mining and milling company, Yakuts Marketing (Pvt) Ltd in Bulawayo , Ryan Gregory Joseph and the three suspects deposited a total of US$7 347 886 into Botswana accounts without the approval of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
Anyone with any information about the wanted men or their whereabouts please contact Superintendent Nyamupaguma on 000263 716 800 105 or 000263 712 412 034, CID Commercial Crimes Division northern region on 00263 4 771 994 or the national complaints desk on 00263 4 703631.Chronicle

11 people injured after an unlicensed BMW driver trying to evade a police roadblock made a sudden U-turn and crashed into their truck


ELEVEN people were injured after an unlicensed BMW driver who was allegedly trying to evade a police roadblock made a sudden U-turn and crashed into a truck they were travelling in.
The accident occurred on Monday afternoon along the Bulawayo-Harare Road near One Infantry Brigade.

The truck was travelling to Shangani in Matabeleland South and the BMW was travelling in the same direction, before making a sudden U-turn.

The open truck had 13 people including the driver while the BMW driver was travelling alone.

The 11 people who were injured were all in the truck. Chronicle

‘Anybody who comes to South Africa must know that we are a constitutional State, and we are a law State. Nothing will just be left’-Police Minister Fikile Mbalula

grace-mugabe-Gah-bee (2)
SA police has red alert on Grace Mugabe says Mbalula
Pretoria –
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Police Minister Fikile Mbalula, says South African Police Service are monitoring Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe to ensure that she doesn’t leave South Africa before clearing her name in the matter of assaulting Gabriella Engels.
“I can say to you,the red alert has been put,” Mbalula told reporters in Pretoria.
It is for our investigators who have the case and to engage with her to come and answer in relation to this matter. It is our commitment.”
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text
“We could have long moved and raided on her in terms of the issues, but she has sought to invoke diplomatic immunity.” said Mbalula.
“My job as a minister is to ensure that our citizens are protected without fear or favour, and that is what I must enforce that our police execute. But equally, I don’t want them to bungle and to bring things into disrepute in the country. Anybody who comes to South Africa must know that we are a constitutional State, and we are a law State. Nothing will just be left,” said Mbalula.
. A case has long been opened. It is not just a case of an ordinary person. It has all those implications that must be attended to,” said Mbalula.
Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe arrived in Pretoria last night for the 37th SADC Heads of State and Government Summit, amidst the controversy surrounding his wife Grace.
The victim, twenty-year-old model Gabriella Engels has accused Grace Mugabe of assaulting her while she was visiting Mugabe’s sons in a hotel room in an upscale Johannesburg suburb. The woman claims the first lady’s bodyguards stood by and watched as Mugabe attacked her.
Engels posted several photos on social media showing a gash in her forehead, which she said was a result of the alleged assault.
Source – ANA

‘Nel a top criminal prosecutor who successfully prosecuted ex Police commissioner Selebi for corruption and Oscar Pistorius for murder to announce steps to support Gabriella Engels.’

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Nel is one of this country’s top criminal prosecutors. He successfully prosecuted former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi for corruption and Paralympian Oscar Pistorius for murder.
There is a seeming impasse SA authorities and Mugabe’s team‚ as it is believed she is seeking diplomatic immunity after she was accused of assaulting the 20-year old woman on Sunday night.
The alleged assault had taken place at the Capital 20 West in Sandton. The alleged victim Gabriella Engels‚ said Mugabe had beat her with an electrical extension cord and opened a case of assault against Mugabe on Monday.
Nel will announce how he plans to intervene later on Thursday.
AfriForum issued a media advistory stating: “Advocate Nel will announce at the conference what steps will be taken to support Ms Engels.”
When he began his new job under the helm of the civil society group AfriForum in February — heading a private prosecutions team intended to bring justice to South Africa’s political and economic untouchables — Nel said he firmly believes in the South African justice system and this is a way of assisting the National Prosecuting Authority.
He said it would not attempt to be a parallel justice system — it is a team that would only pick up cases which the NPA selects not to prosecute.
Late last month‚ The Times reported AfriForum’s private prosecutions unit had two potential cases in its sights.
The group’s CEO‚ Kallie Kriel‚ confirmed that the tenacious Nel’s unit was preparing to pursue a criminal as well as a corruption case for private prosecution.
Kriel said they were putting a lot of effort into preparing the cases‚ with an announcement planned in the next three months. sundayworld
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