Jonathan Moyo tells Mugabe how he allegedly tried to form an opposition party UPM with Mnangagwa, piling pressure on the VP.

Jonathan Moyo tells Mugabe how he allegedly tried to form an opposition party UPM with Mnangagwa, piling pressure on the VP.
Moyo made the stunning allegations at an explosive Zanu-PF politburo meeting last Wednesday, where he also revealed how Mnangagwa allegedly funded his 2005 Tsholotsho election campaign where he ran as an independent candidate, numerous ruling party sources have disclosed.
The minister was responding to an equallyhard-hitting presentation by the VP that sought to expose Moyo’s alleged links with the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and disloyalty to Mugabe.
Mnangagwa was giving his eagerly-awaited response to Moyo’s July 19 video presentation at the same platform that painted the VP as someone who had become too impatient to see Mugabe’s back.
Sources said Moyo’s unexpected response left Mnangagwa on the ropes, hours after the same politburo had endorsed plans to turn Zanu-PF’s December conference into a special congress as the former Justice minister’s enemies in the ruling party intensify efforts to finish him off.
Moyo told the meeting that “despite his self-serving claim that he has 40 years of unbroken loyalty to the ruling party and Mugabe, Mnangagwa has not owned up ” to alleged plots to topple the 93-year-old ruler.
The minister said after the so-called Tsholotsho Declaration, where Zanu-PF chairpersons went against the ruling party’s rules trying to push Mnangagwa into the presidium in 2004, “he sponsored independent candidates like me to fight Zanu-PF in the 2005 general election.”
Impeccable sources said Moyo went on to give details of how Mnangagwa allegedly led the formation of the stillborn United People’s Movement (UPM) between 2005 and 2007.
He told the politburo that the UPM’s aim was to topple Mugabe and replace him with Mnangagwa. Mugabe was reportedly angered by the fresh revelations and has demanded that Mnangagwa must explain himself.
Moyo claimed that after the Tsholotsho debacle, the VP tried to engineer a central committee rebellion against Mugabe, before giving a detailed account of how Mnangagwa sponsored his campaign as an independent candidate.
He claimed the VP wanted to use his campaign as a rallying point against the veteran ruler.
The former University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer claimed Mnangagwa bought him a vehicle to use during the campaign, a Toyata Surf.
He said the car was bought through a Mr Mutangi and money for campaign materials such as T-shirts and other incidentals was obtained through a prominent executive at a leading local bank (name supplied).
However, it is the details of the formation of the UPM that allegedly caught Mnangagwa flat-footed and could seal his fate.
“Mnangagwa, you have caused too many people to suffer for your lies,” Moyo allegedly said. “You always sponsor disloyalty to President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, but you never own up for your instigating role.”
Moyo told the meeting Mnangagwa knew that he had first-hand knowledge of his alleged plots against Mugabe.
He said during the 2005 campaign where the former Information minister was running against a Zanu-PF candidate Musa Mathema, Mnangagwa deployed his foot soldiers in the banking and legal sectors to bolster the campaign in Tsholotsho.
“Throughout the planning process, we had several strategising meetings at the residence of a prominent lawyer who is related to you,” Moyo is said to have told the VP.
“But you have not owned up to that. Instead, you have given a presentation that presents you as ‘loyal’ when that is far from the truth”.
Moyo said Mnangagwa had made “noise about hearsay evidence” against him yet he had direct evidence as a “witness and a participant in the schemes against Mugabe”.
The minister said he met Mnangagwa on several occasions at Pearson Mbalekwa’s farm in Kwekwe and July Moyo’s farm, also in the same district, to plot against the Zanu-PF leader.
Mbalekwa, a relative of the VP, was fired from Zanu-PF after the Tsholotsho debacle, while July Moyo is considered a key strategist in Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction.
Moyo said during the meetings, they drafted the policy document and manifesto for the stillborn UPM.
He said while Mnangagwa claimed Moyo had 200 mentions on Wikileaks, where he was passing information to American spies, the VP had more than that number.
He said they allegedly included encounters with “the Rhodesian Colonel Lionel Dyke with whom you engaged in a failed conspiracy to topple President Mugabe in favour of Morgan Tsvangirai in 2002.”
He cited one cable where Mbalekwa explained how Mnangagwa allegedly formed UPM and that he was its leader.
Besides Mbalekwa, sources said, Moyo said many others, including July Moyo, Mabel Chinomona and Daniel Shumba, knew about Mnangagwa’s UPM links.
The sources said Moyo said that “the time has come for you to also carry your cross” after detailing how Mnangagwa allegedly sacrificed others without taking responsibility.
Earlier, the VP had told the politburo that the issue to settle was who was more loyal to Mugabe between him and Moyo. Mnangagwa, sources said, described his nemesis as a mafikizolo (Johnny come-lately) and a CIA spy whose code was 00263.
He said Moyo was allegedly behind the leaking of sensitive state and Zanu-PF secrets. The sources said Mnangagwa said Moyo was disloyal to Mugabe and used articles Moyo published during his time at the UZ in the late 1980s to early 1990s to back his claims.
The VP also cited articles Moyo published between 2005 and 2008 when his rival was an independent MP following his expulsion from Zanu-PF.
He referred to Moyo’s meetings with US diplomats between 2005 and 2008, which were captured in the State Department diplomatic cables release by Wikileaks. He said that was evidence of Moyo’s spying activities.
He charged that Moyo has an inherently treacherous character and cited an entry in a book written by the late Ndabaningi Sithole’s wife, Vesta Suangweme Sithole, one of the source said.
Saungweme Sithole wrote in her memoirs about “Mr Jonathan Moyo”, who was supposed to visit several African countries with her in 1979 to “demonstrate the support that Ndabaningi Sithole had in Rhodesia” on their way to Britain for the Lancaster constitutional talks.
Moyo is said to have responded by saying: “Is every Jonathan Moyo out there because in 1979 he was an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California having started in 1978 after going to America in 1977”.
Mnangagwa also had Moyo on the ropes when he kept reviewing and highlighting the political scientist’ acerbic attacks on Mugabe, especially in 1992 and 1993.
Moyo told the politburo he had on numerous occasions owned up to his published record and “will continue to do that as many times as necessary.”
He said on the other hand, Mnangagwa continued to falsely present himself as squeaky clean with an unbroken record of loyalty to Mugabe, but his UPM role was evidence of his disloyalty and treachery.
Moyo declared that “there are too many participants who know about Mnangagwa’s involvement in the opposition party whom he said are itching to testify”.
Sources said Mnangagwa remained stone-faced during Moyo’s charge and did not respond, while Mugabe appeared to be angered by the “eyewitness account.”
Axed Public Service minister Prisca Mupfumira was told to shut up by Mugabe after she tried to take the fight to G40, sources said.
Meanwhile, sources said Mnangagwa had suffered a severe blow at the start of the politburo meeting when Zanu-PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo presented that plans for the party’s conference had been put on hold to make way for an extraordinary congress.
Chombo said the congress would be held in Harare after the majority of Zanu-PF’s provinces petitioned for the event to confirm Mugabe as the party’s candidate for the 2018 elections.
Mugabe wants to use the congress to consolidate his power, which will enable him to choose his preferred successor, widely believed to be Sydney Sekeramayi.
Sources said Mnangagwa was caught unawares by Chombo’s report.
After the politburo endorsed Chombo’s report, Mnangawa took the floor to present his response to Moyo.
Moyo is said to have raised what he said was “a point in limine”, arguing that the matter was sub judice as Mnangagwa sued him over the July 19 video.
Sources said Mugabe quizzed both Mnangagwa and Moyo on what aspects of the presentation were sub judice. The Zanu-PF leader is said to have bemoaned the alleged abuse of the politburo by people taking its matters to the courts.
He then ordered Mnangagwa to proceed with his presentation without making references to Godfrey Majonga. Source – the standard
photo-VP Mnangagwa and Professor Jonathan Moyo

AFRICA TERRORISM ATTACK: 189 People killed in Mogadishu truck bomb, the deadliest attack ever to hit Somalia, 200 injured

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President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has declared three days of national mourning for victims of the deadliest attack ever to hit Somalia.
The massive truck bomb, targeted a busy area in the Mogadishu’s Hodan district, killing at least 189 people and injured 200 others and the toll is expected to rise in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.
The Somalia president has joined joined thousands of Somalian people who swiftly responded to desperate calls by Somalia’s hospitals for donations of blood to treat the wounded victims of the bombing.
It is reported that the police said security forces had been in pursuit of the suspicious truck but failed to stop the horrendous attack at the largely destroyed Safari Hotel, which is situated near Somalia’s foreign ministry, which left vehicle and building wreckage death and injury, with many dying at hospital and others arriving without limbs.
Somalia’s security forces and at least 20,000 African Union (AU) forces and US drone attacks have been targeted at the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremist group which is blamed for the attack but is yet to comment or accept responsibility. More news to follow.
photo– ITV-The search for survivors of the horrendous bombing in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia

The removal of Mugabe cannot be narrowed to an event like elections. This is a process that must see to the removal of the despot, his Zim1 family , Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats.

happyton-bonyongwe-constantine-chiwenga-robert-mugabe-cio-590 (1)

The removal of Mugabe cannot be narrowed to an event like elections. This is a process that must see to the removal of the despot, his Zim1 family , Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats. For 38 years we have focused on removing these criminals in a single ballot, repeatedly cheated as Mugabe stole each election and we would in turn sit back and wait until the next election, in point, how ready are opposition right now after losing the 31 July 2013 ‘NIKUV’ ballot? The state of opposition MDC alliance, Tsvangirai’s health, and ongoing confusion, all point at Grace Mugabe having a better chance of leading Zimbabwe as the next president and not what the people dream of, such as a democrat in power. The whole animal (Alpha Omega) farm circus must go! Wake up Zimbabwe! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

ZIMBABWE ASKS, was Ian Smith right when he said that Black majority rule would lead to the lowering of standards’?..DISCUSS!

‘TM PicknPay in Bulawayo is allegedly continuously replacing Ndebele speaking workers with Shona speakers’

TM PicknPay in Bulawayo is rocked by serious tribalism where a number of Ndebele speaking workers are reportedly continuously being replaced by Shona speakers, a victim of the dump has said.
The victim who asked to remain anonymous said when people from Bulawayo and surrounding environs complain of being victimized they are labelled all sorts of names and dismissed as being tribal while blatant tribal segregation is happening to them with impunity, everyday.
“The same old tribal song of segregation has like cancer begun to eat away all industries. TM hyper is chasing all workers employed by former branch manager replacing them with non Ndebele speaking people, while other smaller minorities are also victimised. Observe till operators being trained, where are the local people who speak multi-languages?,’ he said.
“TM hyper management is openly exercising gross violation of human rights to subordinates with an intent to frustrate locals and replace them with Shona speaking employees as part of the Grand Plan. Till operators are having to work long hours, nearly 14 hours without acknowledgement of times with no lunch hour break. Abuse emanating from them being constantly reminded that there is high unemployment in Zimbabwe and they are the few lucky Ndebeles to be working otherwise they can as well follow their cousins to South Africa.”
He said the situation is getting worse everyday and the place which once flourished as a local employer is clearly turning into a tribal tinderbox and joining the norm of companies operating operating in Bulawayo which have often been accused by Civil Society organizations and local stakeholders of practicing Tribal Segregation.
“Matabeleland and the World must stand up to all this continuing genocide it has gone on for far too long,” he said.
Source – Byo24News

A State House Zimbabwe Republic Police member (47) appeared in Court charged with assaulting his wife over a missing US$1.

The suspect, Tawanda Ndahwi, pleaded guilty to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Annie Ndiraya, who remanded him to Monday for sentencing.
Allegations are that on October 9 this year at around 11am, Ndahwi came home and accused his wife, Ndakaitei Kalinga, of stealing $1 from the room divider.
The State alleges Kalinga denied the accusation and asked Ndahwi to inquire from their son, but the money could not be found prompting Ndahwi to get angry.
Ndahwi is then said to have taken his aton and bashed Kalinga several times all over, resulting in the wife sustaining injuries on the head and left leg.
After the assault, Kalinga proceeded to Parirenyatwa Police Post, where she reported the matter and was referred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for medical examination.
Hatizivo Chatikobo appeared for the State. By Desmond Chingarande

A 33 year old Nkayi Matebeleland North based nurse was brutally murdered by her 50 year old married lover after ending their five year adulterous relationship.

Tawanda-Mahohoma-next-the-late-Brilliant-Ngwenya-body (1)
A 33 year old Nkayi Matebeleland North based nurse was brutally murdered by her 50 year old married lover after ending their five year adulterous relationship.
The man Tawanda Mahohoma (50) used an iron bar to assault the nurse Brilliant Ngwenya (33) outside her house at Nkayi Business centre on Tuesday around 4pm.
Ms Ngwenya is a nurse who had been stationed at Hwange originally but was reposted to Nkayi, then recently informed Tawanda Mahohoma that she was terminating the relationship as she had discovered that he was married and had even obtained a peace order against him.
Mahohoma could not stomach it and returned to Nkayi on the fateful day where he was seen in the area searching for her, carrying an iron bar and even spent time drinking at the business centre and as she left her work place, he assaulted her heavily with the iron bar without saying a word. When she was lying down he then continued to bash her head with a brick.
Some passers by attempted to assist the lady but Tawanda Mahohoma was too powerful for them and they rushed to the nearby Nkayi police base but police assistance arrived to find the nurse already dead. More news to follow. source Whinsley Masara.
picture- The murderer Tawanda Mahohoma (50) sitting beside the dead nurse’s body lying in the street

National People’s Party Joyinani Mlilo accuses party Leader Joice Mujuru of pushing Zanu PF agendas using the unsuspecting NPP members.

Joice-Mujuru-3000 (1)  final, final, final
A member of the National People’s Party Joyinani Mlilo has written a letter to the party Leader Joice Mujuru accusing her of pretending to be a leader of the opposition party when infact she is pushing Zanu PF agendas using the unsuspecting members.
“I am sorry to write to you but there is nothing I can do because we do not have an elected PEC in Harare. We gave each other positions in the instigation of your office as purported. I am quitting National People’s Party with immediate effect,” he said.
“You pretend to lead an opposition party but behind the scenes you work with the ruling party, Zanu Pf. You are a disgrace to change which everyone is longing for. I am very bitter and it is so painful to leave the party which I worked for from its inception long before you joined us. NPP (Zimpf) was founded on social media long before you joined us. You lied to the whole world that Dydimus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo wanted to oust you after failing to understand what they were saying that Dzikamai Mavhaire is a divisive character. I am not blaming anyone within the party but myself and you because we let the people of Zimbabwe down but the former being the chief culprit.”
“I will miss everyone in NPP but not you, Samuel Sipepa the smuggled one, Sarapavana Mvundura, Dzikilo Dzikamai Madress. I will forever cherish the good times we had but every beginning has an ending. I personally wrote to you about the embezzlement of funds by your confused MDC-T reject Friday Muleya who has destroyed Harare Province the same way Zanu Pf has done to Zimbabwe but you acted as if you are baba Chatunga and converged a meeting to discuss about me saying “munhu makamuwanepi uyu”. Is it wrong to tell you our grievances?”
He said John Mvundura tells people to fund the party where do Mujuru think they get those funds when everyone is surviving on less than one dollar per day?
“If we say something constructive your stupid bootlickers label us CIOs. I have since noticed that NPP is not for the people of Zimbabwe but the Nzous,you,Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire and that lawyer who have never won a single case in his career,”pachinzou chenyu”.The people’s party has become a heaven of positions only and nothing on the ground. If I am not telling the truth tell me one constituency or ward which is fully structured. When we talk of resources we do not mean money to feed our families but for mobilisation. We have used our resources for quite a long time now but you yourself do not even want to part ways with a single coin but you are the one who want to take Mr Robert Mugabe’s position,” he said.
“Your confidante Petronella Musarurwa was recently appointed by Mr Mugabe to the land commission and you said nothing about it,meaning you want to take everyone back to Zanu Pf through the back door but forgetting that not everyone in our constituencies knows that we are still Zanu Pf. We spent the whole day in April voting for our national top six including you and using our resources but you were given the powers to fire the treasurer we voted for,Mr Wilbert Mubaiwa and you did it. Mavhaire summoned all provincial chairmen on convention day and told them to say we went through the draft constitution,kunyepera vanhu.You promised to drill boreholes in St Mary’s at a rally in Chitungwiza but you later said its Mubaiwa.”
He said everyone who happens to see things in a different way in her party is a CIO, he do not know the meaning of those initials.
“If I want to go back to Zanu Pf I do not need anyone to take me there through the back door but myself only. People have exposed themselves for nothing and you know it. I brought those people whom you see everyday going to your farm squattered along Masvingo road before tollgate in November last year and you lied to them. A serious leader cannot dump the likes of Dydimus Mutasa,Rugare Gumbo, Temba Mliswa, Revesayi Mutede, Marakia Bomani, Jonathan Chando, Setfree Mafukidze, Ray Kaukonde, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Jealousy Mawarire, Jim Kunaka, Bright Matonga Wilbert Mubaiwa, Cuthbert Ncube,to mention but a few and believe in the likes of failures like Sipepa, Mavhaire and Mvundura,” he said.
“I wish you good luck but as long party members do not have regalia,membership cards and so forth you are going nowhere. Zanu Pf gives people fertilisers and the like and you expect people to just go to the people nemuromo,its impossible munokuvadzisa vanhu mahara imi muchiguta. I have an audio of Mavhaire threatening Badza of Masvingo towards elections is that democracy? I am nothing in politics but I want to tell you that in my constituency,Harare South forget and smile you will never get anything except the tollgate which you can pass through going to your farm. Never ever take advantage of the situation and think that people will just vote for you for nothing.”
He said if Mujuru gets time she must send her emissaries to Harare South and see what types of cars the youths are driving while Mvundura is commuting, so how can they bring such a person to NPP? by Stephen Jakes. Source – Byo24News

Discredited state media and a vibrant social media will draw more draconian laws enacted for intimidating and silencing the masses

chinamasa (1)
MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chiwayi has said the Cabinet reshuffle is a ploy by Zanu PF to steal 2018 elections because President Robert Mugabe’s new cabinet is a strategic approach to plan on how they should rig the elections as he has appointed a Central Intelligence Organisation boss to the Justice Ministry.
“The MDC notes with trepidation President Mugabe’s cabinet reshuffling and new appointments. It is clear that far from being appointed or reassigned to address the many problems affecting the country these appointments were specifically put in place to try and steal the election for Zanu PF come 2018 through hook or crook,” he said.
“The sinister motives of the so called reshuffle is evidenced by the appointment of CIO boss Major …. Bonyongwe into the Justice Ministry, which by one stroke has reduced the courts and other vital public institutions into CIO projects. Additionally, the creation of a whole new bogus ministry, the Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat detection and Mitigation whose sole purpose is to clamp down on free flow of information on social media signals a whole new level of desperation by the President Mugabe.”
“We are failing to fathom the logic behind the creation of this ministry when already there is an ICT ministry which runs POTRAZ that regulates internet usage and postal communication flows.”
He said it is clear that social media has sent panic waves in the Zanu PF camp after the realisation that their discredited state media is no longer the only game in town, and suffering Zimbabweans have found alternative platforms where they can freely express their views and mobilise against President Mugabe’ misrule.
“It is clear that very soon we will begin to hear from this bogus ministry of more draconian laws enacted for the specific purpose of intimidating and silencing the masses,” he said.
“The MDC finds the creation of this ministry as absurd especially as it comes at a time when we are running up to elections and citizens are supposed to be free to disseminate information and mobilise in in the spirit of democracy.”
He said what is sad also sad to note is that the newly appointed ministers are set to receive new top of the range vehicles and other high maintanance pecks in ministerial privileges which is self evidently a plot to bring Mugabe’s close cronies into the looting wagon given the uncertainty of the outcome of the 2018 election for the failed ruling party.
“The MDC would hence like to call upon every Zimbabwean to take heed of the call to register to vote ahead of the 2018 elections and remove from power President Mugabe and his incompetent lot in Zanu PF,” he said. by Stephen Jakes
Source – Byo24News

Having failed to push Mugabe out, stooges want a handpicked successor ‘Grace’, in special and extraordinary elective congress in December.

Harare – Zimbabwe’s ruling, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) may have decided to finally deal with succession disputes in the party decisively, Khuluma Afrika reported.
According to impeccable sources, Provincial coordinating committees (PCCs) have been rolled out and instructed to launch a campaign for a special and extraordinary elective congress in December this year.
If held, the congress may see President Robert Mugabe stepping down ahead of the 2018 elections and pave way for a new leader after 37 yrs in power.
This comes at a time when Mugabe appears to have succumbed to overtures and pressure from his wife, the first lady of the Republic, Grace Mugabe and her Generation 40 (G40) allies, who have been calling for him to name a successor, and to fire his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Since July of this year, Grace Mugabe has been calling on Mugabe to handpick a successor, in a heated contradiction, which led to Mugabe reminding supporters of his party that Zimbabwe was not a monarch at a rally held in Bindura.
Mugabe has repeatedly insisted for years that his successor would be chosen by the ballot box at congress, arguing that the constitution of the country did not permit him the proverbial God’s hand of cherry picking who takes over after him.
Khuluma Afrika was able to confirm that on Wednesday when Zanu PF’s highest decision making body the politburo met, the party’s national commissar and G40 leader according to Mugabe, Saviour Kasukuwere, attempted to smuggle the issue of a special congress into the agenda.
Kasukuwere reportedly had the support of three provinces.
His suggestion however failed, after Mugabe reminded him that his motion did not have sufficient backing.
“Such a motion would require majority provinces (5) to support it,” Mugabe reportedly added.
According to inside sources, Mugabe’s wife, and her friends from the G40 faction feel they are best placed to ambush Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, long touted as a potential successor.
“Mai Mugabe feels now is the time to get rid of Mnangagwa, she feels her three year assault is ripe, and she wants to handpick a successor who she can control while Mugabe is still alive”, stated an insider from the politburo.
“They have failed in all their means to convince Mugabe to fire him. But, they know they can arm-twist people who are afraid of voting against Mugabe to vote for a handpicked successor.” the insider added. Source –
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