US Gvt Urged To Influence Bretton Woods Institutions To Block New Lending To Zimbabwe

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Government has castigated the United States for meddling in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs in a way that seeks to weaken the country’s sovereign status and reverse its successful land reform programme.This was after the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations chairman Mr Bob Corker wrote a letter to that country’s secretary for Treasury Mr Jacob Lew on January 28, 2016 urging the US government to use its influence at the Bretton Woods institutions to block any new lending to Zimbabwe until the country met Washington’s preferred conditions.

The terms were listed as restoration of the rule of law, electoral reforms, the reversal of land reform and security sector reform. New lending to Zimbabwe by the global financial institutions is based on the country’s international debt clearance strategy presented recently by Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa.

Among other conditions, Mr Corker said any new lending to Zimbabwe should be preceded by what he called clear benchmarks for the restoration of the rule of law, credible process of accountability for missing revenue from diamonds and official acknowledgement of alleged past gross human rights abuses.

Reacting to Mr Corker’s letter yesterday, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe said the letter confirmed attempts by the US to meddle in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.

Minister Mushohwe said by making such absurd proposals, the US also inadvertently admitted that its sanctions on Zimbabwe were real, contrary to the claim that they were targeted.

“The letter dated 28 January, 2016, by Bob Corker, chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, to the US Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew, concerning Zimbabwe’s efforts at clearing her arrears and securing new lines of credit from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and the African Development Bank once again reveals and confirms US attempts at gross interference in the internal politics of our country, Zimbabwe, contrary to norms of international relations,” he said.

“Much worse, it reveals US control of what are supposed to be international financial institutions, including seeking to turn regime change in independent-minded African countries like Zimbabwe.

“The statement leaves no one in doubt about the reality of country sanctions, contrary to claims that these are targeted, or that Zimbabwe is being denied lines of credit for failing to service its arrears.

“What lies at the heart of the US foreign policy towards Zimbabwe, is the vain hope for regime change through sanctions-aggravated social conditions, which the US hopes will benefit the opposition. “The ultimate objective is to reverse the land reform (programme) and to weaken Zimbabwe’s status as a sovereign, independent African state.”

Minister Mushohwe said it was also clear that the claims of re-engagement by the US were mere rhetoric. Said Minister Mushohwe: “Much worse, it leaves Government with the impression that the impending visit by the US congressmen is a side drama bereft of any real serious constructive intentions.

“Zimbabweans are reminded once more to look in other directions for economic recovery and assistance, including intensifying the Look East Policy thrust as well as concentrating on internally generated recovery through Zim-Asset.”

In his letter, Mr Corker made it clear that he was not happy with the Government of Zimbabwe as led by President Mugabe. He claimed any new lending without “reforms” could alter political dynamics in Zimbabwe and help to entrench President Mugabe’s rule.

“I write regarding reports that the IMF, World Bank and the African Development Bank may proceed with a process to allow for clearance of the Government of Zimbabwe’s $1,9 billion in unpaid arrears to those institutions,” said Mr Corker.

“While the willingness of a country to meet its debt obligations should normally be embraced, in this case, arrears clearance will allow for new lending to the Government of Zimbabwe. Without meaningful progress toward long-awaited reforms by the Mugabe regime, new lending could significantly alter internal political dynamics and help entrench the very same individuals responsible for the economic collapse and gross human rights violations.

“This is a moment when Zimbabwe’s political future is highly uncertain but history has shown little prospect for genuine progress and great likelihood of further repression and mis-governance.

“The administration should use its voice and vote at these international financial institutions as well as its influence with creditors to ensure that any new lending to the Government of Zimbabwe, including lending intended to relieve existing barriers to lending, be preceded by meaningful progress toward clear benchmarks for the restoration of the rule of law in Zimbabwe, including respect for private property, free press, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, a credible process of accountability for missing revenue from diamonds and a monitored plan for capturing future revenues and official acknowledgement of past gross human rights abuses and a demonstration that the Government of Zimbabwe is prepared to make an earnest effort to remedy those abuses such as clear steps to hold accountable those responsible for the massacres of more than 20 000 people in Matabeleland in the 1980s and for the disappearance in March, 2015 of human rights activist Itai Dzamara.”

Mr Corker further said: “Current law requires the President to make a number of certifications including the restoration of the rule of law in Zimbabwe, satisfactory election conditions in that country, equitable, legal and transparent land reform and the subordination of the security force to civilian authority as the necessary conditions for a US vote in support of Zimbabwe’s arrears clearance at an international financial institution. We urge the Treasury to act quickly to raise the lack of clear meaningful governance and economic reforms with the IMF, World Bank and the African Development Bank and to encourage creditors to require such reforms before supporting any new lending to the Government of Zimbabwe.”

Seasoned diplomat with respected acumen in international relations Chris Mutsvangwa took a swipe on the stance taken by the US. Said Mutsvangwa: “This is neo-imperial nostalgia by those who still wear the garb of a by-gone era when they craved the role of masters of the universe.

“The world has since moved with the economic dominance that was the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Group of Seven in inexorable retreat. In pleasing ascendancy is the G20 that embraces global second economy China, India and other emergent economic players.

“The current re-engagement in financial diplomacy with the IMF and other Bretton Woods institutions is only possible because gritty Zimbabwe and its plucky populace have defied odds to survive and dispense with the nemesis of regime change.

“We are not objects of the largesse of charity by tormentors turned benefactors. Lest those vindictive congressmen note, Zimbabwe is a bona fide member of the global financial community and is negotiating that which we are rightly entitled to.” Source: the herald

‘In Harlem (USA), Blacks, Suffer, Diseases & Murders Galore, Yet US Come With Regime Change’-Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

Individualists and factionalists have no place in the Zanu-PF government and people should respect the leadership appointed at the party’s 2014 National People’s Congress, President Robert Mugabe said yesterday. Addressing hundreds of Zanu-PF supporters at the Harare International Airport on his return from the 26th Ordinary Summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Mugabe warned those denigrating his appointees that they would soon fall by the wayside.

The President, whose one-year tenure as AU chairman ended over the weekend when he handed the baton to Chad’s President Idriss Déby, said those with eccentric thoughts should repent, drive the Zanu-PF empowerment agenda in peace or risk being chucked out.

“We must reject selfishness, We should reject factionalism,” he said. “Our youths shouldn’t be used and misled. They should always remember that it’s the will of the people which should lead us, for us to push forward our resolutions and targets we give ourselves at the Congresses.

“If we unite, women on this hand and the youths on the other hand, we will achieve our goals. Now if we start fighting, some are fighting here, some are insulting each other in newspapers, there’s no respect any more, we just insult each other, even the leaders aren’t shown respect. What have we done? We don’t want that!”

He added: “We need unity in the country, province by province. Not to have a province which says we stand for this and our leaders are so and so. There are no other leaders other than the ones we were given by the Central Committee. Leaders are chosen at the Congress, that’s where we drop those we don’t need.”

President Mugabe, whose address centred on unity, said while differences existed “here and there”, in the end people should be guided by the country’s principles and resolutions.

“We want to correct each other. to pull in the right direction,” he said. “If ideas are different, people do sit down and share thoughts and choose the best idea to push forward our developmental agenda.

“We don’t want those that say what I think is right, no one will remove me from my position. Zimbabwe has principles and resolutions; this is what has taken us this far. Since time immemorial, we were united, yes there were differences and those on the wrong fell by the wayside.”

President Mugabe took time to brief party supporters on the deliberations of Heads of State and Government at the AU Summit, with emphasis on value addition and beneficiation of raw materials and the need to reform the United Nations Security Council.

“We’re obliged to reform our way of doing things,” he said. “It shouldn’t just be farming and mining only, we need to establish industries. We should stop exporting raw materials before refining them. If it’s cotton, it means they should come and buy clothes from us.

“Where we’re not able to do that, we get into partnership with progressive countries like India and China and others then we manufacture those things we buy outside.”

Value addition and beneficiation, the President said, created employment, added knowledge to locals and resulted in the realisation of high rewards.

He said the Western world still had the slavery mentality and did not want to see the development of any black society.

President Mugabe said the West wanted to remain on top of the situation and was now using non-governmental organisations to achieve regime change in independent countries.

“In Harlem (United States), they (blacks) are suffering, diseases and murders are galore,” he said. “Right now they’re coming with regime change, wanting to remove elected governments. In Africa, NGOs have flooded the continent and here (Zimbabwe) alone there are more than 3,000. When they want to come they should be guided by our laws.”

The President said African nations were equal and they should assist each other in times of need. He said peace was vital for development and countries should always work together in tackling any crisis.

“If you’re hungry where ever you are, I must know about it here,” he said. “Your problems are my problems too and my problems should also be yours. For us to achieve this in our countries, we need peace. No contention and fights. (We don’t want) those who come outside (like) Boko Haram,  Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, we should assist each other to stop these terrorists.

“The same applies to diseases; we should do it the way we tackled Ebola. We united to ensure countries affected live and work freely.” President Mugabe cherished the standing ovations and thunderous applause he received from Heads of State and Government when he opened the Summit on Saturday saying, “Zimbabwe had been put on top.”

On the inequality in the UN Security Council, President Mugabe reiterated that it was time African countries got permanent seats with veto powers or the continent pulls out of the United Nations.

Britain, China, France, Russia and the US are the only veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council.

China and Russia have been open to discussing reforms, as have emerging powers like India and Brazil who also want seats on the Security Council.

President Mugabe was welcomed by his two deputies, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, several government ministers and service chiefs on his arrival from Ethiopia. By Felex Share – Source-Chronicle

More Than 32Trillion Litres Of Raw Sewage Flow Into US Waterways Annually

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There is growing concern about the pollution on the Anacostia river, the capital, Washington in the United States of America.  Every year, at  least 32 trillion litres of raw sewage and toxic materials flow into US waterways each year, destroying the quality of water as human waste and toxic materials build up on the river threatening water life such as fish.By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-a cleanlife,-Trash on the Anacostia River after a rainstorm.

500, 000, 184 Sign Petition To Parliarment To Block Donald Trump Entry To UK

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A petition normally needs a minimum of 100, 000 signatures before paliarment considers it for debate and amazingly , within a few days of US Billionaire, ‘Donal Trump’ calling for a complete ban of all Muslims entering the US,  over half a million signatures (500,000,184) have been gathered on a petition to the UK parliarment, calling for him to be blocked from entering the UK for uttering ‘hate speech’.

Exclusion Ideology By Trump, Hitler And Mugabe ….. ‘The Culture Of Hate’.

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People like Trump, Hitler, Mugabe … and yes some right here in South Africa … will find something, real or imagined, to found and promote “nationalism”.
Trump is promoting American nationalism, using the politics of fear. Ian Smith did the same thing in Rhodesia by promoting White nationalism.

Hitler promoted German nationalism under the Nazi flag.
Here we have the various African tribes amalgamated under the “black” flag for the purposes of “Black nationalism”.
“Black” and “Nazi” were/are not race or ethnic groupings. They are simply brand names used to amalgamate human groupings such as tribes.

What all these ploys have in common is the element of “exclusion”, i.e, they are intended to exclude other humans that do not fall under the flag/label.
Those that do not fall under the label then fall to be discriminated against (apartheid), victimized (Mugabe), persecuted and even exterminated (Hitler).
Sadly South Africa is also going down that route.

The ANC government is excusing its 21 year failures by promoting “Black nationalism” in terms of which the Whites are being posited as the very bad “haves”, just as Hitler did as regards the Jews and Mugabe did as regards the Whites. Even the internationally revered Mandela is being demonized as having “sold out” to the bad Whites.

So Trump is useful in that, if you think about it, you will see the parallel right here in SA. We are on a very dangerous path, made more dangerous because most South Africans are simply not aware of its implications.

Those that support Trump are also not aware of its evil implications … just as most Germans were not to start with.
So in condemning Trump we need to look ourselves in the mirror By Chris Greenland.
photo-Donald Trump -telegraph

‘Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Urges Complete Ban On Muslims Entering USA’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Monday called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States in the most dramatic response by a candidate yet to last week’s shooting spree by two Muslims who the FBI said had been radicalized.

“We have no choice,” Trump said at a rally in South Carolina, warning of more Sept. 11-style attacks if stern measures are not taken.

Trump’s statement on “preventing Muslim immigration” drew swift and fierce blowback from many directions, including the White House, rivals for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican former Vice President Dick Cheney, who said the idea “goes against everything we stand for and believe in.”

“Donald Trump is unhinged. His ‘policy’ proposals are not serious,” Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said in a tweet.

Other social media reaction led hashtags such as #racism, #fascism and #bigot to trend heavily.

Withering reaction also came from Ohio Governor John Kasich, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Trump, the billionaire developer and former reality TV star who frequently uses racially charged rhetoric, called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,” Trump said.

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, asked in an email if the shutdown would apply specifically to immigration or more broadly to student visas, tourists and other travelers to the United States, replied: “Everyone.”

In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Trump dismissed his critics. He told a rally that mosques in the United States should also be scrutinized. “We have to see what’s happening,” he said.

Trump went farther than other Republican candidates, who have called for a suspension of a plan by President Barack Obama to bring into the United States as many as 10,000 Syrian refugees fleeing their country’s civil war and Islamic State militants.

The United Nations refugee agency said such rhetoric was harming that resettlement programme. The International Organization for Migration responded to Trump’s comments by saying any discrimination based on religion went against all international accords on dealing with refugees.

Trump’s remarks followed last week’s massacre in San Bernardino, California, by a Muslim couple. The husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, was U.S.-born. The wife, Tashfeen Malik, was born in Pakistan and came to the United States from Saudi Arabia. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Monday the couple had been radicalized.


Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton tweeted that Trump’s idea was “reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive.” Keywords trending on social media after Trump’s statement included Hitler, shutdown and immigration.

But conservative pundit Ann Coulter wrote “GO TRUMP, GO!” on the social media site.

Nihad Awad, national executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, blasted Trump.

“This is outrageous coming from someone who wants to assume the highest office in the land. It is reckless and simply un-American. Donald Trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours,” Awad said.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told MSNBC that Trump is “seeking to tap into a darker side, a darker element, and try to play on people’s fears in order to build support for his campaign.”

Obama on Sunday night in an Oval Office address called on Americans to be tolerant of fellow citizens regardless of their religion.

Trump’s aim is to bolster his position among conservative voters who have kept him atop opinion polls of Republican voters for months, to the point that establishment Republicans fret he could win the nomination and do so poorly in the general election next November that Republicans could not only lose the White House but also control of Congress.

Whether Trump will pay a price for the move is unclear. He has shown a proclivity toward insulting people with no penalty, from saying a storied Vietnam veteran, Senator John McCain, is not a hero to blasting Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found stark differences between Republicans and Democrats in how they view Muslims. The poll, which was conducted after last week’s San Bernardino, California, attacks, found that 69 percent of Republicans expressed at least some fears of Muslims, compared with 39 percent of Democrats.

Trump said in an interview on Fox News that his proposal would not prevent Muslims who are serving overseas in the U.S. military from returning and would not apply to people already living in the country, “except that we have to be vigilant,” he said.

To support his proposal, Trump pointed to data from the conservative think-tank Center for Security Policy indicating that a quarter of Muslims in a poll thought violence against Americans was justified.

The center’s president, Frank Gaffney Jr., has been critical of Muslims in America, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group, calls him “one of America’s most notorious Islamaphobes.”

South Carolina’s Graham tweeted that Trump has “gone from making absurd comments to being downright dangerous with his bombastic rhetoric.”

Ohio’s Kasich said: “This is just more of the outrageous divisiveness that characterizes his every breath and another reason why he is entirely unsuited to lead the United States.”

A spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, Doug Watts, said Carson did not believe that religion should be a litmus test for entry to the country but said everyone visiting the United States should be monitored during their stay, saying that is the case in many countries.

Washington, by Steve Holland and Emily Stephenson (Additional reporting by, Emily Flitter, in NewYork and Alana Wise, Ginger Gibson and Roberta Rampton in Washington: Editing by Jonathan Oatis and Leslie Adler). source-reuters

‘Chris Rock Faces Charges Over Illegal Adoption Of Zimbabwean Child’

Chris Rock and daughter Ntombi
A TOP US actor Chris Rock is facing criminal investigation for illegally adopting a child with Zimbabwean roots.

According to media reports, Rock is facing a full-scale criminal investigation over raising the little girl at his American home for almost seven years without adopting her. The girl was born by a Zimbabwean woman and a South African man. Her parents live in South Africa where the actor took the child, about seven years ago.

The comedian and his estranged wife’s relationship with Ntombi-futhi Samantha is being looked into by an elite South African police unit over concerns she was taken out of the country without proper legal procedures being followed.

One officer compared the potential offence to ”child trafficking”. The seven-year-old had been part of Rock’s family since November 2008, when he and Malaak Compton-Rock brought her from South Africa to live in their home in Alpine, New Jersey, one of America’s most affluent areas, with their two biological daughters.

Compton-Rock subsequently described the South African girl as one of the couple’s three children. But the comedian and his philanthropist wife split last year, and the girl’s legal status has now become part of the divorce.

Compton-Rock is now in the process of legally adopting the child in the United States, while it has been reported that the girl entered the US on a leisure travel visa, not as a prospective adoptee. Her lawyer last week told the media in the US that there was nothing wrong with the “adoption” as the processing of papers was underway, further dismissing prospects of prosecution.

However, MailOnline revealed that the Hawks, South Africa’s elite police unit, has become involved in the wider investigation already under way in South Africa.

Government agencies were alerted by American authorities to questions over the girl’s legal status and have asked for answers — leading to the issue being raised with the country’s elite police unit.

A member of the Hawks team — which is tasked with investigating South Africa’s most high profile and sensitive crimes — confirmed to MailOnline the case had been raised in a recent meeting after the country’s interior ministry — the Department of Home Affairs — began its own probe.

“It sounded like a strange case and it has been flagged up to us. We are awaiting more details from Home Affairs who are looking into how this came about,” the detective told MailOnline.

“Whatever arrangement there was between the Rocks and the parents of the child, laws are in place to prevent parents from allowing their children to travel overseas indefinitely with third parties. It seems there has not been regular contact with the biological parents and if money changed hands, or even gifts in return for the child staying with other people overseas, it sounds very much like child trafficking,” they added.

A spokesman for South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs confirmed that it was now investigating the issue, along with the department of Social Development. Neither has criminal powers.

They will have to get to the bottom of a series of conflicting claims about the girl made by Compton-Rock. In 2010 Rock stirred up speculation that the little girl was a secret love child after he was photographed leaving New York City’s Trump International Hotel with her.

His spokesman at that point told People magazine at the time that she was “the daughter of a family friend from South Africa who Compton-Rock met through her charity endeavours.”

Later that year philanthropist Compton-Rock told the mybrownbaby blog: “My brown babies are Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah. We also have Ntombi, who is two years old and from South Africa. She visits our family often and is our pride and joy.”

But she dedicated her 2010 book If It Takes a Village, Build One to Rock and “my daughters” Lola Simone, Zahra Savannah and Ntombi-futhi Samantha. She said Ntombi was the “newest addition to our family.”

The girl was enrolled in a school in New Jersey, has been on family holidays and is a regular with the couple’s “other” daughters at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

At an LA Lakers’ game she watched from the front row on Rock’s knee. And in 2013 she was pictured with Compton-Rock on holiday in Hawaii.

To adopt a child in South Africa, would-be parents must follow four steps. They must submit an application through an accredited adoption agency.

They are then screened in meetings with a social worker, have medical examinations, marriage and psychological assessments, home visits and police checks. Adopters are then usually put onto a waiting list. Finally their application goes through the children’s court, where the adoption will be agreed by a judge.

Adopting internationally is more complicated with the application being made in the US in the case of the Rocks.

Rock’s wife has been involved in charity work. In 2008 she began the Angel Rock Project and described the charity as ”an e-village promoting everything to do with service, humanity, peace, equality, social responsibility, and sustainable change”.

The same year she launched Journey For Change, which saw ”at risk” children taken from New York, to Johannesburg for a fortnight in August.

During the trip, the group visited the Salvation Army Bushwick Community Centre, as well as Diepsloot and Soweto townships. A month earlier, her now-estranged husband had been in the country to do four dates in his No Apologies tour, with the final two nights in Johannesburg.

Ntombi was born in February of that year. It is unclear when the Rocks met her parents in South Africa — but the first picture of the girl appeared on Compton-Rock’s Facebook page in August of the same year.

It is believed that they met the girl for the first time in June when she was four months old. In November, when she was nine months, they took her home to New Jersey.

Ntombi’s natural father, MailOnline can reveal, is Crispen Khanyile, who was working as a waiter at the luxury five-star Saxon Hotel in Sandhurst in Johannesburg in June 2008. It has been claimed that Rock was staying at the Saxon in June and had been served by Khanyile, who befriended the star. A hotel source told MailOnline how Khanyile was a fan of the comedian and had brought his two daughters to the hotel to meet him.

The hotel source revealed: “Crispen is a friendly guy. He came to know Chris and the conversation turned to their children. A day or so later, Crispen brought his kids in to meet him.”

Khanyile, originally from KwaZulu-Natal on the east coast, is now unemployed and is an amateur photographer. He runs a Facebook page called Dr Love offering love and sex advice.

He has separated from Ntombi’s mother Thusang Precious Ndebele, who is from Zimbabwe and lives in a run-down flat in Johannesburg. The couple have three children. Last year private investigators were hired — it is not clear by whom — to trace Ntombi’s natural parents. Ndebele was found to be living alone in a dilapidated flat in a block in downtown Johannesburg.
It was described by the investigation team as “not conducive to human living, not safe for children.” The investigators reported that she locked the children alone in their tiny flat for hours while she travelled to the Diepsloot township on the edge of the crime-ridden city to sell second-hand clothes on a stall.

Kingdom Mabena, who has worked as a caretaker at the block for years, said the mother and children had moved out some months ago.

He told MailOnline: “She didn’t have any money, she was poor, like the rest of us.” When MailOnline called Ndebele she refused to comment on the adoption of her middle daughter. The girl’s father also declined to say anything when approached.

Representatives for Rock did not respond to requests for comment. Source:

Breaking News: ‘ISIL Website Says Two Of Its Supporters Carried Out Carlifornia Shooting Attacks’


Rescue crews tend to the injured in the intersection outside the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CaliforniaRescue crews tend to the injured in the intersection outside the Inland Regional Centre in San Bernardino  Photo: Reuters

News reports on Al-jazeera, say that ISIL claims that two of its supporters are responsible for the Carlifonia shootings. Authorities are calling  for calm whilst establishing the real circumstances surrounding the attacks .

Authorities are currently investigating the attacks as an act of terrorism.

‘Mugabe Must Learn To Follow The Law On Electoral Issues Although Polls Are Never Perfect’- Bruce Wharton -Outgoing United States Ambassador To Zimbabwe .

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe must learn to follow the law on electoral issues although polls are never perfect, outgoing United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton has said.

In a farewell discussion in which he answered questions from ordinary people and the youth in Harare, Wharton urged government to shift its focus from sanctions to the economy.

Mugabe and some members of his inner circle were slapped with targetted sanctions on allegations of human rights abuses.

“No election is perfect. But we need the Electoral Act here to be followed. The 2013 election was peaceful, that is a big step in the right direction. Elections have been a problem both in Zimbabwe and in the US, for example, the Florida elections. The US government believes the 2013 elections were not credible. Even Patrick Chinamasa the Finance minister admitted that the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe is bigger than sanctions,” Wharton said.

He dismissed claims that the US sanctions have constrained the country’s economic recovery arguing that the meltdown was never a result of sanctions and that America continues to trade with Zimbabwe.

“Sanctions are not the reason Zimbabwe’s economy is performing badly, but rather bad or inconsistent policy decisions by the government. Sanctions are not the problem; no correlation to economic growth,” Wharton said.

“There are more fundamental economic issues that Zimbabwe can focus on other than sanctions. Murkiness in the indigenisation policy is the problem, not the concept itself. On Black Friday when the Zimbabwe dollar value fell by 75%, that was not due to sanctions.”

Wharton called for respect of democratic rights including freedom of speech.

“Freedom from being abducted is a human right. Land and property law needs to be upheld because without these no one will invest. Respect for human rights, to speak freely without concern of retribution, [is important],” he said.

Wharton denied government claims that civil society organisations in Zimbabwe are fronts of the US government funded to facilitate the regime change agenda. Source: newsday-

R&B Star ‘Tinashe’ (22), Poses For Playboy Magazine

SEXY songstress Tinashe is the latest star to pose for Playboy magazine – but she’s fully clothes.
For anyone who had doubts about Playboy’s move to discontinue the use of nude photographs, the November issue will put them to bed.
Although she’s fully clothed in her new photoshoot, Tinashe still managed to flaunt her curves an exude seductiveness.
The R&B star, whose father is from Zimbabwe, was featured in the Becoming Attraction’ series to promote her upcoming sophomore album, Joyride.
The 22-year-old released the album’s first single, Player featuring Chris Brown, earlier this month.
Playboy recently announced they’d no longer be publishing nude photos of women in the magazine, and this shoot proves they’ve kept to their word.
“Sexuality has always been part of who I am as an artist – emphasis on part,” Tinashe told the publication.
“I’m an all-around entertainer, my own creative force, and I’m bringing something fresh to the table.”by Angencies. source-newzimbabwe


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