CHAMISA , Crown Council leader Ncube, Social Democracy Forum and Ibhetshu lika Zulu SG Fuzwayo visit Ndiweni at Khami prison

Jailed Nhlambabaloyi chief Felix Nhlanhlayamange Ndiweni had an early Christmas on Satrurday when he received various groups of visitors on Saturday at Khami prison where he is spending time for instructing the destruction of a subject’s property who had refused to adhere to the ruling of the Chief’s council.
The visitors that graced Ndiweni include the President of MDC Nelson Chamisa, his lawyer Dumisani Dube, Crown Council leader Effie Dlela Ncube, Social Democracy Forum and Ibhetshu lika Zulu which was represented by its Secretary General Mbuso Fuzwayo.
Speaking to this publication on Sunday Fuzwayo said, “We went to see the people’s Chief and he was very happy to see his subject standing in solidarity with him during these trying times that he is passing through. He urged us to send a message to the people of Zimbabwe that he is in high spirits and he is not broken. He said Zimbabwe and must continue with the work of defending their freedoms and to never lose focus.”

Fuzwayo said as Ibhetshu klika Zulu they were confident that the Chief will be granted his bail pending the hearing of his appeal against the conviction and the sentence.
Ndiweni was jailed for two years with sic months conditionally suspended.
“We believe that the appeal lodged by the legal team is strong enough to get the bail granted and the appeal sustained. He is the people’s Chief and we will give him a hero’s welcome when he comes back to reunite with his people. Source – Byo24
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