CHAMISA MDC-T PRESIDENT JUST LIKE MUGABE AND ZANU PF, shelled out over US$50 000 to hire buses to transport a recycled crowd of MDC T supporters to a Bulawayo MDC-Alliance rally at White City Stadium.

CHAMISA MDC-T PRESIDENT JUST LIKE MUGABE AND ZANU PF, shelled out over US$50 000 to hire buses to transport a recycled crowd of MDC T supporters to a Bulawayo MDC-Alliance rally at White City Stadium.
Lest you forget Mugabe and Zanu pf would regularly bus in thousands of Zanu pf supporters from rally to rally to give an appearance of mass following. It is time that Zimbabweans steered clear of bush politics, matured and approach elections progressively, with no violence, brainwashing, bussing around and waste of much needed money for development, in rallies.
Bigger elections are held worldwide in much more developed nations where , one’s vote and choice is simply their secret and no one knows or bothers about it because there are no disturbing rallies, chants, regalia and other rubbish. Its simply, read and listen across the media about a person’s campaign manifesto, make an informed decision, go out on election day and vote quietly and wait for the count then go with the regime in power for the progressive development of the nation.
On Saturday twenty three MDC-T supporters from Masvingo were injured in Filabusi on their way back home from an MDC Alliance rally that was held at Bulawayo White city stadium earlier on that day.
The driver of the kombi lost control of the vehicle while allegedly trying to avoid a cow , an animal that does not run or jump, on the road along the Bulawayo-Zvishavane Highway in Filabusi.
It is claimed the driver tried to evade a cow that had strayed onto the road, and the driver lost control of the vehicle while trying to avoid it and overturned. Injured passengers were rushed to Filabusi District Hospital and White Hospital in Zvishavane.
Brainwashed Zimbabweans are clearly living through a period remniscent of the Mugabe and Zanu pf campaigns of bussing the same supporters across the country to rallies and present an appearance of overwhelming support.
On Saturday, Nelson Chamisa the MDC T president rolled out , US$50,000 to roll in MDC T supporters into Bulawayo White City to inflate their leader Nelson Chamisa’s “political stock”, according to the MDC-T’s former spokesman Mr Obert Gutu.
Gutu, , yesterday told The Herald that he had irrefutable evidence that the MDC T opposition party splashed US$50 000 to bus MDC T supporters to Bulawayo White City.
He said “I am a seasoned lawyer and I don’t just say reckless things. I really have facts and figures that they spent US$50 000 in order to further their politics of the optics,” said Mr Gutu.
“If there is anyone who thinks that I am misleading them, they are free to legally challenge me,” he said.
Talking about the MDC-T faction, which the Gutu and Khuphe team along with others, he claimed that they are the legitimate MDC-T, and have most of the grassroots support.
“We are absolutely optimistic that we have the numbers. Right now, I am currently in Mashonaland East, where we are meeting with an overwhelming number of our supporters,” he said.
The forthcoming harmonised elections, expected in July, Mr Gutu intimated yesterday on microblogging site Twitter, would “confirm who are the fake and who are the real politicians”. He accused the Chamisa-led faction of “self-delusion” and “self-deception”.
Several buses, most of them from Chitungwiza and Harare, rolled in thousands of MDC T supporters to the White City Bulawayo stadium, Chamisa’s first in Bulawayo since he grabbed power.
Unruly, drunken MDC T youths, singing abusive songs, reportedly blocked several Hyde Park Road with burning tyres, harassed passing motorists who were not headed for the rally and forced motorists to divert and use Khami Road.
Nate Shingi, who posted pictures of buses at Saturday’s rally on his Twitter feed, was brutual with Mr Chamisa for trying to create a “perception and illusion” that he has overwhelming support.
“I was 100 percent when I said Chamisa is a conman giving the perception and illusion that he has support everywhere he goes.
“Bussing people is fraud and the ballot will reward him kindly. This fraudster who evaded congress didn’t think there would be evidence. See buses,” said Shingi.
Last month, Dr Khupe, through her personal assistant Mr Witness Dube, claimed that bussing supporters was part of a calculated plan by the MDC-T to cast Mr Chamisa as a big political figure. There was also a curious case on March 24 when the MDC Alliance held a rally in Murehwa. source-zimpapers

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