Chamisa will on Wednesday give his ‘hope of the nation address from Harare’s Africa Unity Square in front of party supporters and diplomats, according to his spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda

OPPOSITION, MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE (MDC) LEADER Nelson Chamisa will on Wednesday give his ‘hope of the nation address from Harare’s Africa Unity Square in front of party supporters and diplomats, according to his spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda

“Having the meeting at the Africa Unity Square is important because he is addressing the country, Africa and the world.

“So there is no obvious reason to anticipate that the police will block the address.” Police have sanctioned only one out of 10 MDC rallies that were scheduled across the country.
“The MDC looks like a banned organisation in Zimbabwe,” Sibanda said.

“Nine out of 10 rallies have been banned by the police. Our rallies are literally banned everywhere.

“We now have what appears to be a competitive authoritarian regime and I am sure the greenlight given to today’s rally (in Harare) is aimed at creating a façade that there is democracy in the country.

“We are in a worse situation than during the late former president Robert Mugabe, at least he would not ban everything as it were.”

He said police appeared to have banned MDC activities, especially in Harare. They have lately been seen camping outside the MDC party headquarters, Morgan Tsvangirai building in the capital.

“That in itself, makes the MDC appear like a banned party ,” he said.

To people openly defiant to oppressive leadership. like myself who almost three decades ago, Harare’s Africa Unity Square is an iconic site. This was always a site where we could put up and give the final defence of our freedom and democracy during my University of Zimbabwe days in the early 1990s. The same site is where missing activist, cum journalist Itai Dzamara continuously fought peacefully for the people’s freedom.

As a nation, we need to accept that all the noise anyone can make about Mnangagwa’s illegitimate presidency, is meaningless to the militarised Mnangagwa regime because they have amassed millions, multiple farms, businesses, mansions, luxury cars, private jets and helicopters, use hospitals abroad, send their children abroad for education and want nothing more than continued suffering of the people. The reason is simply that they fear if they hand over power to the people, then it would be costly to them.

You just have to sit back and assess whats in front of you. Yes we know that the people’s vote was stolen ,and yet Mnangagwa continues to enjoy his illegitimate presidency. Nelson Chamisa has continuously run around the world, huffed and puffed about the stolen election but two years down the line he probably can see, its meaningless, they are no different from Mugabe’s system. Chamisa has only managed to strengthen the fact that the militarised Mnangagwa regime will face prosecution for past crimes against humanity, lose the looted wealth they hold and nothing else. It is unfortunate that such revelation and Chamisa’s refusal to hold dialogue , directly impacts upon the masses who are suffering, over six million Zimbabwe’s mostly in forced exile, spread across the diaspora, fuel and cash shortages, unaffordable cost of living, unemployment, no SERVICE DELIVERY in Health Care, Education, Transport, Water, Electricity, Housing, Employment and more.

I have continuously called for Nelson Chamisa to think about the suffering masses, and engage in dialogue with the regime. Dialogue does not mean accepting anything, but from the discerning eye, it affords the people, an opportunity to watch the regime dig its own grave as they expose their own failures, lack of ideas in how to resolve the crisis and expose to the people that they are the real stumbling block to progress, which is not possible as long as Chamisa does not change tactic.

We have to accept that sometimes you have to lose in order to come out the real winners. What Chamisa needs to do is to press for the people’s unity against the regime. The real crisis faced is bigger than the MDC and clearly about all Zimbabweans. all political parties, wealth status, gender, religion, race, tribe and more. Chamisa should primarily seek to hold round table talks with the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, JUNTA force and as sad as this may be, grant the JUNTA , immunity from prosecution over past crimes against humanity including gukurahundi genocide, murambatsvina genocide, Chiadzwa genocide, 2008 murderous election violence and more.

I have always said, if we can achieve this, and assure them that all the criminal gains they have amassed including multiple farms, businesses, mansions, millions and more, will not be touched, then soldiers will return to barracks, the JUNTA force will step down and hand over power to the people. Only then can we put in place a caretaker regime to run the affairs of the nation and lead us to a free and fair election, with much needed Electoral reforms, do away with draconian laws such as Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) and The Public Order and Security Act (POSA) and more. Most of the changes so far are simply name and face changes but the system is still in place ever since Mugabe times, more so, Zimbabwe has always been a militarised state since Independence on 18 April 1980. DISCUSS! Sibusiso Ngwenya
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Photo-Sibusiso Ngwenya in protest at Africa Unity Square in Harare, 1992 University of Zimbabwe protests.

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