CHAMISA’S THREAT TO MAKE THE COUNTRY UNGOVERNABLE and declaration that they will not accept any outcome other than Chamisa dcelared the winner, leaves all progressive minded individuals wondering

CHAMISA’S THREAT TO MAKE THE COUNTRY UNGOVERNABLE and declaration that they will not accept any outcome other than Chamisa declared the winner, flies in the face of the essence of an election and leaves all progressive minded individuals wondering, what really is the point in the Zimbabwe Constitutional Court Judges going through the dossiers of affidavits, evidence, counter affidavits and counter evidence before them if stability, peace and security of the nation rests upon their decision, as Chamisa and Biti already warned that any unfavourable outcome will be rejected with dreadful consequences,..really, what is the point?Image may contain: 1 person, selfie, closeup and indoor
The MDC ALLAIANCE president Nelson Chamisa seeks to either have the Zimbabwe presidential election declared null and void or to be affirmed as the rightful winner of the harmonised election of 30 July 2018. Alternatively, Nelson Chamisa, seeks to have a fresh presidential poll held in Zimbabwe..
Chamisa s legal team claim “We have a bundle of evidence that deals with the matter that we have filed at the courts.
“We are seeking a declaration to the effect that the election was not properly conducted, that it was not conducted in terms of the Constitution and that it was not conducted in terms of the Electoral Act.
“It was not conducted in terms of the standards of fairness and transparency,” Chamisa’s lead lawyer Thabani Mpofu told journalists yesterday.
“Consequently, we also seek a declaration to the effect that the announcement by Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba declaring Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the president of Zimbabwe is null and void and that it should be set aside on the basis of evidence that has been placed before the court.
“In the main we seek that the court declare that my client is the proper winner or alternatively that they be another election that complies with the rules governing free and fair elections,” he added.
In theory Chamisa’s court challenge suspends today’s planned inauguration of Zimbabwe’s new president
Anyone who loses the presidential race has seven days to challenge election outcome, and the Zimbabwe ConCourt must investigate the evidence presented and then deliver a verdict within 14 days of the submission.
The ConCourt can either uphold the election result, in which case Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa will then be sworn in within 48 hours of the court’s decision as Zimbabwe’s president.
The ConCourt also has the option to invalidate the harmonised election of 30 July 2018 and then a fresh election will have to be held within 60 days after the determination.
Chamisa’s legal team says, “There is no inauguration … it will not take place. I have faith in the judiciary. Look, some of us are court room animals, we live in the courts and whenever we think there is a case we will take it to court.
“The determination is up to the court and what we can do is to bring the case to the court and it is for the court to make a determination and for us to argue the case,” Mpofu said.
“I have never felt this much pressure, but I am ready to defend the 16 million people in Zimbabwe. I am ready to defend the over two million people who voted for my client,” he added.
The former Zapu Intelligence Supremo, Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa a.k.a Black Russian , says that Zimbabwe is under military rule and already decisions are made at KGVI barracks in Harare at army headquaters and then passed on to the president to enact.
Zimbabweans should take warnings from him, seriously as he knwos fully well how blood thristy the Zanu pf party is. At the height of gukurahundi when the millitary 5th brigade under Mugabe’s nephew Perrance Shiri slaughtered over 20,000 Ndebeles from Matebeleland and Midlands , while launching raids across Matebeleland from reconaissance gathered from 1 Brigade headed in Bulawayo then by RTD Ge Vice President Chiwenga, was actually jailed without trial for four years by Mugabe having been cleared of all trumped iup charges by Mugabe, CIO and the military. Dabengwa was later incorporated into Zanu pf after the UNity Accord that brought peace in 1987 then given the post of Home Affairs Minister by Mugabe, so he knows what he is talking about when he states you have been living under military rule from as far back as the soft coup code named Operation restore legacy.
These people whose murderous trait reared its ugly blood thirsty head when they shot and killed 6 people and wounded many more in broad daylight in the the capital Harare after the harmonised elections of30 July 2018. Wake up you really believe the military will allow Chamisa to rule? Yes he may win the court challenge in theory but thats as far as it goes, they will not stand by idly and hand over power to democrats, Chamisa and civilian rule. It just doesnt happen that a ballot can remove a military rule, simply because the bullet is mightier than the ballot,…Im just saying! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION SAYS, we need to move forward, stop the cry baby syndrome and hope of forcing Mnangagwa and the military to give power Chamisa…..really?
We must engage in peaceful, non violent, strategic resistance to oppressive authority and shift the balance of power in favour of the ordinary people.
A mature, seasoned politician is one who creates a peaceful platform of resistance, offers the people a clean slate, a safe platform of engagement with others through debate on issues that directly affect their lives and and distances people from failed opposition over the last two decades, offer real, credible challenge to Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts , securocrats and military regime.
“In the absence of evidence, any rhetoric that suggests there was rigging is actually putting the lives of Zimbabweans in danger.”
WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM says that it is unnecessary to fuel tensions in Zimbabwe and we need to move the nation forward.We all need to accept that we may not want this outcome, feel cheated and all sorts of frustration but we must all uphold peace and all who seek to reverse this outcome, a situation that has failed in every five year general election in the Zanu pf court system as opposition mainly led back then by Tsvangirai and MDC T, must go and ahead and prove to the whole nation and world in ademocratic manner in court, peacefully how exactly the election has been rigged.
There is absolutely no point in claiming the election has been rigged simply because one has lost, the people want proof, no brainwashed following like Zanu pf thugs under Mugabe,..lets unite, unfortunately rally behind Mnangagwa, give him the chance to rebuild Zimbabwe, create employment, invest in Service Delivery in education, health care, employment, electricity, housing, transport and other critical areas then rebuild credible opposition poised to work towards unseating the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime in 2023. For now, lets carry on with life, it looks like there will be no bullet trains, sphaghetti roads and rural airports promised by Chamisa,..I hope Mnangagwa does not cash in on Chamisa’s offer to marry his sister off to Mnangagwa if Mnangagwa wins…oooooooooh!
Only the foolish, brainwashed Zimbabweans will waste their time and life, destabilising the peace, risking their lives by protesting against a ruthless military that has so far killed 6 people in just one day, a couple of days ago,….one bullet one protester is the military motto,..let the foolish dare to oppose the military,..I have always said the bullet is mightier than the ballot and nowhere in this world has amilitary regime ever been unseated by aballot,..wake up Zimbabwe,..lets move forward,..accept what you cant change and make the best of it or else the nation will suffer for ever. calls for peace, all Zimbabweans stay put please. I long warned you sll, no ballot can remove a bullet,…PEACE!
This is not a surprise to anyone, there is no need to start protests, become violent or other destabilisation of peace. It is too late to cry over spilt milk and the nation should now be looking far ahead and seeking to unite and rebuild for abetter future, irrespective of who wins the election tonight. We as Zimbabweans can waste another five years of our lives fighting amongst ourselves and suffering worldwide and back home or forget the past look far ahead, unite and move the motherland forward,..its time we all matured and progress with whats before us,….Peace!
A bullet is stronger than a ballot and the military showed their might last yesterday when they shot 6 people dead and left many seriously wounded and hospitalised in Harare.
What Zimbabweans fail to realise is that they are just a pawn in a game, case in point Welshman Ncube and Tsvangirai split in 2005 which divided the MDC T and saw Zanu pf romp to victory, and now again the Chamisa vs Khuphe split has by all accounts, cost the opposition votes. It is however too late to cry over spilt milk and the nation should now be looking far ahead and seeking to unite and build a better future, irrespective of who is the declared president. We as Zimbabweans can waste another five years of our lives fighting amongst ourselves and suffering worldwide and back home or forget the past look far ahead, unite and move the motherland forward,..its time we all matured and progress with whats before us,….Peace!,
For the last few months, I long warned Zimbabweans that, the unfolding events were a massive benefit to three particular leaders, who had fallen foul of the late MDC T president Tsvangirai, namely Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and Thokozani Khuphe and that as soon as Chamisa loses to Mnangagwa, he becomes politically irrelevant and its the final nail in the coffin for MDC T which has failed for two decades to unseat Zanu pf, while thousands of Zimbabweans died, millions were forcibly exiled across the diaspora and Service delivery collapsed in Education, health care, housing, employment, electricity, housing, transport and all other areas.
Chamisa is now a person facing potential charges and imprisonment by the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwart, securocrat and military regime. There is no amount of protest, violence and noise from opposition and opposition leaders that will change the outcome. We need all opposition leaders to stand up and accept the outcome in theory by declaring publicly in a unity of force across social and mainstream media that their supporters must remain calm and maintain peace across the nation,….lets move on, rebuild the nation together as we all know from the past when we wasted 37 years trying to unseat Mugabe,…here we are, his spawn Emmerson Mnangagwa is ruling,..either accept it or face the AK47 and you will know the army is ruthless. Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and Thokozani Khuphe can freely move on with their support base, a scenario I told Zimbabweans repeatedly about before,…wake up Zimbabwe!
As before, I implore all Zimbabweans to exercise restraint and look at plan B if the result is disputed, which is to look at the fact that the MDC ALLIANCE made the mistake of walking into an election without the necessary electoral reforms in place,and can only contest the result in legitimate manner through the Zanu pf court system. Violence will not change the decision or help a people’s choice into statehouse, early grave maybe,…wake up this is the military! It is incumbent upon all political leaders to issue calls for peace and calm amongst supporters, and in an ideal world, the majority of opposition leaders should have come together and issued a public statement to the media for the public to remain calm whatever the result is.
They should issue, the same calls across social media sides such as twitter, facebook whatsapp, linked in and other and mainstream media, appear across television, speak on radio and the newspapers should be publishing an emergency second publication for the day, all calling for calm. We Zimbabweans can maintain peace without having third parties like international forces stepping in, and we have seen for the last 20 years that the international world including SADC, AU and others, and African leaders and their nations, stood aside and did nothing, so we should not expect that, whatever develops tonight will calm down, hence don’t start it.
Think carefully who you are dealing with, these are the same military who fought the liberation war with Mugabe and Mnangagwa as leaders, same military behind gukurahundi-20000 killed, same military behind murambatsvina, Chiadzwa, murderous white farm invasions opposition and zanu pf eliminations, 2008 election violence, forced removal of Mugabe along with numerous other unresolved issues, so, do not expect them to be issuing sweets and chocolates tonight,…probably one person one bullet! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
Please share with all your friends and family worldwide and encourage them to share it as far and wide as possible across social and mainstream media,..get the message out to the people. Social media groups, administrators and websites must all uinite under the umbrella of peace. Zimbabwe have suffered enough, millions are spread across the diaspora, and the lost generation want to go back home to live a peaceful life.
We all need to play our part and effect citizen arrests on anyone perpetrating violence, take photos and give them to authorities, this is for all our children, black, coloured, white, any race, religion, gender, political orientation and other ..we need peace and to move on and catch up with the global village as we are twenty years behind the most basic of development, health, housing, education, transport, water, electricity, employment and a whole host of other Service Delivery!
LETS ALL WORK towards peaceful coexistence and fight the system from a different, non violent, progressive, mature , strategic aand formidable position, remove Mnangagwa, Zanu pf , securocrats and the military through civil disobedience that peacefully removes the junta force on or before 2023. This is the only way we can move the nation forward. Instability means more suffering, and the creation of dangerous terrorist groupings, high crime, drug taking, social decadence and a total destruction of a once peace loving nation, once the jewel and Bread basket of Africa. Mugabe is gone, lets bury the past and all work together to rebuild the motherland Zimbabwe,..PEACE!
WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM as always has acivic education objective for all our readers and maintains its non partisan approach by focusing on information dissemination to help the ordinary street person, make more informed choices and decisions. We continue to urge the public to keep sharing this with firneds and family worldwide across all social and mainstream media.
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