Charges against Grace Mugabe’s former ‘body guard’ prophet Magaya revived after his main backer Grace fell and cabinet ministers who shielded him from prosecution have been arrested or fled


Criminal charges against self-styled Harare ‘prophet’ Walter Magaya are being revived after his main backer Grace Mugabe fell from grace and cabinet ministers who shielded him from prosecution have been arrested or fled, it has emerged.

Relatives of Chipo Chakanyuka, the Harare woman found murdered in Botswana after revealing that she had sex with the ‘prophet’ are demanding that the case be reopened. So are several other women who claimed to have been raped or sexually abused by Magaya but were threatened and forced to withdraw the charges which they had reported to the police.

Magaya’s shady land deals facilitated by former local government ministers Ignatius Chombo and Saviour Kasukuwere are now also the subject of an official probe. Chombo is said to have helped Magaya acquire several stands, including the Waterfalls plot where his church was built.

Kasukuwere allegedly sold the controversial ‘clergyman’ 90 000 stands earmarked for ZANU PF youths around the country. Ex-president Robert Mugabe publicly rebuked Kasukuwere over the transaction but the land was not recovered and Magaya has continued to sell the stands at inflated prices.

Magaya became unusually close to Grace Mugabe after the former first lady’s bodyguard revealed that he had sex with her daughter Bona Mugabe who had gone to him for prayers after she failed to conceive a child when she married Simba Chikore. The case was hushed and Magaya splurged millions of dollars on Grace Mugabe in ‘birthday presents’, to the chagrin of his followers.

Magaya faces charges of having sex with numerous married women, including wives of cabinet ministers, businessmen and celebrities, who are now lining up to take his massive business empire apart in financial claims.

Chombo is reported to have divorced his wife Marian after discovering the affair while former foreign minister Walter Mzembi’s wife Barbara Hernandez was also allegedly a victim.

Many other women sued him for damages claiming he bedded them after promises of marriage and financial rewards which never materialized. The cases were abandoned after the women were hounded by Magaya’s thugs. Stephen Jakes -bulawayo24

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