‘Chichi, I & Ministries Under Us, Don’t Endorse Passion Java & Uebert Angel,’-:’Bishop Tudor Bismark’

The leader of Jabula New Life Ministries, Bishop Tudor Bismark, has accused fellow preachers, Prophet Uebert Angel and Passion Java of associating themselves with his ministry in a bid to earn international relevance.

The charismatic preacher made the accusations through his church’s official website as well as his Facebook page:

“Brethren in Christ, it is with much consternation and fretting that I write this open letter to you. You have known Chichi and I for many years, and you all know that we do not address petty issues in the open.

“We have always chosen to conduct ourselves with dignity and humility in our dealings regarding the Body of Christ.

“However, there has arisen a deep worry concerning two individuals who have been portraying themselves as men that fellowship with us and share our covering. These individuals are Passion Java and Uebert Angel, both of whom use the title of Prophet.

“These two individuals are not affiliated with Chichi and I, our church: New Life Covenant Church, our International Ministry Network: Jabula New Life Ministries, and Tudor Bismark Ministries.

The statement went on:

“In the past, I have met with both men for brief meetings, and our interactions had been peripheral at best.

We, Chichi and I and the ministries under our covering, do not endorse Passion Java and Uebert Angel, nor do we fellowship with them in any way. We have not sent them nor do they represent us in any capacity.

I must apologize for having to bring this to public light, but it is important that you, our supporters and friends, know that the values Chichi and I hold so dear, should never be misrepresented by anyone making baseless claims as to their affiliation with us.

“We have carved out a reputation over many years of walking upright in faith, and we will not allow a few individuals to corrupt or taint that.” Source: online

photo-Bishop Tudor & Pastor ChiChi Bismark

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