CHINA DUMPS CHIWENGA as their preferred successor after the VP was fingered in corruption, alcohol and drug abuse.

An exclusive cable passed on to Bulawayo24 by an American diplomat in Harare reveals that some staffers at the American Embassy met with Chinese Embassy staffers and discussed the nature of Chiwenga.
The cable says Chiwenga is a corrupt person who is given to too much alcohol and substance abuse and practices rampant corruption.
China is said to have been routing for Chiwenga to take over from Mnangagwa in 2020 but he has not been behaving well.

The cable which was copied to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce revealed that Chiwenga is an extreme abuse of alcohol and some unnamed drugs which cloud his decision making and affect his heath making his chances of becoming a President less and less.
Spotlight Zimbabwe recently revealed that Chiwenga wanted to take over from Mnangagwa in 2020.
Exclusive details have unpacked that because of Chiwenga’s health, the army was now targeting Gideon Gono and Saviour Kasukuwere as the possible successors to Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Kasukuwere is currently an asylum seeker in South Africa under the guise of seeking medication. He is joined by former G40 members who include deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa.

Source – Byo24News

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