‘CHINESE impregnate minors and spread an STI strain which is difficult to treat in Zim according to doctors and also abuse employees’-Norton MP Mliswa’

‘Norton member of Parliament Temba Mliswa claims the Chinese running production firms in his Norton constituency impregnate minors or young girls below the age of consent.
In a heroes day message to member of his constituency Mliswa said, “There are reports of young girls giving birth to children of Chinese descent which is evidence enough of underage relationships which is against the law. These matters will be dealt with accordingly.”
Mliswa asked members of the public “Please get in touch with either myself on 0732300148 or Victor or Anesu on mobile numbers 0773363037 and 0719256763/0773256763* respectively for any relevant information that may assist investigations.” “They violate the Labour Act most of the time, beating up employers (Zimbabweans).They have no respect for human dignity. They do shoddy business deals, contracts violated. More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya. source-Byo24
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