Civil Service Retrenchments Planned, Yet Almost 60 Ministers In 3rd Reshuffle In Less Than One Year

Zimbabwe’s despot president  Robert Mugabe has delivered, what can only be described as a cabinet reshuffle that is insensitive to the prevailing circumstances affecting the people , through an expansion of  what is already considered by many to be a bloated cabinet, in a  third cabinet reshuffle in less than a year.

In the face of the government’s excessively huge wage bill, a broke government and dead economy, Mugabe  on Friday chose to appoint 14 new ministers, including deputies and a minister without portfolio in his third cabinet reshuffle in less than a year.

Mugabe’s latest cabinet reshuffle does nothing to demonstrate the political will to address real and current issues directly affecting the ordinary person in the street and at grass roots level, such as  recovering the economy, re-engaging the western powers, rebuilding, improving and strengthening the system of governance.

In reality,it was simply an excercise , designed to calm his unsettled and fragmented, originally, close Zanu PF support base, ahead of the annual Zanu PF December Congress for 2015.

According to reports, Zimbabwe’s parliament now holds a total of almost  350 legislators and complement of nearly 60 ministers , amongst them deputy ministers and a Minister Without Portfolio, Makhosini Hlongwane. By any standards,  Zimbabwe’s government is ridiculously too large for such a small country, broke government and dead economy.

Mugabe’s decision to inflate Zimbabwe’s government, defies all logic, at a time when thousands have lost employment due to the recent Supreme Court Ruling, and also at the same time when the government is strongly considering a mass cull of the bloated civil service workforce.

However , to the discerning eye, the despot leader has no concern for the suffering and destitute millions of Zimbabweans , but is, instead more concerned about taking care of his stooges, whom he has rewarded well with positions, so they can all get a foothold on the Zanu PF looting gravy train and strengthen the Zanu PF monopoly on wealth.

Again this is all, obviously done with longterm vision by the 91 year old despot, in that he is concretising his monopoly on power and laying the foundation for yet another fraudulent Mugabe and his Zanu PF election victory in 2018.

Lest we forget, Mugabe is 91 years of age, having ruled Zimbabwe for 35 years and is now no longer physically or mentally able to cope with the needs of such a prominent, and demanding office of national responsibility,….not that he ever was, in other people’s  books. He therefore is fully aware that all people including those around him are desperate to see his departure from office so that the nation can move forward.

It will be difficult if not impossible for him to justify his continued presence in office at the helm of Zimbabwe’s government and Zanu PF party as, for all intents and purposes he is literally a spent force.

Accommodating him any further will be no different from being ruled by the ‘WALKING DEAD!’……Please share with all your friends worldwide, thank you!

By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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