‘CONTROVERSIAL MORDERN DAY IMPERIALISM’-Advocacy for new birth control program, from a practising Catholic Melinda Gates, billionaire Bill Gates wife

Philanthropist , co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates the wife of billionaire Bill Gates, a woman who is a practising catholic is now shrouded in controversy with her advocacy for poor women in the third world.

Melinda Gates is advocating an ambitious family planning program in which billions of dollars will be raised to provide contraceptives to a total of 120 million women worldwide.

Contraception for Catholics church is mired in controversy, and Melindas contraception plan to empower women flies directly into the face of Catholic teachings and places her in a potential challenge to the position sold globe wide by the Pope.

There are many who view billionaire Melinda gates position as an unwelcome stance by a filthy rich individual to push her school of thought over third world governments using the power of her money, in a sense her advocacy for new birth control program, is simply ‘mordern day imperialism’

This has triggered debate over the political implication and the fact that church is actually dictating issues about a woman’s body and the real and pending threat of population control which is good in a sense but bad when used to control the prevailing politics particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, using the power of wealth.

These regions of the globe are well known third world areas with high maternal and infant mortality rates and unsurprisingly a very low use of contraceptive measures.

The ‘Discerning eye newzimbabwevision’ says birth control is a necessary evil to protect the planet and give future generations a better future, however caution must be exercised throughout and those with the money, must engage the recipient governments and women as the final users of the contraception in progressive debate about the contraceptive program.

Birth control topping the agenda of debates now, dangerously borders on depopulating the third world particularly Africans, admittedly the source of mass migration to Europe which we saw last year with hundreds of thousands fleeing, war, hunger, starvation, unemployment, persecution and natural disasters from Africa. Such a contraceptive measure is in other people’s views, a way of depopulating, lowering suffering, unemployment and stemming the flow of immigrants from the third world. Let your voice be heard on this matter,..’DISCUSS!’ By Sibusiso Ngwenya


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