CORRUPTION: Chihuri submitted false O, A ‘level and Degree qualifications and has worked all along on them, prejudicing the state of millions.

Newzimbabwevision is informed that a Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) audit which was done by HLB Zimbabwe Chartered Accountants after whistle-blowing exposures on Zimra corruption and poor corporate governance revealed that the Zimra Loss and control Director  Charlton Chihuri gave false academic back ground.
The misrepresentations by Charlton Chihuri, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority loss control Director on his academic qualifications to Zimra go back to 2003 meaning that he has managed to dupe Zimra and prejudice the state of millions of US$s for 13 years
Chihuri claimed that he held six O’Levels, six A Level points and a University of Zimbabwe BSc Honours in Economics Degree.
However the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council and the University of Zimbabwe, have both refuted the claims of Chihuri holding six O’Levels or a University of Zimbabwe degree .
It was further established that Chihuri only holds four O’Levels with a failure in English, no A’Levels and was never registered with the University of Zimbabwe as a student , further confirming that the degree certificate that he advanced to Zimra for his post was a ‘forged document’.
Questions are still standing on the validity of a Master’s degree with the University of Liverpool that Zimra holds on Chihuri’s file.
Chihuri is a celebrated Zimra boss who was regularly showered with performance awards and praise by the Zimra Commissioner-General Gershem Pasi, who was suspended last friday without pay because of massive corruption scandals.
Zimra, a source of government revenue in effect employed an unqualified individual to head Loss Control along with another unqualified individual named as Benjamin Zenda who did not hold requisite qualifications.
The suspended Commissioner-General Pasi ordered Ms Christine Musemburi, the Zimra Human Resources director to process the loss control officer’s post as he claimed that he had personally sought and established Chihuri’s suitability for the post even though its well known that the post was never advertised and no interviews were ever held.
It is unfortunate that the whistleblower who revelead the scandalous Zimra posting, was killed in a road accident in July 2016 after submitting his revelations to the board. More news to follow…DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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