‘COVID ACROSS ZIMBABWE, yet thousands attended the burial of Zimdancehall musician Soul Jah Love at Warren Hills’

‘COVID ACROSS ZIMBABWE, yet thousands attended the burial of Zimdancehall musician Soul Jah Love at Warren Hills’
WWWNEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM says, wake up Zimbabwe, we are in the middle of a major global covid-19 epidemic. This is totally uncalled for, why breach WHO and government protocol for the sake of someone already deceased? We all know that in just about two weeks we will have yet another rise in covid-19 infections, emanating from this careless gathering of people who in turn will be spreading the virus to their families, colleagues, on public transport, in shops and everywhere else where they will continue gathering in the same manner. This is clearly a disaster and a massive drawback for Zimbabwe’s efforts in fighting covid-19 at a time we were begining to celebrate the arrival of the 200,00 vaccines from China. Lest you forget, Zimbabwe has a population close to 20 million. Case in point, why do you think in January 2020, so many Zanu pf sebiors died from covid? You simply have to look back a few weeks earlier, just two weeks or so which would be Christmas and New Year, thats when they would have been partying like no one’s business, gathering in crowds at Zanu pf functions and parties, spreading the corona virus amongst themselves and the deaths speak for themselves. Its a shame that this funeral will yet again wreak havoc across Zimbabwe,..wake up Zimbabwe, we are not yet out of the woods!
Soul Jah Love real name Soul Muzavazi Musaka at Warren Hills Cemetery despite the Covid -19 regulations which restrict mourners to 30′.
The musician died on Tuesday after succumbing to diabetes.
There was chaos at the cemetery as thousands of fans wanted to pay their last respects with police doing their best to control the situation.
A group of young men view proceedings atop a tombstone
Some tombstones at Warren Hills were destroyed as fans jostled, climbing on top of the tombstones as they tried to catch a glimpse of the burial proceedings.
Others even lost their mobile phones. Fans played some of Soul Jah Love songs from their cars while chanting his favourite line “Chibaba-Chibaba”
In an interview with one fan identifed as Mose (33) who walked all the way from Chitungwiza to bid farewell to the Liberation hero, he said Soul Jah Love is a true hero.
“Vakagona… thank you for honouring Soul Jah Love. Imagine I had to walk from Chitungwiza to Warren Hills. We are a team of eight ghetto youths. He used to entertain us. My first born is called Saul. I gave him that name because of my idol Jah Love, “ he said. Sibusiso Ngwenya- herald

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