DARE Congratulates Movement For Democratic Change (MDC-T) on their 17th anniversary.


We heartfully congratulate the MDC-T on their 17th anniversary.Indeed you have as a party came from a long bumpy road in pursuit of democracy in Zimbabwe.We salute you on your strength and resilience in the fight for democratisation of Zimbabwe.Indeed you bore the brunt
of Zanu Pf intolerance to alternative voices and freedoms.You were subjected to violence,torture,intimidation and death of members at the hands of a brutal regime.That you won power in 2008 elections and was barred from assuming that power is a well recorded travesty and injustice.

We today join you on these celebrations with a sombre mind and hope that all these challenges have opened up your party to the reality of walking with others towards a goal for a just and progressive Zimbabwe.The splits which punctured your party has humbled and fortified your need to remain inclusive and not exclusive.On that backdrop it is important that as you celebrate you also become conscious that a Zimbabwe today is dynamic and fluid in accepting other political players in pursuit of democratic transformation and change.

Indeed as a party you face the challenge of redefining the big tent mentality.Indeed we are humbled by your speech which recognise the need for a united front and convergence in the opposition front.Indeed that can be achieved with a vision for Zimbabwe which goes beyond selfish aspirations and partisan dogma.

We receive your message of working together with open arms and feel encouraged that we are indeed moving into a new era and endgame for the annihilation of Zanu Pf.On the otherhand the message must sink to your lower structures and the common man that a coalition is the only answer for 2018 .It is not about who will led the coalition but it is the content and programs of that coalition that it will be judged upon.Indeed we must walk the talk and as we shout for convergence let us indeed live and seek to practice it in practical and fact.

We are thankfull that you have offered yourself to engange other parties not only in activism and lobby platforms such as NERA but on a convergence towards a new trajectory for a future government of Zimbabwe shaped by a united front of opposition political parties.

Once again we congratulate MDC-T on your 17 th birthday and hope that the message you bring will be reflected in actions and engangement for a new beggining and a new Zimbabwe.Makoroto,Amhlope and Congratulations.

Clemence T Nhliziyo

DARE Head Of Communications.

photo-MDC T Headquaters, Harvest House, Harare

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