DC VP, Prof Ncube make’s emotional address to congress delegates to keep him as VP to fulfil promises to Tsvangirai.

MMDC VP, Professor Ncube make’s emotional address to congress delegates to keep him as VP to fulfil promises to Tsvangirai.Ncube, a seasoned politician said it was crucial for him to continue as vice president and assist President Nelson Chamisa as that dovetails with the wishes of late founding party leader, Tsvangirai.
Professor Ncube was addressing Midlands congress delegates during the second round of manifesto presentations by all candidates in Gweru.
“When President Tsvangirai was about to go to South Africa for his last treatment, we had a principals forum on the fourth of January, he sent Innocent Chagonda to extend his invitation to me so that I go to his house on the sixth of January” Professor Ncube began his emotional address.
“When I went there, he said Prof, doctors are saying the treatment I am receiving is not working, am going back to South Africa for an experimental treatment.
“I don’t know whether it’s going to work or not” narrated Prof Ncube what would be his last engagement with iconic Tsvangirai.
“It was very emotional, I set there holding back tears. It was clear to me that umuntu omdala wayeselayela.
“He then said I want President Chamisa (then Vice President) to take over and chair the principals forum. I want you to assist him in the campaigns and going forward to give the people of Zimbabwe a fighting chance against the junta.
“Promise me that you will assist him” said Prof Ncube.
He added “I said President (Tsvangirai) , you have my word, I promise you”.
Professor Ncube said he then suggested that Chamisa be called and hear for himself Tsvangirai’s critical request and his pledge.
“Chamisa came and we set together in front of President Tsvangirai and I promised President Chamisa infront of President Tsvangirai that I will assist him unwaveringly all the way.
“I am here today to ask you to fulfil my promise (of assisting President Chamisa) and am requesting you to vote for me so that I can continue to assist President Chamisa” said Professor Ncube amid thunderous applause from delegates.
WELSHMAN NCUBE is battling it out with six other candidates for three slots who include Tendai Biti, Morgan Komichi, Elias Mudzuri, Tracy Muthinhiri, Lillian Timvious and Kereni Kore.
On Saturday the party is expected to hold its third debate in Gwanda. Source – Byo24News

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