DEPOSED ZIMBABWE PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe allegedly lost a total of 119 laptops and seven desktop computers to recent theft.

 The electronic equipment which the Mugabe’s claimed was destined for donation to schools, were packed in locked containers at the Polo Grounds adjacent to Zimbabwe House, where their property was being stored ahead of final removal from the state house.
The computers theft was discovered on Tuesday 3rd April, as the Mugabe family were transporting their property from Zimbabwe House to their Blue roof mansion or their private residence in Borrowdale Harare.
The ex First Lady Grace Mugabe immediately reported the missing electronis, from three containers with the aid of a bolt cutter. The police case number is CR110/04/18, with detective Nyabonde being the investigating officer into the alleged crime.
When the military and Mnangagwa forced Mugabe to resign the Mugabe’s removed their belongings andstored them in containers at Polo Grounds next to the presidential helipad due to limited time.
In March 2018 the Mugabe family reported the alleged theft of 35 laptops from their Mazowe orphanage childrens home at their Smithfield Farm
The case was reported to the police under case number CR25/03/18 , investigating officer Constable Shirichena.
Again, twenty-seven computers were allegedly stolen from the MUgabe’s on 12 March 2018 and reported to Mazowe Police Station, investigating officer , Detective Gondo. Most Zimbabwean are of the opinion, if the Mugabe’s affected,..who cares? The public also ask, is it acrime to steal , stolen property from a thief or its simply a case of ‘reposession’ of stolen property by the public, the rightful owners!
Just a family of heartless, criminally minded fools. The question is how, when and why did they receive the computers, why stash them at home istead of donating them to the schools. They should be charged for theft of donations, because they propably obtained them from charity for donations, but were hoping to use them for vote buying,..well done Zimbabweans for reposessing what rightfully belongs to tou.
Some people are of the opinion, that this could be an inside job, a cry for sympathy by the Mugabe’s after engineering a theft that never did occur,..a non event! Some people think that the Mugabe sons, arguably apack of spoilt brats, may be behind the thefts for personal gain, boys just having their fun,..who knows?
Just wait until the bue roof is open to public, and see how people respond. It is obvious that we have thousand much more of equipment, material, finance, vehicles and other donations, that have been abused by this family and what the courts should do is lift the immunity they hold, carry out aforensic investigation into everything, rather than watch abroke government rewarding thies with US$10 million instead of arresting them, stripping them of all their wealth, locally and abroad and investing it into priority areas such as health, education, shelter, employment creation, roads and rail transport network and other service delivery to rebuild the nation. US$154 billion cannot just be written off as normal loss,..someone must pay for the crime and if it means Mugabe will spend his last days in life in prison, be it! ..Im just saying! Discuss! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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