Zanu PF cleric Obadiah Musindo ‘My organisation DESTINY for Africa Network (DaNet) will develop 100 000 stands for Zanu PF voters .


DESTINY for Africa Network (DaNet) founder and Zanu PF cleric Obadiah Musindo has said his organisation was targeting to develop 100 000 residential stands countrywide to woo voters to the ruling party ahead of the 2018 elections.

The cleric made the remarks on Saturday while addressing hundreds of beneficiaries of his housing scheme in Mutare.
He claimed that Zanu PF policies were benefiting the country, before singling out sanctions as the major issue affecting our economy.

‘’We are targeting about 100 000 stands by 2018, as we are also targeting elections, we have an aggressive approach because here in Mutare we have about 10 000 people who have benefited from our stands and we have been also offering jobs indirectly,’’ he said.

‘’We are going to build our own schools, clinics, recreational facilities, we have many projects that are coming, we have industrial stands for those who want to do their own business and we will be also looking to assist our cross-border members.” By Kenneth Nyangani.

He said DaNet was currently working on almost 30 000 stands countrywide and Musindo has on numerous occasions claimed that only Zanu PF supporters benefit from his housing projects.

The Manicaland DaNet’s chairperson Wilson Masokowere urged beneficiaries to pay their instalments religiously to ensure the success of the housing projects.

‘’l am urging you to pay your money religiously; some of you have already folded their hands. Please we need to service our roads and sewers and if you don’t pay, you will complicate things, ‘’ he said. The housing scheme has been benefiting low income earners such as the civil servants, vendors, cross border traders among other people.


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