Details About The Late Ret Gen Solomon Mujurus ‘Obscene Wealth Revealed’

Details of the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru’s vast empire have started emerging despite concerted efforts by his widow, former Vice President Joice Mujuru, to conceal the riches.

Documents show that Rtd Gen Mujuru ranked among the richest people in the country. He had 100 percent shareholding in such companies as Kalmic Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Maidei Kumbirai (Pvt) Ltd, Rylance Farms, Tapfumaneyi Holdings, J and H Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Oriel Pharmacy (Pvt) Ltd and a 50 percent stake in Kupukile Resources (Pvt) Ltd.

Kupukile Resources (Pvt) Ltd was Rtd Gen Mujuru’s investment vehicle that had equity in River Ranch Diamond Mine in Beitbridge.

Rtd Gen Mujuru also had 100 percent shareholding in Thurlow and Company (Pvt) Ltd and Kumirinje Farms (Pvt) Ltd.

He had a million shares in hospitality firm Africa Sun, a stake in Ruwa Golf Resort Holdings, Merzig Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Zimbabwe Motor Assemblers and Distributors (Pvt) Ltd.

Source: The Herald
photo- The late Rtd Gen Solomon Mujuru-zimbabwelatestnews

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