Devolution- yes, but secession-no! One people one Zimbabwe for all tribes, colours, races and religions,..No Mugabe, No Zanu pf !

It is always to right to temper our defiance to oppressive authority, with a clarification of who we are, where we come from and how exactly we got to be where we are today as a nation.

In the interest of progress, we will not go as far back as when family were still swinging happily from trees in the mountains,..good old days I suppose, sbut science say, evolution brought down from the mountains and hills onto land. I think we can all agree to go with that argument, .for now…!

The critical areas to look at are simply that Mzilikazi one of the ruthless Zulu King Tshaka, fled from Tshaka to Southern Rhodesia raiding and subjugating the already established Shona villages, looting their possessions, killing some, incorporating the strong men into his army and building a powerful military, while turning the captured women into wives.

Eventually Mzilikazi died and his son Lobengula was made the Ndebele king of the Matebele or (Mthwakazi tribe). History simply records that Lobengula signed off the nation’s wealth by entering concessions with the British settler column led by the coloniser Cecil John Rhodes who then started the colonisation of the black indigenous people of Zimbabwe, violently forced them off good soils which were converted into white commercial farms, while pushing the blacks onto poor and with little or no rainfall and looting mineral wealth for the British empire.

However after a brutal war of independance in which there were no winners, stretching close to a decade in the 70’s the white Ian Smith Rhodesian government that took over the colony established by the coloniser Cecil john Rhodes, there was eventually a peace settlement brought about by the Lancaster agreement in Britain in 1979.

All along, the indigenous people of Zimbabwe did not have the power to unseat the Rhodesian government as there were stumbling blocs such as the wealth one had to possess before he could be registered to vote, but the Lancaster agreement removed this and led to the 1980 elections which established Mugabe’s rule after a one man one vote exercise as from 4 April 1980

Mugabe managed to divide the nation splitting them upon their well established anger patterns. This included bitter Shona people over the murderous subjugation by the brutal Ndebele tribe led by Mzilikazi and eventually Lobengula. While we castigate the British for colonisation by Cecil john Rhodes, it is obvious to any fool that. had the British not stepped in and brought Lobengula’s ruthless raids to an end, in the 1890s soon after their arrival which stopped Lobengula’s advancement and that of the Mthwakazi nation, there would have been total brutal annihilation of the Shona people by the Ndebele’s back then.

This is undisputable and well documented history, but its important to realise that Zimbabwe is one nation with 16 official languages recognised by the new constitution in place.
These languages are ,Chewa, Chibarwe, English, Kalanga, “Koisan” (presumably Tsoa), Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Shangani, Shona, sign languages, Sotho, Tonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa.

Mugabe’s vindictive nature, oppressive Zanu PF regime, tribalist mentality, monopolisation of wealth and power have failed to pay homage to such a rich culture and history. This was seen in how he brought the North Korean army to train his ruthless, tribalist 5th Brigade army under his nephew Perence Shiri, soon after taking over power to crush the Ndebele people of Matebeleland and Midlands in the ‘gukurahundi’ genocide which lasted until the Unity agreement in December 1987.

In almost a decade of war against white Rhodesian forces, a total of 27,000 people died and that was a war of independance from colonial masters by a united people against oppression.
Strangely enough in just about five years of a brutal ‘gukurahundi’ slaughter of unarmed innocent civilians who had nothing but ancestral connection to the Ndebele raids upon innocent Shona’s Mugabe butchered 20,000 Ndebeles,..and that was peace, do the maths!

The cycle of pain and anger over the failure of Mugabe to acknowledge the gukurahundi attrocities, advance a clear explanation to the people of Zimbabwe on how and why it happened and who exactly was responsible, apologise for the murderous campaign, compensate surviving victims and relatives of dead victims, and bring about peace, unity and closure , is ultimately why we have a massively divided people who fail to trust each other and fight a common evil against peace, democracy, justice, equality and a prosperous future for all. The common enemy to such progress are Mugabe. Zim 1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats. It is therefore pointless to dream that Mugabe’s death or removal alone will change the situation.

For effective change Mugabe and his whole system must all go! We cannot continue to fight a war against whites, Ndebeles or Shonas in this day and age, when millions of Zimbabweans are spread across the diaspora and brought together by intermarriage.

Ndebele’s and Shona’s have been interbreeding from the time of Ndebele raids, and much as they hate it they are one as no one can prove how much intermixing has occured in their blood line, so if you hate a Shona or Ndebele you are simply spewing self hatred. The children we are bringing up and generations to come, do not deserve the pain, anger, hatred and evil ultimately spewed by Zimbabweans.

We all know that Zimbabwe’s problems are exacerbated by the division stemming from Shona and Ndebeles and between blacks and whites, but can a nation suffer because of such man made entropy, deliberately put in place to enrich a few Mugabe’s Zim1 family, Zanu Pf stalwarts and securocrats, while millions have been forcibly exiled from their motherland? It is important to note that, we are all fighting for one Zimbabwe for everyone, coloured, white, black , any tribe, religion, colour or creed.

Lest we forget, the Ndebele or Shona that the evil Zimbabwean hates, is family and only generations away their great grand parent is also probably your great grand parent. Furthermore we find Zimbabweans who marginalise coloureds and look down on their ability to progress in life, confining them to a retrogressive pool of non achievers and simply never giving them opportunity to showcase their abilities and contribute towards the development of our great nation.

To the ‘Discerning eye. newzimbabwevision, coloureds are actually amongst the most marginalised society in Zimbabwe. Its just about 130 years since the arrival of the settler column. We are all aware that before that, the coloured community did not exist in Zimbabwe, and only came about because of interbreeding between the black indigenous people and white settlers.

They are therefore descendants of the white settler column, but are equally Zimbabwean like every one else and should be afforded equal opportunities in life. Some got farms and other property as their parents were sent back to Scotland having been the majority in the settler column on arrival. This was generally as punishment for failing to keep their sexual desires in check and unfortunately bedding blacks.

However their coloured descendants though never tracing their origins or laying claim to their birthright, are Zimbabwean UK descendants and we must respect each other and see their identity crisis as one borne of oppressive colonisation by their great grand parents.

They suffered this marginalisation arising from their troubled background and that included not being recognised by their own white settler great grand parents as ‘kith and kin’, while their white kith and kin lost property such as farms and farming equipment and were butchered by Mugabe in a racist, white farmer eviction campaign in the early 2000.

Coloureds, blacks and whites are family and should fight oppressive authority as one and seek to remove Mugabe and his Zanu Pf as a united formidable force in 2018, for the good of our nation. Whenever you see the coloured, black or white in a fellow Zimbabwean, you are simply racist and don’t belong in the newzimbabwevision that we all envisage for tomorrow.

It is important that we must always remember, with respect to land, and mineral resources..Mugabe was right, land and mineral resources to the indigenous people of Zimbabwe,…the ‘DISCERNING eye, newzimbabwevision agrees!

The crisis arose in the brutality of the racist campaign which saw the forced eviction of white farmers without compensation for the land which they originally forced black indigenous people off without compensation just over a century ago.

The land and resources belong to the people of Zimbabwe and Mugabe was right in pushing for Black empowerment and indiginisation. We should always commend him for that firm stance. It is unfortunate that the west are the main victims of any Black empowerement, indigenisation, and attempts to uplift the black person, hence they will swiftly demonise anyone who falls off the Western track of self enrichment of their own nations while destroying peaceful third world nations in the name of ‘Democracy’.

Under no circumstances do we ever expect the land grab to be reversed,..that would be a real war. Compensation is between government and the former land owners and international world, but land is an indigenous, resource for the people of Zimbabwe,..Mugabe was right! He will die, but the fact remains, what belongs to the people, stays amongst the people!

What we all rightly agree to, is a rationalisation of the scheme, through a credible farm audit, that will dispossess Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats of the multiple farms they own and enforce equitable distribution of the land to all deserving indigenous claimants.

Any leader who can firmly stand up against western oppression, is labelled undemocratic. Lest we all forget, ‘Sir Robert Mugabe’, was once the ‘blue eyed black boy’, loved by the Western world, his former masters who are the chief architects of our suffering today as Mugabe is a devil they created!

Mugabe, for his own people, had a progressive plan of affording them equal opportunities, levelling the playfield and giving them access to their own wealth through indigenisation of resources and companies and black empowerment strategies, which were unfortunately hijacked by greed by Mugabe, Zim 1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats, leading to marginalisation of fellow blacks who fall out of the camp of the rich and powerful ‘black oppressors of blacks’ who monopolise wealth and power.

Any party, that talks of dividing the rich Zimbabwe republic, spews hatred towards another tribe or race, or talks of secession of a region, is only gearing up to apply the same hatred, marginilisation of people and put in place an equally brutal and murderous regime to replace that which is currently in place. All peace loving Zimbabweans are united and who have a positive vision of a peaceful, progressive people, a bright future for all our children, love and unity amongst all for future generations, with access to health care, education, housing and jobs amongst other opportunities must stand against secession.

The ‘DISCERNING, eye newzimbabwevision says,..Devolution- yes, but secession-no! One people one Zimbabwe for all tribes, colours, races and religions,..No Mugabe, No Zanu pf !

To the ‘Discerning eye’, Mugabe is not necessarily evil but just unfortunate in that he is a public figure who has access to public platforms such as mainstream and social media where his evil acts are magnified, but ask yourself, …WHAT IS NOT ZIMBABWEAN ABOUT HIS DESTRUCTIVE NATURE? Change begins with us the people and it is only through addressing that negative culture, of bitterness, destroying those who are successful, bringing down family friends and colleagues that we can unite and work together against a common evil.

The gukurahundi attrocities strongly shape our present and future. Mugabe’s Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats, monopolise wealth and power in fear of repercussions of their crimes against humanity ranging from gukurahundi, genocide, murambatsvina, chiadzwa genocide and electoral violence and murders over the 36years of Mugabe’s rule.

No matter how much they have tried to rewrite the course of history, their crimes are well documented in the Hague and all Zimbabweans keenly await prosecution of perpetrators of crimes against humanity. This is the key reason why Mugabe and his Zanu Pf regime will not implement ‘Electoral reforms’ as that will allow free and fair elections that would unseat Mugabe and his Zanu Pf regime and expose the whole crew of ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’ to prosecution. They only hope and pray, that the longer they ignore their past crimes, the sooner it will all be forgotten

Others say our oppression is self fuelled, driven by the very culture of lack of love for one another, jealousy, and desire to bring down those who succeed and evil amongst our own kith and kin,… and therefore we should stop blaming the rest of the world for evil of our own making…….DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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