Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira In & Out Of Hospital , 10 months Admitted At St Anne’s Hospital

Liberation struggle musician Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira is admitted at St Anne’s Hospital in Harare, battling an ailment that is still to be diagnosed.

The musician has been in and out of hospital for the past 10 months and says a burning sensation runs through his body. The excruciating pain spreads from legs to the waist and from arms to the chest, where it hurts most.

“I have been here (at St Annes Hospital) since last week. I came here after visiting a number of hospitals since the recent attack came. The pain is sometimes too much but what bothers me most is that I have not been able to take part at the nation’s most important celebrations of heroes,” he said.

“This condition has disadvantaged me. I wish I could just jump out of bed and sing. I want to sing about empowerment. I want to sing about indigenization. The President has spoken passionately about these things and someone has to take the message further.

“Music takes the message to the people and someone has to sing about it. I have recorded some songs on these topical issues and I want to continue singing and preaching that gospel without ceasing.”

“Iyo iyo hondo yakura todiniko…. We sang during the Third Chimurenga and supported the land reform programme. Some people opposed the programme but we sang until people realised its importance.

“We sang until some people from the MDC who opposed the programme expressed their interest in getting land. That is the power of music. I want to continue singing about patriotism. The pain might be excruciating but when I recover, I will continue singing ‘Chaiti chauya chikopokopo, kutenderera kuseniseni…..”

“This attack has just been severe but the condition started in September last year. When I am not in bed like this, I do my best to work for my country. That time when I attended Zimbabwe Music Awards last year, it had already started but I soldier on. I have defied the condition to go on stage at several functions. It is just severe for now and I challenge other musicians, especially youths to continue fighting for our rights. These African resources are ours and we should not relax when we are being exploited.”

“During the war, we were attacked by many diseases and they were treated and we continued to fight. Even now, when they know what is troubling me I know I will get assistance. Since last year I have only been getting medications that ease the pain and I am hopeful the doctors will one day get to the bottom of the problem.”

A few weeks ago rumours swirled that Comrade Chinx had passed away. He released a video denying the reports. “Go and tell them that I will die fighting. This is our country comrade and the struggle continues.”

Source: nehandaradio

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