Didymus Mutasa Has Defaulted On His Rusape Council House Rentals For 30 Years

Fired former Zanu PF member Didymus Mutasa has reportedly not paid rentals for past 30 years in Rusape.

The house in question is said to be a mansion by Rusape’s standards.

Mutasa occupied the house in 1984  and there are no “any record of payment for the property”.

According to the Herald, Mutasa recently confronted council claiming he bought the property, when he did not.

“He phoned the town secretary Mr Joshua Maligwa last week soon after publication of the story by The Herald claiming that he bought the house several years ago.

“He claims a former special interest councillor, , who happens to be his former secretary, facilitated the sale of the house to him by council,” said the unnamed source.

“Council advised Mr Mutasa to produce evidence that he bought the house. He has not furnished council with that evidence to date.”

Instead of availing Rusape Town Council with proof of payment for the house, Mutasa is said to have accused council management of playing politics.

Last week the municipality wrote to Mutasa giving him the option to buy the house as a sitting tenant.

“Pursuant to our letters dated 6 January 2000 and 17 March 2015, council at its 291st regular full council meeting resolved through resolution FC14/05/15 that: council offers you to purchase the house at Stand 160 Rusape Township and developments thereon at a cost of $45 000.

“You should accept the offer within seven days of receipt of this offer letter and make the full payment by 31st December 2015,” reads the letter signed by Mr Maligwa.

Mutasa insisted he bought the house in 1984.

“I bought the house in 1984 but they refused to give me the title deed. I would have produced the title deed if they had given me.

“They should give me some rest and not heap every kind of stupid accusation on me.”
Source: Herald

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