‘Dilemma As Chinese &Russians No Longer Trust Zanu PF Under 91-Year Old Mugabe’-Tsvangirai

CHIPINGE: MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai has said Zanu PF is now in a dilemma as its “all-weather” allies – the Chinese and Russians – have also lost confidence in the party’s leadership under the 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

The former premier said this on Saturday while addressing hundreds of party supporters who thronged Rimbi Business Centre in Musikavanhu constituency for the memorial service of late Chief Josiah Rimbi who died in 2013.

Tsvangirai said the Zanu PF government was responsible for the collapse of a once vibrant agriculture sector and plunging the country into hunger and poverty.

“Zanu PF is in serious crisis because no investor across the world takes them seriously. Even the Chinese and Russians no longer trust them (Zanu PF); that is why they are sceptical about investing in the country,” said Tsvangirai.

He added: “What Zanu PF has only achieved is promoting politics of impunity, killing and destroying the economy and the once vibrant agricultural sector.”

Tsvangirai told supporters that his party will not boycott elections but will only take part in an election which will produce credible results.

“We will only take part in an election which is conducted in a free and fair environment,” he said.

“We want a situation where, if Zanu PF wins the elections we shake their hands and say congratulations, and if MDC wins then they accept because change is imminent.

“We cannot take part in an election where the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission cannot run an independent process and is, instead, controlled by Zanu PF.”

The MDC-T leader said his party is committed to taking over power through democratic and peaceful.

“We are still committed to peaceful means of taking power.

“Change is imminent now because people have suffered enough and they want change of political leadership.”

Tsvangirai explained to his supporters that his party went into government of national unity with Zanu PF to assist Zimbabweans who were now sinking in sea of poverty.

“We went into the GNU to save Zimbabweans and, later, Zanu PF decided to rule on their own but where is the country? Everything has virtually collapsed.

“We heard some of Zanu PF officials saying their party will rule forever; let them rule then,” said Tsvangirai in apparent reference to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa statement that Zanu PF will rule the country forever if the opposition boycotts elections.inclusive government. He died after a long illness.

Tsvangirai paid tribute to late Chief Rimbi for the role he played in helping to the ‘pro-democracy movement’ in the country.

He described the traditional leader as principled and a true democrat who stood for the rights of his people.

“We remember him as a principled person who helped in the democratization of the country`s political space.

“He stood against the dictatorship and tyrannical leadership. He is one traditional who refused to be used and intimidated by Zanu PF and stood for what he knows was right for his people,” said Tsvangirai.

Musikavanhu legislator, Prosper Mutseyami, said despite intimidation by Zanu PF, local villagers attended the memorial service in large numbers to celebrate the life of their chief who stood by them in difficult situations.

“We thank you for coming in numbers despite intimidation and threats by Zanu PF officials. Some have had to withdraw their transport last minute because they were intimidated,” said Mutseyami.

Chief Rimbi is the first traditional leader to come in the open about supporting opposition MDC and was nominated to become a senator through an MDC ticket during the inclusive government. He died after a long illness. source-newzimbabwe

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