Education officers, refuse to testify against illegal Marondera School operator

Two Education officers, namely   Joseph Mangwiro (55) and Nicodemus Karuma (56) reportedly refused to testify in court in a case againsts Netsai Makamure, who is allegedly running a unregistered school in Marondera.

The school, located at Stand Number 59 Detroit Crescent, Longlands Industrial Site in Marondera, is said to have been allocated , more than US$20 000 by Zimbabwe’s  Zanu PF regime through the Zimbabwe War Veterans ministry, but the case has failed to , be tried in court after the  two ministry of Education ministry officials refused to testify against the accused.

The Beautiful Beginners Group of Schools, is said to be an illegal study centre which runs a Marondera’s bank account through which thousands of dollars were channelled from government.

A number of war veterans’ children are reportedly enrolled at the institution.

The case is registered at  Marondera Central Police as case number CR117/5/16.

Beautiful Beginners is officially registered as an early child development centre as of the year 2013 but has clandestinely been running a combination of both an illegal  and a secondary boarding school in Marondera.

The illegal school reportedly  offers boarding facilities to primary school pupils and Form 1 students only at a local house , listed as number 19 Marondera Crescent in Winston Park , Marondera.

The two education officers reportedly refused to testify agaist the accused as they claimed there was pressure from higher offices for them not to testify.

This is unsurprising to anyone, considering that Mugabe the US$15 billion thief, his corrupt Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who monopolise wealth and power, are never prosecuted for their corruption. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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