Emergency powers act, stealth approach ,..watch your step!

ZIMBABWE GOVERNMENT HAS BANNED ALL public gatherings and meetings in and around the2016 capital city ‘ Harare Central Business’ district with effect from 2nd September . Anyone found in breach of this directive issued in line with a Statutory instrument gazzetted on Thursday, will immediately be arrested by police and face up to a year in prison. Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) say this is all in line with the draconian pubic order security act ( POSA) .

To the ‘Discerning eye newzimbabwevision’ the Zanu PF regime is only priming the people to violence ad they know very well that there will be absolute chaos and anarchy in defiance of this draconian stance, thereby justifying the implemantation of the dreaded Emergency powers act which we all know is on the way. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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