Eric Knight Calls For Mugabe To Quit For The sake Of Suffering Zimbabweans

Former ZBC Radio Two popular disk jockey Eric Knight has made another follow up letter to President Robert Mugabe asking him to step down for the sake of the suffering Zimbabweans.

In his letter he widely accused Mugabe’s cronies of pretending to love him yet what is only in their minds is fearing him and just wanting to pursue their own interests using his names.

For the wider details of his advice to the President please read what he wrote:

“Today I wrap up my personal message (To Quit is to Lead), addressed to His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Baba Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Thank you very much Sir for taking time to read my humble message to you in the spirit of nationalism. You haven’t confirmed that you have read it but I know that nothing concerning our country misses your ears and eyes. You have a very alert Information Department led by Mukoma wangu who is also your spokesman George Charamba. You also have an eagle eyed C.I.O Department led by Mukoma Happison Bonyongwe.

His Excellency by the way this time this is not from the West or the East. This is not from the British nor the Americans, this is neither from VaTsvangirai whom you strongly believe advances the interests from of Western paymasters. This is also not from the ‘Puppet Party’ the MDC as you always suggest, but this is from one of your own children, Zimbabwean 100% and a Mbarean born. That also explains why here and there ndirikushandisa mutauro wedu nekuti ndezvemumusha medu we Zimbabwe. Baba this is not Politics, it is not Election time. It is about Nationalism and Patriotism and Zimbabwe. You see this devil we call the Economic Crunch when it bites, it doesn’t look at what Party Card you hold, it bites all, Zanu PF, Zapu or MDC. So my issue is a national issue. Gushungo I am not the kind to write a placard and stage a ‘Mugabe Must Go’ demonstration. I don’t believe it is the most appropriate manner to convey a message to a Father of a nation. I also don’t believe in attracting unnecessary attention especially from the international media over an issue that I believe can be resolved within the peripheries of our country. Chikumbiro/Yisicelo sabantwana bakho Baba that you retire, resign and leave office. Please note I did not say ‘Go’, because you are a Zimbabwean and there is nowhere we expect you to go except to retire peacefully in your motherland like everyone.

I am not doing this because I am away from home no, it is simply because meeting you on a face to face basis to discuss Zimbabwe is almost impractical, owing to the 100 men durawall manned by the guys in suits and dark glasses who ‘love’ protecting and shielding you even from the same people who you are President to. Otherwise if I had a chance, I would certainly come and share with you the views and opinions of the nation as our Father and our Head of State and Government.

On that note Sir if you would remind your boys that the C.I.O are only a necessary entity supposed to serve the state, to safeguard the interests of a nation in terms of security, not a monster and hostile department divorced from the public. If messaging my President about national issues is a crime, then let them arrest me. If letting known the realities of our country from your son to a father is selling out or amounts to state enmity, then I will gladly hand over myself. I can make it known to the Security Agents the day, date and time I am coming to my beloved country for Christmas. I insist and will sing the same song to you His Excellency, it is time to retire, just for the benefit of our nation. Maybe before you do that, I humbly advise you to privately visit Mbare Matapi in disguise, Chimbopindai muEpworth, eMakokoba koBulawayo, kuSakubva kwaMutare,kuRujeko kuMasvingo, kuMandava kuZvishavane and eJahunda eGwanda muwone ruramiro irikuitwa nenava venyu vamunotungamira Baba. Visit abantwana beZimbabwe who are squatting in Mud and Plastic structures in Polokwane South Africa, thousands of them, visit vana venyu vakatiza nhamo who live in Squalors in Botswana Baba, let your Chauffeur drive you around the avenues in Harare in the nights and see how your desperate daughters are surviving and tell me that you are happy with the functions of our Government as some members of your cabinet tell you. Vana vevhu varikutambudzika Baba, both inside and outside our borders, musanyeperwe.

Most of your Cabinet Ministers are misleading you Your Excellency. They have agendas totally different to yours because they know you will be held accountable. Vanoda kukufadzai Baba. They pretend to like you yet they fear you Sir. Vanokutyai kwete kukudai and you dont need me to know there is a difference between those two. Do you prefer kudiwa or kutyiwa Baba? Especially those who are quick to defend you even where you can defend yourself, those who are fond of being your spokespersons. They will pretend to like Amai Mugabe and they will donate cash to her projects. I want to believe that your Excellency you can not sell your soul in exchange of 3 pieces of silver. They are busy spewing nonsensical messages on Twitter and social media on your behalf but remember, When a dog bites someone you don’t look for the dog, you look for the owner.

Phillipians 3verse 2 says ‘Beware of the Dogs.’ Sir whenever you see a sign post that says ‘Beware of Dogs’, may I remind you that it refers to dogs inside the gate, not outside. They are busy spewing out narcissistic messages designed to boost their own personal egos and profiles and not the nation of Zimbabwe.

No one wants to reverse the gains of Independence, no one wants Zimbabwe to be a colony again but also no one wants Zimbabweans to be Economic immigrants to other countries again. Munevana Baba and believe me, they might not say it to you but these kids do worry about their future especially after you are called by our maker. Vasunungurei vana ava right now and usher them into a peaceful and secure future by doing what is right today. They can not surely be happy living a life of being followed and guided all their lives like sheep. I conclude my first and surely my last open message to you by saying I pray and trust that you have listened and heard. I am not claiming to be an angel but lest you forget, its not all angels that have wings. In the Book of Numbers 22verse 28, God even used a donkey to convey a message to Balaam. Resign and Retire in peace Sir. You do not lose anything at all. I am confident that whoever you will anoint and appoint to take over will still rely on you for some facets of governance you garnered in 35years. You can still be a fountain of wisdom in many matters. Ngesindebele bathi ‘Inyathi ibuzwa kwabaphambili’, literally meaning ‘Experience is the best teacher.’ To Quit is to Lead. God bless You! God bless Zimbabwe! God bless Africa!..By General Eric Knight.”  by Stephen Jakes Source – Byo24News


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