European Union (EU) Warns Zanu PF Regime Over Lack Of Itai Dzamara Updates & Fresh Farm Invasions

THE reluctance by Harare to give updates on their efforts to find the abducted social rights activist Itai Dzamara and reports of fresh farm invasions in Headlands have a great potential of spoiling the bidge-building process, the European Union (EU) has said.

The Zimbabwe Peace Project, an NGO, said government officials in Headlands on Thursday invaded four farms, three of which belonged to white commercial farmers.

Farm invasions and human rights abuses are some of the yardsticks used by the West to measure the countries’ compliance with international standards of democracy and rule of law and Zimbabwe has been found wanting since 2000.

The West has said the country’s human rights situation has improved since 2009.

Some of the positive highlights have been the completion and adoption of the new constitution and the subsequent holding of peaceful polls two years ago.

But despite being peaceful, the 2013 elections were largely seen as not reflective of the will of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe.

Then in March 9 this year, Dzamara was abducted by suspected state security agents, prompting the EU to give a strong warning to Zimbabwe of a possible restoration of sanctions they had lifted should Harare fail to account for the missing citizen.

On Thursday, EU repeated its call on government to find Dzamara and warned that “Sustainable peace, development and prosperity” were not going to exist in the country “without respect for human rights”.

EU and her allies’ commitment to assist any developing country are underpinned by the respect for human rights and how such countries protect their citizens.

On the lack of respect to property rights, EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Phillipe Van Damme told recently that if farm invasions continue the bridge building process which the West and Harare had started would greatly be compromised.

According to the ZPP the invaded farms are Andrew Dawson’s Wakefield Farm, Mhandara Farm of  Dakarai, Kelvin Farm owned by a man identified as  Mr. Jack  and Longfields Farm owned by cattle breeder Mr N.J. Oosthuizen.

Mapuranga lost Zanu PF primaries for Headlands constituency ahead of the June by-elections. source-newzimbabwe

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