EX VICE PRESIDENT JOICE MUJURU ACKNOWLEDGES , part blame for 1980s Matabeleland and Midlands , Gukurahundi massacres –

Former vice-president Joice Mujuru says she was partly to blame for the 1980s Matabeleland and Midlands massacres also known as Gukurahundi as someone who was in government according to the concept of collective responsibility.
But she said it was unfair to blame everyone who was in government at the time because the atrocities were not executed by the regular army.
Mujuru also disputed claims that she looted diamonds from Chiadzwa, saying the term “Churu ChaMai Mujuru” (Mujuru’s hill) was a joke created by villagers involved in a flower export project she initiated at Hotsprings, Mutare. The project was a major source of foreign currency.
She said when diamonds were discovered, people started claiming that they now had their project similar to the horticulture project. Mujuru said villagers teased each other about the “Churu chaMai Mujuru”, but she was never into mining. Source – the standard

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