‘To Gain Public Acceptance, Expelled Zanu PF Stalwarts Mujuru & Mutasa, Must Tell The Truth’

RECENT claims by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who is now president of the newly-formed opposition Zimbabwe People’s First (Zim PF) and former State Security minister Didymus Mutasa, that they were not at liberty to expose Zanu PF’s dark past lest they play foul to the Official Secrecy Act, cannot go unchallenged.


Zimbabwe People First Leader Dr.Joyce Mujuru

It’s no secret that Mujuru, Mutasa et al at ZimPF played a pivotal role in ensuring the Zanu PF party stranglehold on power by crushing dissenting voices over the past three decades.

Now that they have crossed the floor, they owe Zimbabweans nothing else but the truth in order for them to gain public acceptance by the electorate in the opposition camp.

A passage from the Bible, the English Standard Version (EVS) on John 8:31-32, will be of great help to both Mutasa and Mujuru, if they entertain any hopes of winning the hearts of the electorate, especially ahead of the crunch 2018 elections.

In case, the two do not find time to read the Bible, the passage hewn from John 8: 31-32 partly reads: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The message in that piece of scripture demands that Mujuru, Mutasa and many others in their trail should open up and tell the truth of what used to happen and by so doing they might win the hearts of the masses.

It’s no point for them to want to be accepted as democrats without publicly exorcising the Zanu PF ghost that has been associated with them for the past 34 years.

Why would the duo seek to hide behind the fears of the Official Secrecy Act, if they claim to have the mandate to emancipate Zimbabweans? Why do they think the masses will believe them if they do not sacrifice their own positions to let the people of Zimbabwe know who has been behind so much atrocities for over three decades.

Of course, the duo may decide not to divulge the perpetrators of such heinous acts, but this could seal their own fate. Zimbabweans cannot be taken for granted, they may seem naïve, but truly speaking they are more vigilant and have gone through thick and thin and are now politically mature.

It is not in dispute the violence perpetrated on the masses, torture and abduction of members of opposition parties, has for decades been sanctioned by top government and Zanu PF officials, all in the spirit of retaining power.

If the truth be told, senior government officials, at all material times would be alive to what would be on the ground across the country and in some instances, being the ones directing operations and giving instructions for certain individuals or groups of people to be tortured, victimised and/or abducted.

Mujuru and Mutasa need not forget that you cannot curry public sympathy if you maintain your penchant of telling half-truths. What’s the point of remaining subservient to an obnoxious piece of legislation while pretending to have parted ways with its evil machinations? Just tell the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Food for thought.Source-newsday

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