FEATHERSTONE WENGEZI BRIDGE accident in which 16 kombi passengers died has been declared a national disater

The horrific accident in a head on collision on Wengezi bridge in Featherstone along accident near Chivhu, along the Harare-Masvingo highway in which 16 kombi passengers died and several were injured has been declared a national disaster.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called for a full investigation into what caused the accident.
www.newzimbabwevision.com says its clear that the haulage was fully involved in causing the accident. As a trained professional driver, he should have been scanning the road far ahead, spotted the approaching hazards including a bridge and oncoming bridge while following at a safe distance from behind the vehicle in front, and covering his brakes in preparation for any emergency such as a sudden stop.
On a narrow bridge, it makes no sense to anyone that he swerved directy into the path of oncoming traffic where he knew oncoming traffic had no room to avoid the accident. The truck driver was following too close to the car in front, overspeeding hence no chance to stop safely.
It doesnt matter what the cause of stopping was, as it could have been a medical emergency , vehicle break down or animal in the path , of the kombi in front, another vehicle slowing down infront of the kombi who unlike the truck triver behind him chose to stop rather than swerve into the path of oncoming traffic, and he could even have been under the influence of drink or something intoxicating. Furthermore he could easily be someone without a truck licence, medical certificate or his truck may be unfit for use.
We have not heard anything about the kombi that suddenly stopped, probably because there may not have been any. He simply swerved into the path of oncoming traffic, which he slammed into and threw off the bridge. Now he knows there are no witnesses having all fallen down and died or are in a critical condition, but if he was driving with due care he should have been very professional, fully alert and following at a safe distance and had enough safe stopping distance. Handling a massive vehicle is no different from being in control of a weapon of mass destruction, as a split second can change the scenario if he loses his guard.
The professional driver must be held fully accountable for the deaths of the 16 people and injuries of the others, causing the accident and all charges that can be brought up against him for such dangerous driving. A professional driver should have been ready to stop safely behind the kombi but clearly deliberately swerved into oncoming traffic which he could see from far ahead as he has a vantage viewing point in his cab.
He was probably distracted on his phone, radio or day dreaming , if not asleep until looking up in the last second to swerve the haulage truck, which really should never be swerved but safely manouvered where there is a need to do so. The stationary kombi may have stopped but the haulage truck must face the full wrath of the law.
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