Fired VP Mnangagwa who was dismissed nine days ago by former Zimbabwe President the despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has arrived in Harare, due to be sworn in as president in two days time

The fired former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was dismissed nine days ago by former Zimbabwe President the despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has arrived in Harare has Zimbabwe, just two days before he is due to be sworn in as president of Zimbabwe replacing the despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe.
Mnangagwa told jubilant Zimbabweans that this is the birth of a new democracy.
At the same time the internet has gone wild with postings of Mnangagwa’s son, Michael Sean Mnangagwa, displaying the same foolish behaviour we witnessed from Robert Mugabe’s little brats who were living a high life while the rest of Zimbabwe was suffering.
The photos obtained online of Sean Michael Mnangagwa, the son of the former Vice President/ Future President of Zimbabwe, ‘Boss Mnangagwa’ are sickening, when you realise that his dad the source of finance is a Zanu pf, corrupt official who is filthy rich and made his millions from looting initially from DRC diamonds when Zimbabwe aided the DRC war. 
We allowed this to happen from Grace Mugabe and sons, who looted every piece of land they could lay their hands on, spent filthy sums of wealth on flashy items, champagne parties and every luxurious item they could lay their hands on.
Let us all remember that, yes, today we celebrate the departure of Mugabe but effectively by replacing him with Emmerson Mnangagwa, we have simply recycled  the same rubbish and as I warned before, the aim is to remove all Zanu pf from the highest authoritym then Mugabe down to the smallest unit, such as rural herdman in the villages.
If we sit back and allow this kind of spoilt, wreckless behaviour by children of leaders, which effectively is a clear indication of the child’s upbringing and character of the parents, in this case our Future President and wife First lady Auxillia Mnangagwa , you must all understand me when I say, we have only recycled the same shit and we still have along way to go. 
Mnangagwa is a ruthless man, a long term right hand to Mugabe and the chief architect of past genocides like gukurahundi, chiadzwa, white farmer eviction, 2008 elections and muambatsvina. In his speech just a few hours ago at Zanu Pf head quarters, Mnangagwa stated that the ‘Dogs can keep on barking and barking, while the train that is Zanu pf continues to rule,..chilling the same language that Mugabe ruled by and enforced throughout his dictatorship and the same warnings that the late former vice president Simon Mzenda warned about. He said we Zanu pf will rule you until donkey’s grow sets of horns,…and 37 years under Zanu pf it really feels that way. Mugabe and his family are gone, next  Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats must go and we must implement full democracy, not recycle the same sh*t!
 We must never drop our guard, stay united and ready to unseat anyone in power. You can see the photos, you know what Chatunga and his brother the Mugabe sons put us through because of their lavish spending of the taxpayers money while we suffered. Don’t sit back and watch the same from the Mnangagwa family. Because of the speed of developments in Zimbabwe, we cannot prove the authenticity of the pictures or person allegedly portrayed and issues raised but because we are a source of information,  the people should know what is circulating online and have their say because its a free world and we are not in the business of hiding things or pleasing others by protecting any wrong doings if proven to be so. Mnangagwa must be firmly reminded that if these are true then its his downfall from the start and that in the same way that his master fell, he could easily be swiftly impeached and there is plenty that can genuinely levelled against him where past crime against humanity and genocides along with corruption are concerned.
 It is however important for parliament to call Mnangagwa to account at his very first appearance in parliament as Zimbabwe’s president  and seek answers for the nation as these are globally viewed articles.
We fought together to remove Mugabe, let us maintain the same unity and push for an inclusive government that is made up of Mnangagwa and our opposition camp together in a Government of national Unity that will implement electoral reforms and prepare free and fair elections in six months and we will be able to vote out the Zanu pf trash,..all of them must go otherwise we have only removed Mugabe but left the same people, same system, same oppressive corrupt people who will only serve to perpetuate the people’s suffering. The same oppressive Zanu pf party, same system and same criminal caucus remain in charge with a purpotedly new leader but simpley Mugabe’s longterm right hand man, chief architect of genocides like gukurahundi, murambatsvina, chiadwza and 2008 elections is replacing Mugabe, recycled sh*t if you ask my opinion…wake up Zimbabwe! Iwe neni tinebasa,…fix ZimBoBwe, all Zanu pf must be removed! By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo BBC Africa

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