Daring Five Man Knife Wielding Bulawayo Criminal Gang Attacks Police Base

TWO female police officers bravely fought off a knife wielding five-man gang that attacked a police base and tried to rape one of them. Licking their wounds, the gang fled from the base, near Amakhosi Cultural Centre in Bulawayo, minutes before reinforcements from the canine section arrived at the scene. The incident happened at about 1AM yesterday.Police with sniffer dogs tracked down and arrested two of the suspects. A manhunt has been launched for the other three.Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango  referred questions to national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi.

Chief Supt Nyathi could not be reached for comment as his cellphone rang unanswered. Police sources said three police officers, one male, were at the tent which is used as the base.

“When the five arrived, the male police officer was outside. Apparently unaware of his presence, they immediately attacked the women,” said a source. The source said a scuffle ensued as one of the attackers tried to rape one of the officers.

“The two female officers fought hard to keep their attackers at bay while the male officer called for backup at Bulawayo Central Police Station,” said the source.

“The raiders apparently realising they were coming out second best, fled into the bush and a few minutes later, the reinforcements arrived.” The male police officer, said the source, showed the dog squad the direction taken by the fleeing criminals.

“The dogs immediately picked the scent and two of the fleeing suspects were arrested,” the source added. It could not be ascertained yesterday why the gang raided the police base.

Following their arrests, the bruised suspects were taken to Bulawayo Central Police Station where they are assisting with investigations. The Chronicle visited the police base yesterday and it was business as usual. Officers at the base refused to shed light on the matter saying only their public relations officers were allowed to speak to the Press. BY Nqobile Tshili -Source Chronicle

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