Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Major-General (Rtd) Dr Moyo says its shocking that opposition expect Mnangagwa to reverse 37 years of damage by Mugabe in two weeks.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Major-General (Rtd) Dr Sibusiso Moyo says its shocking that Zimbabwe’s opposition expect the new Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa to reverse 37 years of damage in two weeks.
He said this after MDC-Alliance members Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and activists Dewa Mavhinga and Peter Godwin on Tuesday went before the US senate foreign relations committee and called for the US government to maintain sanctions over Zimbabwe.
The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Major-General (Rtd) Dr Sibusiso Moyo said it was shocking to watch Tendai Biti, Dewa Mavhinga and Peter Godwin take turns before the USA senate foreign relations committee just hours after the Minister had met the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe, H.E. Mr Harry K. Thomas Jnr in his office, to map out-re engagement that will benefit both nations.
The minister asked how could any serious futureZimbabwe leader call for ZIDERA to remains in place as US sanctions against Zimbabwe were ruinous, cause little discomfort to the political elite and the well-off, but great suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.
Minister Moyo said disagreements must be resolved internally without inviting punitive measures by strangers on our Zimbabwean citizens by creating “alternative truths” in order to gain political advantage as opposition.
He said Zimbabwe will conduct peaceful elections in 2018 guided by Sadc principles and African Union recommendations and leadership changes will be settled by the ballot box not foreign intervention that further harms the country.
Minister Moyo said that it is within every Zimbabwean’s right to canvass for political changes of their choice, but it must be be achieved without destroying the benefits of the new political dispensation therefore every Zimbabwean must guard against any threats to the peace and stability of our motherland Zimbabwe.
newzimbabwevision says these people after the peaceful removal of Mugabe, and a golden handshake, militarisation of the state, are calmly drawing international attention with a view to reengage the international community and attract investment and kick start the economy.
I say without necessary electoral reforms which were long signed up to by GNU principals and endorsed by SADC, then blocked by the same Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, Mnangagwa a graduate of the Mugabe school of torture, murder, oppression, unaccountable, illegitimate government, the calls by Moyo make sense but we need to demilitarise the cabinet and remove people like him and Perrance Shiri from cabinet, cut down the President Office budget allocation and redirect that to health and Child welfare first.
We need to remove draconian laws such as AIPPA and POSA, open up rural areas to opposition and activist voter campaigns, encourage greater BVR registration, allow diaspora votes at embassies and bring in the UN to monitor the elections.
We cannot sit back and expect the same SADC and AU who at a time when Zimbabweans needed them, failed us and instead promoted Mugabe to head both organisations, typically celebrating our suffering under the deposed leader. we kept them out when we along with the soldiers removed Mugabe and should never allow SADC or AU involvement as they are simply a waste of space, nothing more than a buch of dictators.
If you are Zimbabwean and fail to realise that Gen Sibusiso Moyo is actually part of the reason why Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe over 37years.with the help of these soldiers. His successor President Mnangagwa was Minister of State Security and Justice Minister during all crimes against Humanity including gukurahundi, Chiadzwa, Murambatsvina and all political eliminations of opposition, activists, Zanu pf and opposition.
Mnangagwa single handedly protected all criminals from prosecution and stopped them being haulec to the Hague by the ICC. He has all the information about each crime, pepetrators, proceeds and where they can be located but here we are thinking removing Mugabe and replacing him with his own interns will change Zimbabwe….really?
Shiri was a key Gukurahundi figure as the then head of the brutal Shona tribalist Fifth Brigade behind the gukurahundi slaughter of 20, 000 Ndebeles from Midlands and Matebeleland.
Gen Chiwenga was in charge of a Brigade in Bulawayo and key to Gukurahundi as all Matebeleland raids by the Fifth Brigade depended on logistics support from him.
Mnangagwa being State security minister and head of tge brutal CIO which was key in the gukurahundi slaughter.
Perrance Shiri a.k.a . Bigboy Samson Chikerema is Mugabes nephew from Zvimba. Remember Chikeremas are Mugabes family on his mother Mbuya Bona’s side.
Soldiers were the powerhouse behind Mugabe iin all his oppression of the masses. Today we sut pretending that the Minister of Foreign affairs and Trade Gen Sibusiso Moyo is a registered wanted criminal in minerals after his involvement in diamond looting in the DRC war.
Leat you forget Mnangagwa, Shiri Moyo and other military figures looted tge DRC and made millions before being behind the militarisation of Chidzwa diamond fields. Remember two helicopter gunships mowed down 140 people, unarmed innocent diamond prospectors in broad day light. They were all slaughtered by these military helicopters in broad daylight and for all these crimes by these filthy rich securocrats no one has ever been arrested for Murambatsvina, gukurahundi, Chiadzwa and other crimes against humanity but instead for all suffering they inflicted upon Zimbabweans they are rewarded with cabinet posts…hmmn!
To the Discerning eye newzimbabwevision, Sibusiso Moyo is already displaying the same oppressive mentality we alwags fought against from Mugabe who always went out of his way to intervene in peoples freedom of expression by claiming the three Opposition figures who appeared before the US senate were wrong in asking for the sanctions regime to be kept in place.
While I accept sanctions are tough on people, wake up Zimbabwe and realise Mugabe has gone and these criminals are panicking because they know people power can change things hence the threats to those who spread news across media.
They know that people like me Smiler the voice of the voiceless will never be cowed into silence. I will always speak out against oppressive authority and all injustices that are inflicted upon the people. All that they are saying in my view was maintain your hold over this regime by using sanctions to force change that will bringprogress, development and free the nation from military rule.
If you sit and allow military rule today, will suffer worse than under Mugabe eventually. Get them all out in the 2018 ballot.
As soon as Moyo starts barking like Mugabe we all suddenly remember the suffering that these Generals brought upon us as they protected Mugabe’s oppression of the people over 37 years. The most recent event which most people to date are not aware of is that in the 2008 elections, Mugabe clearly lost the election and was ready to step down easily unlike his end in 2017, but the Generals rushed to statehouse and Didymus Mutasa drove all night from Manicaland to stop Mugabe from stepping down and thats why Mugabe with held election results for several months. These generals are behind stealing the people’s vote in 2008.
Furthermore President Mnangagwa, Generals, Zanu pf stalwarts, Mujuru, Mliswa, Mutasa, Jabulani are all people who falsely claim today that Mugabe messed up over thirty seven years…hmmn. He only managed this because they shielded him in order to enrich themselves and now they are in panic that the people are united and ready to reclaim ownership of the motherland .
Don’t forget that they were all partisan to bringing weapons by a Chinese cargo ship that included 77 tonnes of small arms,over 3m rounds of ammunition, AK47 assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades to Zimbabwe Defence Forces. has docked in the South African port of Durban for transportation of the weapons to Zimbabwe.
The carrier is listed as the Cosco shipping company in China.
South Africa’s national conventional arms control committee issued a permit for the trans-shipment of the deadly weapons consignment from Durban South Africa to Harare Zimbabwe.
However, fortunately Port workers in Durban refused to unload the ship cargo,and members in the truck-driving sector also stood their ground saying they would not move the cargo by road to Zimbabwe. The ship was forced to sail around several African shipping Ports but met resistance at each point with Port workers in each country refusing to offload the weapons consignment, in solidarity with Zimbabweans on the brink of extinction at the hands of the brutal Mugabe and his Zanu pf regime.
China was the Zanu pf source of life, having provided military training and weapons for Zanla forces or the Zanu military wing during the liberation war. They went on to used the Chinese veto at the UN security council to block the Zimbabwe issue from being debated , arguing that Zimbabwe’s issues were a Zimbabwean issue and not international.
It is well known that this is the reason why the Chinese flooded Zimbabwe after that as Mugabe focused on his Look East policy
On this weapons consignment, it is the International community, who, knew how murderous Mugabe and his Zanu pf were and the fact that Mugabe wanted to use force to wrestle Tsvangirai out of power having lost the election and was prepared and capable of butchering his own people in order to maintain afirm grip on power, ballot or no ballot!
Based on this knowledge they all played a role in blocking the arms deal to stop Mugabe regime from denying Zimbabweans a free election of leaders of their choice. Zimbabweans were saved in the eleventh hour by the International community because Mugabe meant to butcher them, yet they still sing pasi nemhandu, pamberi neZanu pf, Mnangagwa woyeeee,…NONSENSE!
They were prepared just like in gukurahundi and Chiadzwa genocides to butcher Zimbabweans. Mugabe to be fair, never killed anyone or even slapped anyone. He might have been the man who gave the go ahead but its the generals who gave the oders, logistics and method of execution. Therefore removing Mugabe and replacing him with Mnangawa, whose sister’s son martin Rushwaya is the Permanant Secretary for Defence and a cabinet full of generals makes Zimbabweans the most educated fools if we sit back and fail to grab back power from the military through the vote in 2018.
Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must fall in the 2018 elections. Zimbabwe must be given back to the people, no to a military state. On this one I agree with mugabe, soldiers belong to the barracks, not cabinet! They can hoodwink the international world but not the people of Zimbabwe. We cannot sit back and legitimise our own suffering by Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats. These corrupt individuals must fall! Zimbabwe belongs to the people, not the military. More news to follow. By Sibusiso The An Yue Jiang.Ngwenya

featured Photo -Rtd Maj-Gen Sibusiso B. Moyo and the Chinese Ship An Yue Jiang is seen anchored outside Durban harbor, South Africa -Guardian

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