FORMER MDC-T NATIONAL CHAIRMAN LOVEMORE MOYO who abandoned the party last month has formed a political party – United Movement for Devolution (UMD). says All this simply means is we are likely not to have a party that will win with an overall majority and possibly will have a coalition to lead the country for the next five years. Its likely that would be made up of Zanu pf and MDC T. The people of Zimbabwe must always realise that Mnangagwa and the military, did not remove Mugabe so that three months later they can hand over the country to democrats and lose their legacy and foot hold on the looting gravy train.
They are not going to walk away from it so simply, so, lets be realistic and prepare for the best way forward which will likely be, settling for a coalition, assuring the generals that what they looted, farms, mines, money and other property will not be touched and they will not be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity along with other security which is probably sharing power with them in cabinet, typically a military state but its strongly heading that way or we are totally out and they maintain total control.
Lest you forget, Mnnangagwa and the military will never reform themselves out of power, which is why the rural areas are now militarised, chiefs were given brand new vehicles, Zanu pf is now led by former military chiefs nationwide and the cabinet has been militarised. Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats are actually happy with the chaos in MDC T and the multitude of opposition parties because it will not allow any opposition landslide victory and the longer Mnangagwa and the military remain in power, and rebuild the nation, the more they gain credibility to the people and the international world while opposition collapse, case in point, its now or never , because if MDC T or MDC ALLIANCE fail to remove Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, then they are automatically relegated to the political dustbins of history and beyond that it will be Zanu pf back in the driving seat.
At the last count, a few weeks ago, Zimbabwe had a total of (121) political parties registered to participate in the 2018 harmonised elections and the number is growing by the day, as evidenced in the latest report in a statement on Saturday, by the former MDC T National Chairman Lovemore Moyo who who abandoned the MDC T party last month and has now formed a political party – United Movement for Devolution (UMD) party , which was formed following a meeting that was held on 4 April in Bulawayo.
“Various stakeholders such as the church, civil society, the students movement, traditional and cultural stakeholders, and the ordinary Zimbabweans, converged on Bulawayo where they took a critical look at the Southern region as well as Zimbabwe’s socio-economic and political situation. From that meeting emerged an urgent need to come up with a response to the myriad of problems the Southern region and the nation at large is facing,” he said.
Mr Moyo said the party’s principles and values were premised on the aspect of the devolution of power. Mr Moyo said stakeholders who attended the meeting agreed that UMD would be futuristic in its programming and planning of activities.
“Our bigger plan is to prepare Zimbabwe for a bigger UMD brand in the very foreseeable future. However, the delegates agreed that while we plan for the future, UMD will, with regard to the forthcoming 2018 general elections, allow members to contest under its banner. Our modus operandi will be that we will support any of our members who declare interest in contesting in a particular constituency for the House of Assembly or ward for the local government elections,” he said.
“It was further agreed that the party shall use the three Matabeleland provinces, namely Matabeleland North, South, and Bulawayo, as the initial administrative devolution structures. A review of progress will then be made on how these three have fared, following which a final decision will be made going forward. This, delegates noted, enables the party to focus on strengthening the provinces’ capacities to deal with the agenda of devolution,” he said.
Mr Moyo jumped the MDC-T ship pointing out that the party has lost its direction after the appointment of Advocate Nelson Chamisa as president following the death of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. Source – Bulawayo24

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