‘Former Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe Govenor ‘Gono Stole Cash,’ Munyaradzi Kereke

Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke (zanu-pf) yesterday said he never stole a cent from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and challenged anyone who lost even a goat to come forward. During cross-examination in his rape trial, Kereke said former RBZ Governor Gideon Gono did not know that he would be exposed because a thief can never anticipate.

“Gono stole my $100 000 at my Renaissance Bank account when I was in Chiredzi. He is a thief,” said Kereke.

“I have never been convicted my entire life and if there is anyone who claims I stole his goat, let him come forward. I did not steal anything from the RBZ. Zero. Gono was an energetic governor who did a service to his country before venturing into stealing.

“Sometimes I would see bags of cash, him stealing.”

Asked how a person he advised ended up stealing while he watched and built his own state-of-the-art hospital, Kereke said he reported Gono’s $40 million fraud and borrowed millions from banks through his companies to build the hospital.

Kereke added that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission bosses who were recently fired were also bribed by Gono.

The private prosecutor told Kereke that he was a violent person who was convicted in 2007 in Masvingo after firing at his ex-wife accusing her of infidelity.

“I am a peace-loving Christian. Those allegations were generated by the Daily News whom I sued for lying. The gun accidentally discharged while I was removing it from its holster at Flamboyant Hotel. It is false that I threatened to kill Joseline Mukarati and caused damage to the hotel.”

Mr Warara asked Kereke to explain the connection between Gono and the children that they could make serious allegations of rape.

“When I declined the girls’ plea for $8 000 help, they openly stated that they will fix me. This is where David Butau and the complainant’s mother came in and made my enemies know that there was an opportunity,” replied Kerere.

Mr Warara asked Kereke to show the court immigration stamps showing him exiting to United States of America in March and his return. “Some of the stamps are not legible but Zimbabwe stamps showing my exit and entry confirms that I was out of the country,” said Kereke.

Mr Warara said the only stamp on the passport shows Kereke entering USA but no stamp on his exit. Meaning he is still in USA.

The private prosecutor added that stamps can be forged and demanded to see the original stamp of Kereke exiting USA.

In his defence Kereke claimed he was out of the country in March when one of the girls alleged to have been fondled and kissed.

Kereke is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 2010 and indecently assaulting her sister who was 15 years at the time.

by Fungai Lupande. Source: the herald
photo-Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke (zanu-pf)

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