‘Furore Over Sexist, Tribalist, Derogatory, Chronicle Cartoon About Midlands & Matebeleland’

  • A cartoon by the State controlled chronicle newspaper by cartoonist Wellington Musapenda   depicts highly controversial sexist and tribal connotations with respect to Midlands and Matebeleland ladies. The cartoon  published by the state controlled Chronicle newspaper yesterday, has rightly  caused a public  uproar, with questions over how it was cleared by editors for printing and what the intended outcome was meant to be.
  • Although the cartoonist was reportedly suspended,  over the fiasco, the people of Zimbabwe must unite and rise up against offensive, tribalist, sexist articles by any media  and where applicable, seek redress through courts. The nation needs an unreserved apology by the chronicle news editor over such filth in a high profile paper, which has absolute disregard for women and certain tribes. The people have the power to say no to such, by abstaining from reading the paper and this starts with  sending out a strong message by not buying the paper, and teaching those who unknowingly buy it, about the need to demand better quality articles and news from the chronicle, fit for public consumption,..NOT THIS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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