Albinos are gaining much needed recognition and support in Zimbabwe, as the Global Aid Missions Zimbabwe, a non-governmental organization that supports people with Albinism , will run its 2nd Annual Albinism Health Fair on Saturday 22 June 2019 at the Harare Gardens in the capital..

Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized in humans by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Albinism is associated with a number of vision defects, such as photophobia, nystagmus, and amblyopia. Lack of skin pigmentation makes for more susceptibility to sunburn and skin cancers.Heřmanský–Pudlák syndrome (often written Hermansky–Pudlak syndrome or abbreviated HPS) is an extremely rare autosomal recessive disorder which results in oculocutaneous albinism (decreased pigmentation), bleeding problems due to a platelet abnormality (platelet storage pool defect), and storage of an abnormal fat- …

On 13 June 2015, the U.N , declared the International Albinism Awareness Day (I.A.A.D) to end harmful practices, ostracization, discrimination, stigmatization and vile attacks against people with Albinism and this fair will be a celebration of that development.

Global Aid Missions will end the month of Albinism Awareness with a Health Fair on Saturday, where people with Albinism will receive free healthcare services, on the spot free healthcare service and other disadvantaged communities in Harare and surrounding areas, better interventions to address the plight of people with Albinism free of discrimination and limitations. The event will also be open to the general public in need of these particular services, all for free.

Included in services to be provided on the day are: Family Planning Services, HIV Testing and Counselling, Cervical Cancer Screening, Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision, Dermatological Assessments, Wellness Checks, Menstrual Hygiene, Dental Assessments and Removals, Eye Screening as well as other services to do with Life Assurance, Insurance and Medical procedures. Organizations participating in the 2019 Albinism Health Fair include PSZ, African Health Community Trust, PSI, CitiMed, Multi-tech Diagnostic Services, Eye Clinic and Avenues Women’s Clinic among other prominent health providers.

Albinos face persecution particularly in Malawi, very close to Zimbabwe, where the majority are kept in refugeee camps for their own safety because , sadly in Malawi albinos especialy babies are snatched from their beds including adult albino’s by Malawians who beleive Albino skulls, teeth and bones are a source of wealth, so they abduct Albinos and hack off their limbs for the sale of body parts to witchdoctors.

Thousands of albinos especially children are constantly at risk of abduction and murder in Malawi,for their body parts and sales for witchcraft.

The world needs to sit up at attention and do more in dealing with the plight of Albinos who are hunted mercilessly by fellow human beings for their body parts because they suffer from the genetic condition of albinism while perpetrators go unpunished.

Albinos are a vulnerable group of people at daily risks of abductions and killings, loss of limbs such as hands and feet being chopped off and sold to traditional healers in Malawi.

Albino children have been known to be at times, abducted and sold by family members and relatives or having limbs such as their arms hacked off and left alive, bleeding and in pain by the Malawi Albino hunters.

Their persecution goes all the way to the grave as albino graves are illegally exhumed , body parts stolen and sold for witchcraft purposes. We need to protect people with albinism from these heartless attacks led by superstitious beliefs.

www.newzimbabwevision, says that, this is the effect of poor leadership, because this should be a priority in their campaign manifestos. They should prioritise empowering Albinos, giving them education, equal opportunities in health care, education, employment, health care and access to all that everyone else has potential to achieve.

The leadership should prioritise, teaching society from home, early learning in school, throughout education, churches, community groups and newspapers, radio, tv, internet and social media. The leadership needs to steer society from such uncivil acts, because in my view its only happening because it is normalised and legitimised by the Malawian society which allows it to happen.

Albinos are generally kept in fenced and protected Refugee camps in Malawi, where they grow up ostracised from society and not allowed to move away from the camps for their safety.

This is exactly what happens when leadership fails to put in place stringent policy and laws that protect the disadvantaged, including heavy penalisation of perpetrators of the brutality. the Malawi government must demonstrate full hands on approach in tackling this crisis and build unity, an informed society, tolerant of differences amongst people.

Zimbabwe has had the same level of intolerance, case in point gukurahundi where it was normal for over 20,000 Ndebeles to be butchered. Other tribes particularly the Shona saw it as normal and in the same light when white commercial farmers were butchered by black Zimbabweans, it was all normal to some uncivilised blacks to see white people being mercilessly hacked, shot and beaten to death by black, all these hostilities normalised by the militarised Mugabe/Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime.

To get back to the issue, for the people to appreciate the suffering of Albinos in Malawi, imagine some day you , your child or family member has an Albino child. Can you ever aallow such evil to befall that innocent child?

Malawi and all Albino groups and associations especially across Africa, must urgently call for UN and ICC, SADC, AU intervention in this. MDC, MDCT and Zanu pf intolerances are no different to such brutality as all that the people at the bottom do when they fight, butcher each other and murder others, all stems from the leaders who normalise and legitimise the horrendous behaviour.

Albinos are people, equals, family and have the same blood, pain, feelings like evry one else. We need to fight for their rights as, they alone cannot manage this alone in the intolerant African societies. This cant be what living in the 21st century looks like,…living like animals, infact pigs and chickens and dogs appear to have more rights to life than Albinos, proud we are to be part of the African community that inflicts such horrors, pain, suffering, harm and death upon our fellow Albino brothers and sisters. God forbid that yet another race or tribe suffers such traumatic experiences at the hands of fellow Africans who by right, should be leading in protecting their own . More news to follow. DISCUSS! Sibusiso Ngwenya 
Global Aid Missions Zimbabwe (GAM)

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photo-news watch-Albinos with missing limbs , hacked off for sale, now kept in Albino refugee camps for their own safety.

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