THIS is the best news for Zimbabwe. Zanu pf are a powerful ruthless blood thirsty militarised Mnangagwa regime and now is not the time for the suffering Zimbabweans and millions across the diaspora to suddenly ease up and allow the oppressive , monopolisers of power and wealth to maintain a grip on power. It is sad for everyone to see the suffering brought upon our people but short of genuine, real and longlasting Electroral reforms being put in place, we all accept that global financiers must continue to suffocate Zimbabwe, deny it any access to any funding and support as Zimbabweans will eventually rise up in absolute defiance to the regime and bring it down using people power!
We cannot be talking about voting in 2023 elections unless and untill the regime provides an updated electoral voters roll , demilitarises the cabinet and government and returns soldiers to the barracks where they belong. Furthermore, rural areas must be opened up to voter campaigns by opposition, demilitarised and all Zanu pf structures such as Chiefdoms and herdsmen must be dismantled.
The, over 5 million diaspora Zimbabweans, the majority of whom are there because of forced exile or fleeing from Zanu pf, must be allowed to vote in international embassies through the postal ballot system.
Zimbabwe must be denied any access to financial support as this is simply financing a corrupt system that is led and the most corrupt , militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, which now fully admits that they are failing to access international financial aid needed in mitigating the social and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic because of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western powers, as inter-governmental and private institutions are reluctant to assist the impoverished country.
Finance minister Mthuli Ncube wrote to the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and African Development Bank in April, pleading for financial assistance, but the organisations spurned the request, saying no financial help will be extended to Zimbabwe until satisfactory reforms are implemented.
Ncube, in his plea, argued the money was urgently needed to save Zimbabwe from total collapse as the pandemic exacerbates an already crumbling economy and that the money was urgently needed to avert a monumental humanitarian catastrophe.
In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent on Wednesday this week, Foreign Affairs and International Trade minister Sibusiso Busi Moyo said government has had to fight the pandemic with meagre resources as it is being discriminated against because of sanctions.
Moyo’s claims come at a time Covid-19 cases and related deaths are soaring on a daily basis.
The coronavirus has claimed its most high-profile victim in the country, Lands, Agriculture, Water and Climate minister Perrance Shiri, who succumbed in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after contracting the respiratory infection.
Moyo said the country has had to turn to equally stricken regional power, South Africa – the continent’s hardest-hit country – for help.
“The government notes with appreciation that after realising that Zimbabwe was being discriminated against and selectively excluded from international assistance to fight the Covid-19 pandemic due to the unwarranted heinous sanctions, South Africa recently donated to the Government protective personal equipment and test kits on July 20, 2020. The Government is forever grateful for such a gesture, which goes a long way to mitigate the situation and help the response strategy that has been constrained by inadequate resources,” Moyo said in response to questions sent to him via email.
“South Africa, as Chair of the African Union, has also been lobbying by underscoring the need for the West to unconditionally lift sanctions against Zimbabwe and allow the country to freely interact with the rest of the international community. This is in line with the Sadc resolutions which declared October 25, the antisanctions day. These initiatives all speak to the Government’s re-engagement efforts aimed at positioning back Zimbabwe to its former glory within the community of nations,” he said.

IMF on Monday announced a US$4,3 billion emergency support package for South Africa to address the Covid-19 pandemic.
Pretoria had also appealed to the IMF for a bailout to help it to meet the urgent balance of payment needs stemming from the disease outbreak.
The system can never move forward, this is a failed nation and we the people would be responsible for prolonging our own suffering if we ask or anything less than fully peacefully destabilising the oppressive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, collapsing the system and seeking total change including electoral reforms, a caretaker regime to lead Zimbabwe to a free fair election within ayear of dismantling the regime, where we can all hold elections and freely choose a government of the peoples choice without fear. www.nwzimbabwevision will shortly update you on the developments of the 31st july 2020 protests . -Sibusiso Ngwenya- independent

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