Government to expand the original list of 36 household products under Import restrictions ban

At at Zimbabweans are struggling with the unavailability of cash, expensive items in shops and prefer to import cheap basic household products and food from neighbouring countries, Mugabe’s Zanu regime has decided broaden the list goods and products under imports restriction by the Ministry’s Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016:-Control of Goods (Open General Import Licence).

This comes only a month after the government placed import ban restrictions upon a total of 36 goods.

The restricted goods included canned fruits,bottled water, salad cream, mayonnaise, jam, peanut butter, mahewu, vegetables, pizza,flavoured milks, yoghurts, ice creams, dairy juice blends,cultured milk, cheese, coffee creamers, white petroleum jellies, camphor creams, body creams along with plastic pipes.

Although to the ‘Discerning Eye, newzimbabwevision the government argues that the full list of goods was  drawn up by the  private sector, this does not absolve the Government of blame over the resultant confusion and suffering endured by the masses. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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